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Anyone In orange county area looking this weekend?
22 minutes ago
van nuys party? anybody going? if possible i lift there?
59 minutes ago
I\'ll be in town next week, anyone wants to go out and have fun!?!?
3 hours ago
just chillin with my husband but dont worry we are the biggest swingers in town !!!!!!!!!
4 hours ago
vn party just got bak ,, place was wall to wall people ,,,,, packed
8 hours ago
:) And what costume shall the poor girl wear To all tomorrow's parties :)
10 hours ago
lets hang
10 hours ago
Ty all my friends who check in on me. ;-) so grateful to know you all. ;-) Luv ya! ;-)
12 hours ago
Any gurls looking for fun in LA tonight? Message me.
12 hours ago
Looking for a lady to go to the Redlands partys sunday.... hit me up here im in pomona
12 hours ago
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SissyMangina · 47 days ago
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14.09.2014 05:33
Posted by TSViking
well aint that a bitch..didnt message me im up too after some drinking and here sewing some pants..fuck come bring your spun ass over charlie ..ill stick a a toilet plunger up your ass and have u clean this dirty house while throwing fire crackers at you..
14.09.2014 05:37
Posted by CynDi_Lee
LMFAO - that just turned my whole morning around Devyn, thanks sweetie, MUAH!
14.09.2014 05:42
Posted by TSViking
LOL..lone ya back..but seriously charlie i got a sink full of dishes over need to waste that energy wacking of too that animal porn..lets get u graduated too a functional user buddy..
14.09.2014 09:04
thx to everyone that made it a Slutfest last nite! xoxo
14.09.2014 10:09
Posted by ThomasFord
Hosting in my hotel room downtown on pacific highway near little italy. I would love to make a new friend
14.09.2014 11:12
Posted by 13terrag
cyndi leee has high moral standards
14.09.2014 11:13
Posted by 13terrag
except for the man shall not lay with man part
14.09.2014 11:14
Posted by 13terrag
and thou shalt not covet thy neighbors bbc
14.09.2014 11:51
Posted by funblackman
thomas will be at the party today but ronny last time i was at the party a tgurl say she could not take my dick if she didn't have popper , help concerned citizen
14.09.2014 11:51
Posted by JustSimplyGene
love being a virgin.....
14.09.2014 12:01
Posted by TSViking
What a fucking bitch huh Thomas?..was this girl from down south ,blonde and a bit quick tongued? time just popper her with a donkey punch and if she needs something stinky to sniff on offer her a Dirty Sanchez...ha ha
14.09.2014 12:15
Posted by Erika_Simone
Hello Erika- Congrats! You're eligible to be a Lyft mentor! :-)
14.09.2014 12:15
Posted by Erika_Simone
PS, Doing a Driving is a DRAG shuttle from Oxwood to USA and back on Sept 27th
14.09.2014 12:47
slutfest was fun van nuys ,still thinking about lol hummmmm
14.09.2014 13:17
slutfest Michelle La Femme hey u reading this lol ,,, nice meet u . u know how 2 wake up a party ,, ,
14.09.2014 21:10
Posted by hrothgar2011
13terrag, I wish someone would come up with a morality of sex, that transcends those that are found in the Old Testement. From my 'revised' New "Thou shallt share thine BBC or PlayPartner with all thy neighbors, and all them that want". and so on...
14.09.2014 21:11
Posted by hrothgar2011
And to continue... "For it is written, cockblocking is a sin unto the lord, and they that blocketh the cock, shall be bound, and whipped before the congregation'... and so on...
14.09.2014 23:29
Posted by bobcockblocker
I have to disagree with you dear sir..cock blocking is not a sin..its an art form..and if we are talking about that silly girl that thinks every dress up day is Halloween. Lets just say my cock blocking of her evening was a soft ball handed to me..but i wasnt into the whole costume shit ..she looked like Sarah Palin..and bad enough my mom looks like phil donahue in the mornings...FUCK....i hate my life!!!!
15.09.2014 10:03
thx Amanda! the fun continues this Wed at the Sd pizza party! it will be warm so we all might have to get naked .....
15.09.2014 16:26
Posted by SexyMadAsian
And jump in the pool!!! Might have to join you lol
16.09.2014 10:15
SD Jennifer!!!
16.09.2014 12:38
Posted by JustSimplyGene
Catch ya layers ladies and gents I'm flying out to my lovely home state of Florida. see you next weekend.
16.09.2014 14:37
Posted by SexyMadAsian
That was some crazy weather we just had in Spring Valley
16.09.2014 15:59
was it raining cum????
16.09.2014 16:39
Posted by SexyMadAsian
That's not til tomorrow lol
16.09.2014 17:19
Posted by GARNET
Would like to go to pizza party in spring valley!! Anyone wanna be my date/ride?? Email me!!
17.09.2014 09:01
Posted by readyN4sureSD
got the day off trying to go to the pizza party need so.e info plz
17.09.2014 09:59
see u at the pool
17.09.2014 11:15
Posted by weekendwarrior
Anyone need a ride tonight?
17.09.2014 11:20
Posted by twgfsd
who is going to theb psrty today?
17.09.2014 15:54
Posted by admin
South Bay Sex Addicts LAX Party RETURNS next Thursday night • Sept. 17th 9pm-2am!
17.09.2014 15:54
Posted by admin
This heat is unbearable!
17.09.2014 18:18
Posted by kosmo
last week we had over 30 girls at the south bay party
17.09.2014 19:34
isn't tonight the 17th???? so maybe tomorrow night.. the 18th?
17.09.2014 19:34
and thx to the sexy people that braved the heat and made it to Spring Valley! i even went in the pool! xoxo
17.09.2014 20:05
Posted by Becky
....THAT musta been "special"!
17.09.2014 20:07
Posted by Becky
I was hangin out @ Joe's Crab Shack in Oceanside waiting for la_femme to stop by for drinks.....f
17.09.2014 20:38
dam Bex u gotta let a girl know !!!! xoxo
17.09.2014 21:06
Posted by Becky
18.09.2014 08:45
SD road trip 20th has been cancelled ,
18.09.2014 14:03
Posted by vivnLB
anybody going to the lax party tonight? i would like a lift if ya are, thank you:)
18.09.2014 14:24
Posted by Lifestyle
I am thinking of going to LAX if you need a ride
18.09.2014 14:27
Posted by vivnLB
hi, i am
18.09.2014 15:05
Posted by admin
On my way to LAX...see you there!
18.09.2014 15:29
Posted by vivnLB
yes ma'am, if none of these turkwetys flake, or ask for gas fare or etc...
18.09.2014 21:01
Posted by ramram09
I can drive if you need me to
19.09.2014 01:31
Posted by CynDi_Lee
Site Mod?????
19.09.2014 08:54
Posted by fun626
looking for fun kik me boxer626
19.09.2014 13:23
Posted by admin
Big Thank You goes out to Big Teaze Toys for providing every one of our guests a free sex toy at The Vagina Talk Show. You rock! But wait….there's more! Visit now and get 20% off anything on their site. Just enter the discount code Duckme.
19.09.2014 18:09
Skin to win??? I think the girl that can suck a few cocks up and down the runway should win lol
19.09.2014 18:19
Posted by vivnLB
i'm gonna be in vegas next thurs, damn, my birthday season!
19.09.2014 18:20
Posted by vivnLB
great party last night! lots of fun!:):)
19.09.2014 18:55
Posted by GARNET
everyone have a great night!!
19.09.2014 19:01
Posted by 13terrag
I thought the lax party closed?
19.09.2014 21:35
Posted by KevinOral760
They reopened the party there and its better than ever. Also one more night until the return of the Kevin 7 party saturday night in Spring Valley. Hosts are Garnet Jacqline, Janet, Maya, Caroline,kita, and Ellan come and meet them and enjoy the fun.
19.09.2014 22:30
Posted by 13terrag
thats some hot girls kev
20.09.2014 02:44
Posted by admin
BREAKING NEWS: We are trying our first ever contest with cash prizes next Thursday night in LAX, September 25th. We are having a TGirl Fashion Show Contest. All girls are welcome to compete! Dress to impress. First prize is $100, 2nd prize $50, and 3rd prize is $25. The audience will be the judges and Ronnie will be the MC. The show/contest starts at 11pm. Be there and SPREAD THE WORD! It's gonna be a blast!
20.09.2014 05:22
Posted by ArborVitae
Can't make San Diego this weekend, brother...sorry...
20.09.2014 08:16
Posted by boo_tran
Porn Star Dating game and a T girl fashion show with dough "wow" way to go and yay for CSA xoxo
20.09.2014 09:55
Posted by vivnLB
van nuys party? who's goin?
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CALLING ALL GUYS, LADIES AND TGs!!!  I'm having a small Circle Jerk at my house in Long Beach.  We need a few more Bi Guys to CUM.  We LOVE IT when ladies and TGs CUM and watch us all JO JUST FOR YOU!...
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20.09.2014 10:44
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20.09.2014 10:40
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