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HMU if you can give me a ride to the Van Nuys party!
an hour ago
Up late tonight. Send me a message. I\'m looking for new friends. Don\'t be shy! :-D
5 hours ago
Rare chance to host during the week! Dec. 29-30 in Corona... PM me if you would like a whore for a night!!
7 hours ago
8 hours ago
Always looking for someone to chat nasty with
10 hours ago
Happy Holidays !
10 hours ago
Heading to the desert
11 hours ago
12 hours ago
Looking for a TS for some fun!
12 hours ago
Any TS/TV\\\'s in the SD area open for tonight?
12 hours ago
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2014 was a fun year for me. I met a wonderful USA member from Fal
SimoneCDinHeels · 6 days ago
Latest activity.
Can you say "Very 420 friendly"
14 hours ago
16 hours ago
16 hours ago
Over 14,000 sex addicts!

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09.12.2014 22:27
Posted by GARNET
and honestly, I do not know you..
10.12.2014 00:00
Posted by keystonetown3
thinking about going to the party this thursday. never been there. what's it like i side the place?
10.12.2014 01:29
Posted by cenncom
any gurls around Calexico or el Centro hit me up
11.12.2014 06:58
gettin close to Slutfest time .... who's horny???
11.12.2014 07:16
Posted by hh53
hi michelle
11.12.2014 18:18
Posted by Centerfold
Is a cock in the ass worth 2 in the mouth
11.12.2014 21:00 great sceen , t gurl , show sons of anarchy
11.12.2014 23:49
Posted by Rocketman1945
I'm in vegas for a few days....anyone want to play????
12.12.2014 11:25
hi HH and CF! and u should have taken me Rocket!!! heheeee
12.12.2014 17:09
Posted by GARNET
homemade meat balls with spaghetti and biscuits yum!!
12.12.2014 21:54
Posted by admin
13.12.2014 09:47
Posted by chicanoperuano
back in town!
13.12.2014 14:20
Posted by 13terrag
I got a home made meatball for you bitch!
13.12.2014 14:27
Posted by KevinOral760
Slutfest tonight indeed/ Tomorrow who knows....
13.12.2014 17:48
it's SLUTFEST time! i ll be trying to get all my gurls laid tonight!
13.12.2014 19:43
Posted by GARNET
wow G...hmm
13.12.2014 19:43
Posted by GARNET
breaded homeless skinless chicken breasts with homemade coleslaw and baked potato tonight!!
13.12.2014 19:44
Posted by GARNET
fuck! boneless NOT homeless!!
13.12.2014 19:57
Posted by 13terrag
homeless chicken roflmfao
13.12.2014 20:18
Posted by GARNET
14.12.2014 08:46
nice of u garnet giving them homeless chickens ,nice warm place to go ,,,lol
14.12.2014 11:06
Posted by irvineguy
anyone in OC or IE wanna have some fun today?
14.12.2014 11:20
thx to everyone that made it a wild Slutfest last night! WB Garret!
14.12.2014 12:28
Posted by 13terrag
cost of gas to go to van nuys 20 dollars , price of one viagra pill 20 dollars, entrance fee to party 40 dollars, blowing a load on lefems face at 2 am priceless
15.12.2014 06:00
Posted by poppy111
I saw thatl it was quite a load, you must have been saving it up all night or longer. . . :)
15.12.2014 06:03
Posted by poppy111
Oh man it was good to finally be back tot the CSA parties this weekend! It had bee too long! What a rough year, it didn't turn around until a couple months ago, now I am working again, driving a taxi all night long, Who needs a ride ;)
15.12.2014 06:07
Posted by poppy111
Great to finally see so many of my friends again Saturday night. McKenna, Billie, That mysterious woman who remembers me from my days as a telephone operator, and my fave Michelle (I know all my friends won't get jealous when I say Michelle is my fav, she is probably their fav too) :-)~
15.12.2014 06:11
Posted by poppy111
I got there late, it was almost 1 AM, fell almost immediately into a 69 with M...... It was a totally spontaneous, natural, and delicious return. After I got my breath I went looking for Michelle, couldn
15.12.2014 06:29
Posted by poppy111
^ couldn't find her anywhere... I saw lots of wild things happening but Michelle wasn't in any of them... finally it was nearly closing time and they were starting to turn up the lights and do cleanup, I asked Cosmo if Michelle had left early and he said "no, in fact she's getting plowed up on the front stage RIGHT NOW" so I boogied up there and there she was in full rapture...a guy with a really big dick was really giving it to her hard and she was loving it. All moaning with obvious pleasure and eyes half open. it was so hot. Then she opened her eyes and saw me and it was like, 'Hi Poppy! So good to see you! Where have you been?" i said Michelle, you're getting fucked by this big dick, pay attention, we'll talk afterward". He flipped her over into a semi-missionary position and fucked really hard until he came. After that this guy came up and said he had been watching all night and had to finish by jacking off on her, which he did! I started to do the same, but then time was up so I put it away. Michelle was already soaked and damn it was so hot!
15.12.2014 06:31
Posted by poppy111
Michelle my cum-stained princess, I want you to be my date to the Academy Awards. But first I gotta get nominated...
15.12.2014 06:32
Posted by poppy111
Cuming soon: my annual year-end letter to Sally Claus
15.12.2014 10:37
Posted by Becky
_laFemme, never mind. I finally RE-located the points. Sorry.
15.12.2014 14:52
was great seein all the old pals ... CF, garret, poppy, Billie ... and more of course. also great to see new guys and gurls and couples.. it was a great night, hope to do it again with y'all real soon! xoxo ur slut Michelle
15.12.2014 18:48
Posted by 13terrag
oh so that was poppy cool , yes they were turning up the lights and i said lefem i need to finish so she said ok do it and there was this other guy there it was poppy111 but i didnt know that
15.12.2014 18:51
Posted by 13terrag
lehem told him to come over and finish also i finished cosmo was yelling at me hey terrag get the eff outta here its 2 am party is over. and i was like its not over till i say its over , and cosmo was like i will ban you for life and i was like not until i blow this big load on this big slutt
15.12.2014 22:58
Posted by latina-sexy-cd
give me cock in van nuys now
16.12.2014 00:03
Posted by SYLVIAV49
am in Santa Barbara! come fuck me!
16.12.2014 02:31
Posted by readyN4sureSD
hey everyone so id really like to go to the party this weekend. I do work & am off by 11ish. I would like a date being this is my 1st party!!!! super excited & nervous
16.12.2014 02:34
Posted by readyN4sureSD
I can meet u at the party if u like. id wanna go hm quick to shower then id b on my way. plz HMU if interested plz. thanks every1 soon
16.12.2014 11:11
well Kosmo said.. " let's go.." but artistic license applies i guess lol u cant meet ur date at the party - pick her up!
16.12.2014 16:41
Posted by Sissyjane
To the sex guy that film me making her cumslut in LA Downtown in mid November, please share the link with the video post here
16.12.2014 18:38
Posted by RoxanneLA
jr003 wanted to visit me, so I agreed on condition that we leave the webcam on and that he fist me. It's been an hour and he's MIA.
16.12.2014 18:38
Posted by RoxanneLA
I don't suppose there are tops guys in SF Valley? The folks in chat want a showm and I want to get fucked,
16.12.2014 19:36
Posted by GARNET
See everyone at the pizza party this Wednesday Dec 17th in Spring Valley!! WIll be there around 2pmish!!
16.12.2014 19:37
Posted by GARNET
I will be there around 2pmish - the party starts at Noon
16.12.2014 19:52
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
I won't be able to make it to the pizza party. I have a dental appointment instead.
16.12.2014 20:10
Posted by GARNET
awwww I was hoping you'd be there Jacquie!! I miss seeing you!!!
16.12.2014 20:47
Posted by poppy111
Thass ok terrag, I didnt know who you were either. Pleased ta meetcha!
16.12.2014 20:50
Posted by poppy111
I made it to the Jacks party too. Three in one weekend ghaha . It was pretty full too. Met a couple guys who were first-timers and did not know abour USA or any of the other parties. So I told them....they'll be back
16.12.2014 20:51
Posted by poppy111
Now after all that, I'll be out of town this coming weekend :(
17.12.2014 00:52
Posted by admin
Very interesting Shoutbox reading. :-) I just checked into my hotel in Guadalajara and wouldn't you know it, there's a TGirl bar right across the street.
17.12.2014 02:03
Posted by Raquel
nice bring them to the club
17.12.2014 09:23
hope to see all my sexy SD friends at the party today!
17.12.2014 10:30
Posted by GARNET
the sun is out, the rain has stopped, come on out to the pizza party today in Spring Valley from Noon to Five pm!!
17.12.2014 15:50
Posted by BlueDragon
admin. Guadalajara is the mexican capital of tg's, gay, and lesbians
17.12.2014 15:51
Posted by BlueDragon
along with "la zona 'rosa" in Mexico city
17.12.2014 19:23
Posted by GARNET
great time at the party today...
17.12.2014 20:00
Garnet was on fire! heheeee
17.12.2014 20:01
was great meetin Candy and seein all my old pals!
17.12.2014 20:22
Posted by GARNET
aww haha Michelle! Great seeing you as well!! And great meeting Candy!
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20.12.2014 06:00
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20.12.2014 06:00
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