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JackieCoxx: I will be there as well
19h ago
Newbie92: Can a negative test get me inside today
18h ago
Savvirob: Any young t-girls need a hard mobile BBC?
18h ago
pdulted: Absolutely. Since I started going I've always thought the decision to have dry parties was a really smart one. Intoxicants and lots of sex in the air has the potential to be a terrible combination.
18h ago
jazminexo: when the next bbw party ?? i missed the one on tuesday because of work :(
17h ago
jazminexo: haven’t attended in a while :/
17h ago
Savvirob: Hi jaz
17h ago
jazminexo: hi:)
17h ago
jazminexo: is the sex party tomorrow for everyone or ?
17h ago
Savvirob: Tomorrow or tonight if u down lol
17h ago
Savvirob: I'm in burbank
17h ago
Savvirob: Jaz dm
17h ago
Hells: @jazxo you missed one hell of a party!
16h ago
admin: It is Throbbing Thursday Time! Come on down studs- 8 pm to 12am. Email: [email protected]­m­ for address and/or password.
16h ago
Rarebreed2018: Where can I get some viagra? :)
16h ago
Tulare: Hi jasmine
16h ago
Jesse1528: Hi girls
16h ago
Jesse1528: Jas the next Bbw Party December 28
16h ago
Ladyandtheclamps: CVS!
16h ago
smokefxjl: I'm currently reside in Vegas any know a place like the VanNuys spot here ?
16h ago
Bigtoymember2018: The party on Tuesday was great. Jasmine came down tonight .
15h ago
admin: 2 girls at lax before opening
15h ago
Insearchofts: Any girl’s at the vn party?
14h ago
admin: It is a Men's Party.
14h ago
admin: Tgirl party at LAX location.
14h ago
Daddyxjay: How many girls at lax ? Worth going ?
14h ago
AsphaltXXX: Mira Mesa tomorrow
14h ago
Tulare: Someone come to Tulare & pick me up for the weekend haha I'm boreed
14h ago
pdulted: any ladies not at the party/leaving the party looking for fun? I'm nearby and can host or travel
13h ago
Str8Latino: Hmu lets have some fun kik boutmymoney247 hosting
12h ago
john: how was the party tonight?
12h ago
devinthedevo: 2 parties for tomorrow, hmmm which h one
11h ago
Tulare: Kelly when we hanging out again? Our text got deleted after resetting phone
11h ago
MisterGreg: Birthday today. I hate that I'm the same age as old people. :)
6h ago
Funplay007: Any lady want to head to mira mesa tonight
5h ago
Mikeshung: Any ladies in sfv free around 5ish?
3h ago
latinopassion_2000: Good morning!
3h ago
latinopassion_2000: Hosting later tonight in South OC
3h ago
devinthedevo: Do the LAX parties still need proof of vaccination
2h ago
devinthedevo: Never mind my lazy ass looked at the calendar
2h ago
Ladyandtheclamps: WOAH!!!! THERE’S A CALENDAR??????
1h ago
GENJONES1013: If a dude slaps my ass at the Mira party I'm punching him in the chest
1h ago
GENJONES1013: That happened the last time I was there and I'm not having it.
1h ago
GENJONES1013: We're fighting straight up
1h ago
Ladyandtheclamps: Just do what I do, tell him that if he wants to go home with his Fucking hand then keep it off of you
1h ago
Ladyandtheclamps: worked at SRO with this dude fast Eddie.
1h ago
devinthedevo: That gen, someprople got no manners
1h ago
GENJONES1013: Yeah they think just because we crossdress and like to get fucked doesn't mean I'm a punk. I'll fight you.
54m ago
Ladyandtheclamps: Some people think that they can just plunk down $40 to get in & it’s like some fucking whore house in Deadwood South Dakota. They fail to read the party rules & policies.
52m ago
Ladyandtheclamps: and if I offended any whores with the word whorehouse, any of the whores will be fine
51m ago
Dora: I though this was kind of cute!
49m ago
49m ago
GENJONES1013: It's wild
40m ago
devinthedevo: Hey gen did u move up north
40m ago
GENJONES1013: No I'm just traveling for work
39m ago
devinthedevo: Wish my work had me travel. I like getting out
38m ago
Ladyandtheclamps: Living out of suitcases gets old quickly
36m ago
Ladyandtheclamps: I once had a boss who would bid on pipe jobs, he’d rent one room & put a dozen men in the room for 5 days at a time because in his eyes it was just a place to sleep.
34m ago
Megan: ohhhh,,,i'l bet someONE was getting a pipe job ok......
26m ago
Ladyandtheclamps: More like reamed out
25m ago
Funplay007: Guess im driving to mira nesa 2nite
22m ago
Ladyandtheclamps: i may be at mira mesa tonight myself, any submissive foot, pain & boot freaks going?
9m ago