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sucking dick in culver city
45 minutes ago
wanna play i love oral
2 hours ago
any local ladies looking for some fun tonight? can host or travel
2 hours ago
3 hours ago
Big dick that can host
4 hours ago
The Mira Mesa party this weekend(2/13)is M/F only. Tgirls are welcome at the All-Inclusive in Mira Mesa on 2/20
6 hours ago
Going to the Slutfest party in VN tomm. Leaving from Ontario if any cute TG gurl wants to be my Valentine's date ;) hmu here
6 hours ago
Happy Valentines weekend Ladies ( * )( * )
7 hours ago
I need a hottie for a valentines date at the Mira Mesa party on Saturday night!
7 hours ago
Kinky guy with a Thick Cock to escort you to Van Nuys Party tonight!!! Pick ya up???
9 hours ago
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sexybaby · 7 days ago
Latest activity.
Over 14,000 sex addicts!

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04.02.2016 21:52
Posted by 13terrag
erika give me a call if it doesnt work out
05.02.2016 00:32
Posted by Boo_Tran
just added new pics for 2016
05.02.2016 03:06
Posted by Raquel
hi Michelle how are you
05.02.2016 12:40
doin good sweets - hope to see all of you at the next Slutfest!
05.02.2016 12:57
Posted by Raquel
me to trying to get over this cold
05.02.2016 14:34
anyone that tries to steal terrag will get a bj from me! yea ... wait ...
05.02.2016 15:08
Posted by sexybaby
do i need to pay money to make friends here?
05.02.2016 17:42
Posted by BiancaLeRue
Hi sexybaby! Norm. is that you do not have to pay to make friends. What I do is reach out and meet everyone and try to encourage them and be nice. And it seems to work for me. Welcome to the group.
05.02.2016 18:06
Posted by Man_Whore
@SexyBaby No you dont have to pay money and no tokens to chat or web cam like your used to on that other site
05.02.2016 20:25
Posted by GinaBeMine
Enough driving for today. Anyone wanna give me a ride to party and back? Well behave girl from east LA here...
06.02.2016 13:08
Posted by xlxl
huge mardi gras tgirl costume party at toucans cocktail lounge palm springs. contact Sheila
06.02.2016 15:06
Posted by xlxl
why might that be? you look quite cute
06.02.2016 15:20
Posted by Boo_Tran
Aim your cam at your cock if you want to cam - I am ready for it now please
06.02.2016 15:46
Posted by Erika
I got a new job too! 2016 is rocking yo
06.02.2016 15:49
HUMMM ,,, whos doing vn 2 nite ,,,,
06.02.2016 19:30
Posted by LadyStark
Yay Ericka!!
07.02.2016 00:55
Posted by Bbc9incut
looking to play in van nuys
07.02.2016 02:19
Posted by JessicaTS
Can't wait till Feb 20th! I'm coming back down to play at the Mira Mesa party!! xoxo
07.02.2016 13:03
Posted by simpleguy
Sorry I was a little off last night. Still had fun though.
07.02.2016 13:37
Posted by GinaBeMine
Lots of Tgirls last night and nice evening weather. I had fun as always.
07.02.2016 14:42
DARNNNNN things came up , didnt make vn last nit ,, try again next one
07.02.2016 15:08
Posted by The_Dude_00
We need orange juice at the parties , donating sperm is like donating blood . i walked out all weak and shaky after giving multiple donations
07.02.2016 21:44
Posted by pound_it_619
any girls in SD looking tonight?
07.02.2016 23:35
Posted by Bbc9incut
home alone in van nuys
08.02.2016 15:08
Posted by Fox858
is anyone else seeing website glitches?
08.02.2016 15:46
Posted by The_Dude_00
08.02.2016 20:25
Posted by The_Dude_00
Looks like there's log in problems today .
08.02.2016 20:57
Posted by Fox858
yeah, i had to reset my password
08.02.2016 21:06
Posted by Erika
Going to Mickys in WeHo to see some Drag Queens tonight if anyone wants to join
08.02.2016 22:16
Posted by BlueDragon
08.02.2016 22:16
Posted by BlueDragon
never heard of it
09.02.2016 11:06
Posted by Erika
Gay bar in West Hollywood
09.02.2016 12:55
time for another Slutfest this saturday night - which T girl will be the "Slut of the night" ???
09.02.2016 14:42
Posted by Anonymousbrotha
Bored n horny
09.02.2016 16:28
Posted by NikkiTemptress
Michelle, I'm planning on coming to play Saturday night. See you then
09.02.2016 23:32
Posted by JessicaTS
Travel booked for Mira Mesa on Feb 20th! Cant wait to come down and play again!!!
10.02.2016 02:19
Oooo ! Nikki is a fun girl mmmmm
10.02.2016 03:47
Posted by sexybaby
midnight sex is cool
10.02.2016 03:50
Posted by sexybaby
Guys show me your dick mail me pics i will chat with hottest guy
10.02.2016 06:06
Posted by sexybaby
join me here http://sexphotosandvideosclub.blogspot.com/p/free-sex-chat.html
10.02.2016 21:23
Posted by Erika
Going to REDLINE tonight to go see - Pandora Boxx, Laganja Estranja, Kelly Mantle, Glen Alen and a SURPRISE 5TH QUEEN!! Anyone want to join?
10.02.2016 21:31
Posted by admin
Remember, you can pay for Mira Mesa in cash at any of our other parties!
10.02.2016 22:42
Posted by 13terrag
i love redline
10.02.2016 22:56
Posted by cal-Monica
Where and what is Redline ?
11.02.2016 00:18
Posted by cdjenn69
Anybody going to the Portland party, looking for a ride
11.02.2016 21:06
Posted by GinaBeMine
East LA girl looking for a ride to LAX
11.02.2016 22:43
JessicaTS is coming to Mira Mesa on Feb 20th...shine those cocks"
11.02.2016 23:02
Posted by Codybryant27
any TS girls or CD girls need a ride to LAX tonight
12.02.2016 01:15
Posted by admin
about 20 tgirls here at the SoBay party!
12.02.2016 03:00
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
Saturday is my birthday. Looking to have lots of birthday sex in Van Nuys.
12.02.2016 03:38
Posted by GinaBeMine
My ride left me stranded at lax lol second time happened
12.02.2016 04:35
Posted by justme36
Does anyone else get turned on by sexxy pictures of yourself...or is it just me?
12.02.2016 04:37
Posted by justme36
And is that wierd...to get get hot and bothered when viewing pics of oneself?
12.02.2016 05:13
Posted by GinaBeMine
i do justme36.its even better when seeing pics of yourself with other girls
12.02.2016 05:29
Posted by GinaBeMine
anyway LAX was really fun tonight :) cant wait until next Thursday
12.02.2016 13:31
its Slutfest time this Saturday - don't miss out!
12.02.2016 14:21
Posted by cdjenn69
Had a good time@ LAX last nite
12.02.2016 15:14
Posted by GinaBeMine
At work. I need some sleep... Zzzz
12.02.2016 22:50
Posted by Boo_Tran
@justme - I got slammed by a guy around 6'3 well into the 200 lb range from behind in front of a full length mirror at LAX once as I braced myself against a metal beam - It was like candle wax all around the house from my end
12.02.2016 22:55
Posted by Codybryant27
who needs a ride to van nuys tonight and tommrow
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13.02.2016 02:22
13.02.2016 02:21
13.02.2016 02:20
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