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Rey_men4: Palm Springs area anyone?
5d ago
Dollface13: Anyone in San Diego looking for a dom
5d ago
BillySmoke858: Anyone going to WEHO Party Apr 1?
5d ago
The_Dude_00: I've never never flaked on anyone before , but this time my credit card, didn't work, and couldn't get gas , still feel like a dick for having to cancel :(
5d ago
admin: Good party tonight in reseda
5d ago
Andiluv45: San Diego ts here
5d ago
ArborVitae: Great time in Reseda
4d ago
xploring: anyone around today?
4d ago
cal-Monica: Any girls going to SRO tonight
4d ago
Sancho: What's SRO?
4d ago
gina212189: Shout out to Amanda69 and Christie Cosmos for a fabulous girls nite out in Palm Springs this past week . Had a blast
4d ago
gina212189: Standing room only . Bar in SD
4d ago
ItsBetterwithRope: Any cool people in the Glendale 818 area
4d ago
Sancho: Oh thanks for he info gina
4d ago
GARNET: Thads tonight, woot!!! Omg I need the jacuzzi!!!
4d ago
kinkysecret: need some play times tonight...any gurls near la/sgv?
4d ago
alexxxawhore: I need cock so bad any1 i west. hollywood. Cd, tg, Couple..
4d ago
Kevintonguejedi: Be safe everyone. I ll be at work. Overtime is busy during spring time.
4d ago
kinkysecret: Any girls down for anything?
4d ago
Amanda69: Oh my God sweetie that was so much fun! Let's do it again soon :)
3d ago
DildoParty: @Garnet: How was Thad's? I've never been before.
3d ago
GARNET: Its fun!! I enjoyed the jacuzzi!! which was my sole purpose of going!! :)
3d ago
xploring: anyone hosting this young slut?
3d ago
PeggySue: Today's pics go out to the brace & handsome man who met me in partial PeggySue mode.
3d ago
PlaymateXXX: Well, got flaked on again. Guess I'll grab lunch
3d ago
ItsBetterwithRope: What a wonderful day to 69. I can host
3d ago
Charli8e: Who wants to hang out tonight
3d ago
89flyguy: And ladies or couples going to be in Reseda tonight?
3d ago
alexxxawhore: There is nothing going on in Reseda. Tonight
3d ago
89flyguy: Yeah I just noticed 😅
3d ago
Theworld2337: anyone in CO?
3d ago
SlingQueenCD: Handsome studs in LA : slingqueencd is my KIK. xoxo
3d ago
JessicaTS: Hi!! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! xoxo
3d ago
Alchen420: Anyone that can help me with my makeup and wants to go to the SD April 8th party together? Kik is alchen420
3d ago
bigfefrn619: who wants to be my first ts fuckkk. im still a virgin lol
2d ago
juicyblackcock69: Been edgin for 3 hours. Gonna be a geyser ^_^
2d ago
juicyblackcock69: I mean um...have a great evening everyone!
2d ago
cottonlace: Weho party sounds fun, but I have tickets to go to the Anaheim comic con that day. I'm an old lady, not enough energy to do both things :(
2d ago
juicyblackcock69: Tis the season for cons!
2d ago
cottonlace: I know, I should cosplay as something sexy lol
2d ago
juicyblackcock69: Seriously!
2d ago
juicyblackcock69: There's like a con every month starting this weekend. Get to it! :)
2d ago
The_Dude_00: The Weho party is convenietly across the street from Pleasure Chest
2d ago
Boo_Trans: What's the parking like at Studs when the lot is full or do they even have one ?
2d ago
PeggySue: Tonight you rescued me from
2d ago
PeggySue: my calling. To call you a gentleman would hardly give you justice. You're smart, a little crazy and your smile alone made my night.
2d ago
GoddessKitten: Meow
2d ago
jhay: hello and meow Goddess
2d ago
Boo_Trans: For those of you who will not post your face pic remember something - your competing for meat around here like it or not and I am not entertained with blind dates conversations and neither are most other people around here
2d ago
violet90: not all gurls want the same thing
Amanda69: I agree violet90, I could care less about someones "meat" . If you don't like me for who I am then it's your loss :)
charliepanthar: yoga sex magic has to be the right person at the right time and place
charliepanthar: btw everyone wants amanda. she's stunning! the only thing that matters, though is what amanda wants
xploring: anyone hosting?
Amanda69: It's just not all about having sex with me sweetie, I enjoy a side of personality with my meat :) Finding some friends on this site and having fun together is more important to me. I understand not everybody here feels the same way I do, but that's who I am like it or not, friendship means more to be than sex and the people on here that are my friends and have gone out with me hopefully understand that. And that all I have to say about this :)
Amanda69: BTW sweetie, thank you for the compliment, when you get to know me you'll realize it's not about what I want.
23h ago
fresian123: Well any girls who are horny and local please contact me. My cock really need some servicing. Text me 8183354111
20h ago
sfvnightowl: I'm looking forward to the new WeHo party!
16h ago
newbee: lets chat!!! 🍆
15h ago
LindsayB: what new weho party?
15h ago
LoyalmotherFer: Anyone near fresno
8h ago
roma777: Anyone near lax
6h ago
sound_mn: Anyone want to hang out ;)
3h ago
Lucy2016: Who's in San Diego?
2h ago
Rey_men4: Who's going to reseda tomorrow?
54m ago
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Asspussy needs to be eaten
- an hour ago
Dressing up aamd looking
- 3 hours ago
Where is a good safe place to go in Portland dress as a gurl?
- 9 hours ago
Going to spend the weekend in LA. Going to a couple events. Some the same. Some new ;-)
- 13 hours ago
horny partying
- 16 hours ago
TGirl Tuesday TONIGHT! LA's longest running weeknight Trans Party!
- 21 hours ago
so how do I post more pics?
- 22 hours ago
Finally looks like I will be able to dress and play in April. I can't wait. Especially once wife leaves out of town. Extremely horny
- Yesterday
Anyone For Skype FUn?
- 2 days ago
Love knows no gender, race, color, or age. Love is a human right.
- 2 days ago
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Steven wrote
hosting in long beach wed/thur. nite. total topman.
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Olde_Man commented on a photo
Youre not a bad girl ... youre just doing something which may be perceived as bad , but your doing it in a very good way
9 minutes ago 0 likes 5 comments 5 comments
athenaslippz is now friends with deena4cock
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athenaslippz is now friends with IslandKathy
Winter sucks, but for the ability to wear nice lingerie and stockings under my drab gear. Golf in stockings and garter belt is fun.
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athenaslippz is now friends with TylerSilverio1
Raising spirits and dicks higher
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athenaslippz is now friends with Ilana
Smooth sexy hot LA gal looking to play during the day with other girls. NO GUYS ... SORRY
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athenaslippz is now friends with lookn4tsplay
looking to play with ts or two for my bday tonight
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SlutCyndee commented on a video
I want a ride !!!
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Stella420 commented on a photo
thanks :D
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