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Suckmydick: Hey how's the party?
2d ago
Haywoodjb123456: So the party is not that happening?
2d ago
Blondie: its happening all right...
2d ago
Haywoodjb123456: Im tempted to go, but I'm also tempted to go to bed lol
2d ago
Blondie: then stay home and get your sleep... you need it
2d ago
Boo_Trans: Bring a small pillow a blindfold and sleep with your mouth open at the party :)
2d ago
Blondie: lol, makes me think of the bath houses... laying in a room, with the door open, sizing up the parade of cocks...
2d ago
The_Dude_00: I remember seeing a guy get kicked off a bed by security for sleeping at the old Van Nuys location , he was complaining , it was pretty funny
2d ago
Boo_Trans: Poor guy lol - guard leaves me alone as long as nobody complains about it -
2d ago
Boo_Trans: Adorable mutual attraction - Love it !
2d ago
Boo_Trans: Only nine people here on a Saturday night - zzzzzzz good night usa xoxo
2d ago
Blondie: Its the lunar cycle...
2d ago
Ceaceves: Anyone in Sylmar looking for some fun?
2d ago
Undercover_bbc: An amazing time
2d ago
ArborVitae: It was great seeing Stella again!
MrShagwell: Any ladies near USC or in Los Angeles want to suck or ride my morning wood
azavala21: What's the slut fest tonight'
Blondie: Its for the needy greedy sluts to fest...
azavala21: Wana go is it a good turnout
Blondie: Ask admin for the list...
azavala21: Ok
amandapatticakes: Cool think got two new guysvfrom cl to join site
azavala21: The valley is san Gabriel ?
Blondie: SFV
azavala21: Let see go
Blondie: Jerry Lewis died this morning in Vegas... France mourns...
Tonya: Damn, he was around for a long time, one of those people who I thought would be around forever
Blondie: 91... Still young...
Blondie: His family says he will still do the final five shows at Caesars... Thats a trouper!
Tonya: Just prop him up like they did to Bernie
Tonya: A little bit of sand in his shoes will go a long way
tocckscker: I raised so much money for Jerry's Kids when I was little. Wish he could have lived to see a cure!
Blondie: If there was a cure hed have been out of a job... Big Pharma doesnt want cures... They want perpetual dependance on their drugs...
pantydaddy69: damn straight,blondie. no cancer cures, no anything cures. Fuck Big Pharma! Fuck the insurance companies!
Blondie: well, i cant cure it, but i can offer relief from that irritating bothersome white swelling... i help get the white out to get the swelling to go down...
23h ago
eager: Blondie, it's all in the head.
23h ago
Michelle_la_femme: it's all in the cock .... bring your's tonight
23h ago
DeannaLouise: Hope I can find ride to party tonight
23h ago
Megan: just hoping i can find...
22h ago
Blondie: poor Megan, she cant find the end of her sentence...
22h ago
Megan: she's such a bimbo
22h ago
Megan: maybe the aliens that will be in front of the sun tmrw will beam her up in the darkness
22h ago
Blondie: oh lordy... honey we need to talk... about your meds...
22h ago
Megan: sighs..yess miss
22h ago
DeannaLouise: What meds?
22h ago
Blondie: that info is protected ny HIPA...
22h ago
Iride: Anyone who needs a ride tonight let me know
22h ago
Michelle_la_femme: Sluts.. start your engines ! see y;'all there tonight
20h ago
tocckscker: Any amateur photogs willing to help create some pictures for my profile?
19h ago
Blondie: Show up at the party and i will help...
18h ago
admin: just opened and we have 6 girls here at the Van Nuys party tonight
18h ago
Blondie: Blondies here and sucking cocks...
16h ago
juicyblackcock69: dang! 3 nights in a row? didn't even know there was one tonight too. dang
16h ago
TonyTheTitan: Mobile 9 inch bbc top in van nuys
15h ago
JessicaTS: It's still pretty early, but I just booked my flight and hotel for the Sept Mira Mesa party!! Cant wait!
15h ago
SlingQueenCD: Game of Thrones was unreal. Best episode ever
14h ago
Blondie: If you say youre lookingvfor head and cant get out the fucking house, youre fu kef up..
14h ago
Blondie: Thank you transgazer for fucking my mouth... 😁
13h ago
random45898: sucking cock in Arcadia right now, if anyone is interested tonight :)
13h ago
SexualHealing: Is this really a sex addicts web site?
9h ago
TheShyHammer: What's the band group name again or the link
5h ago
Michelle_la_femme: How many other sites have sex parties to promote????? see you wednesday in NOHO !
4h ago
Megan: theAlien Mother Ship seems to have left without me...)-;
2h ago
Blondie: Its ok Megan, its just getting some burgers... It will be back in a few...
2h ago
Megan: ohhhhh...goody
2h ago
Megan: must be a long line in the drive/fly thru
1h ago
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Looking for some fun this weekend! I can host in SD, let me know if anyone is interested. [email protected]
- 49 minutes ago
Moving to Camarillo. Any Room or RV parking available?
- 4 hours ago
fuck these updates...who wants to go out on a date?
- 11 hours ago
It's still pretty early, but I just booked my flight and hotel for the Sept Mira Mesa party!! Cant wait!
- 15 hours ago
I'm back!!!
- 19 hours ago
cum see me tonight!
- 23 hours ago
Yung thick latina crossdresser looking to suck dick tonite in colton hmu kik: itzmeallright
- 23 hours ago
Can anybody help me get to Slutfest tonoght from Orange County?
- 24 hours ago
Looking for some fun anymore free
- 24 hours ago
I want to see hubby get deep-throated. I can't do it, and he derserves to feel that wonderful long as I get to watch!
- Yesterday
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Is anyone free to play weekdays after 5 in Santa Monica? Open to an ongoing thing if we click.
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michelle_gables is now friends with jbird
Anyone wanna slide down my cock?
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Looking for some fun this weekend! I can host in SD, let me know if anyone is interested. [email protected]
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AveryAsian is now friends with ravn1
Can't wait to attend another Thursday LAX party on 9 April. Love to hear if any of the gurls on USA will be attending!
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