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hey there sexy.. hmu
52 minutes ago
2 hours ago
Anyone for a hot SB party kind of last minute but looking for a fewfriends for fun and play time NSA
4 hours ago
I\'m looking to go to SRO tonight... Can I buy you a drink??!
6 hours ago
6 hours ago
can give rides to la parties...if you need one let me know
6 hours ago
Sounds nice Simone write me
9 hours ago
Will be home tonight modeling my new skirt. Want to come over?
12 hours ago
Any gurls in Vegas looking for some fun this weekend?
13 hours ago
who wants to suck cock this Saturday night with me ;)
15 hours ago
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Such a homey day, today. Rain's dropping on my roof, ground outsi
ReginaElise · 2 days ago
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19.01.2015 06:00
Posted by ArborVitae
Don't feel bad...I didn't. ;) I'll be in Las Vegas next weekend as well. Yup.
19.01.2015 06:00
Posted by ArborVitae
That should've read that I didn't show up either!
19.01.2015 12:30
sex y fun in Spring Valley this Wed!
19.01.2015 22:38
Posted by latina-sexy-cd
i want cock
19.01.2015 22:39
Posted by Karla_Tranny
I was at the Van Nuys party for Jan 17'th. It was a great priviledge to meet Daniellez2, Megan, LisaLust and Centerfold. All the nicest tgirls and nice people anywhere on the planet.Also met CindyLee,{sp},Sophia and Paloma.This site is the best thing going and the parties are unbelievable.Thanks to Ronnie and to Cosmo as well, for everything they do.I will be at another party, but I live way up in the desert, so it will be a while.My heart is with all of you though, never doubt that fact.My best to all of you, from,Karla
19.01.2015 23:27
Posted by 13terrag
i went to a party a month ago and i really enjoyed hanging out by myself it was so great meeting myself and being there by myself, i would like to go to more parties , but it is easier to just order a pizza on saturday night and jerk off, so it will be awhile before i am back. so you all when i get there, terrag
20.01.2015 12:00
You can't gizz on a T girl by yourself garret lol
20.01.2015 13:05
Posted by Megan
Karla, TY for kind words to all of us. Was cetainly a good nite to meet new friends and re-acquaint with old ones.Hope to see you again sometime soon if youmake it back down this way. Huggs
20.01.2015 21:43
Posted by Karla_Tranny
TY Megan, and big hugs back to you sweety
21.01.2015 06:56
Posted by KevinOral760
going to ba at pizza party today in sd. And than kevin 7 in san diego saturday. The girls that are hosting with me are also my very good friends. When you see them there. Say hi to them and treat them nicely.
21.01.2015 09:38
Posted by sonyablaze
Any TS/CD going to the SD party tonight?
21.01.2015 12:39
Posted by SexyMadAsian
Pizza party now!!! Cum join us
21.01.2015 14:46
Posted by ArborVitae
Sorry I'll miss your party, K-dog; I'll be in Las Vegas this weekend. Maybe next time?
21.01.2015 19:30
see ya in chat around 8 !
21.01.2015 20:56
Posted by 13terrag
i love love love the new poll question kita posted, my answer wasShoot/ inject Herion or Cocaine
22.01.2015 15:17
Posted by hermes69247
Been a long time since my last shoutbox, so SHOUTOUT to Ronnie, Cosmos, and All the sexy Misses on USA!! Muuaah!!
22.01.2015 17:31
Posted by boo_tran
Anyone here ever met this guy ? - he wants to stretch me and I got a crush on his cock - but he wont show what he looks like so I don't feel comfy being alone when I meet him - if there any girls who want to meet him with me get with me - I'll share it with you ")
22.01.2015 23:32
Posted by Genghis1
Anyone want to go to the LAX party tonight, ASAP? I need a ride from/to West LA (Palms). I'll throw in gas money +!!
23.01.2015 11:28
Posted by sonyablaze
Looking for Blackbulls, BBC does anyone know some or want to have fun with one??? please help a girl out.
23.01.2015 18:51
Posted by Raquel
had fun at the LAX party now going to the glo stick party
23.01.2015 21:38
Posted by JessN
8 girls in chat and no men to be found. Guess it's ladies night.
24.01.2015 01:22
Posted by latina-sexy-cd
i want cock now i host in van nuys
24.01.2015 02:25
Posted by MayaSunshine69
Hey, its gonna be me and my Tgirl babes, havin extreme fun tonight in SD, workin it at K 7 TG romp. Everybody bring it and lets make this mixer a historical fact
24.01.2015 02:28
Posted by MayaSunshine69
I just hope the sound system can take the punishment :
24.01.2015 10:49
get to the party Sonya - the bbc will be there devouring all the hot T's that will be in attendance!
24.01.2015 13:09
Posted by alottafun
Hope all the Girls and Guys enjoy the return of the Kevin7 Party tonight...and keep you calendars clear for the upcoming Temptation TuesdaysDaytime parties starting in February
24.01.2015 16:34
Posted by KevinOral760
I ll mark mine renee. And hope to see some of ya tonight in SD. And next month i m taking it to Van nuys on a Friday Night
24.01.2015 16:36
Posted by cdjenn69
anybody going to the LA party
24.01.2015 22:51
Posted by SexyMadAsian
Tgirls are in full force tonight in SD! CUM join us!!
25.01.2015 08:43
Posted by KevinOral760
wow gents. There were a lot of girls that showed up last night and cool friends that it out. Thanks for all that.came.and Maya for the nice tunes.
25.01.2015 18:25
Posted by vivnLB
Great party last night????
25.01.2015 18:27
Posted by vivnLB
!!!!! Not ??? Damned phone! Items a emoticon!
25.01.2015 19:18
Posted by BiancaLeRue
I got to move to S.D. Sounds like you girls & guys had a great time!
27.01.2015 11:15
at least visit Bianca! i'll see all u sexy people thursday at the LAX party!
27.01.2015 21:04
Posted by sonyablaze
Anyone want to hangout tonight?
27.01.2015 21:34
Posted by Senator58
Hi all.
27.01.2015 21:34
Posted by Senator58
Hi sonablaze
28.01.2015 15:09
Posted by JanetJane
it must be can't take a hint day lol pm rapists leave me alone! lol
28.01.2015 15:58
Posted by LadyGigi
Temptation Tuesday coming soon in LA area, hosted by LadyGigi and Renee Alottafun (Daytime)
29.01.2015 11:39
Posted by jhay
Sweet ^
29.01.2015 13:14
Posted by Dashon420
Can't wait for Temptation Tuesdays!
29.01.2015 13:47
Posted by alottafun
Email for details on Temptation Tuesday Daytime Parties.
29.01.2015 14:00
Posted by jhay
Whats up for tonights party whos goin?
29.01.2015 20:12
see u at the party!
29.01.2015 20:31
Posted by boo_tran
I've kept every STD test result (3 so far - all neg) going back almost a year and a half since I joined USA - getting my 4th test soon - condoms are such a buzz kill - you don't have to be a porn star to fly low and avoid the radar
29.01.2015 20:45
Posted by boo_tran
and saw a doctor today for my annual check up - my BP was 116/60 - Life is Good !
30.01.2015 08:52
Posted by Lisalust
Any one have breast forms for sale
30.01.2015 11:20
Posted by Dashon420
lookin for a Saturday night date for Van Nuys...anyone interested? ?
30.01.2015 12:15
Posted by BiancaLeRue
Michelle I did visit back in the week before Thanksgiving and had a great time, that's why I would like to move there.
30.01.2015 19:30
Posted by Genghis1
$20 gas monet for a ride to/from the Van Nuys party tonight. I'm in West LA, right where the 10 meets the 405. Thanks!
30.01.2015 19:32
Posted by Genghis1
*"20 gas money", not "20 gas French impressionist masterpiece."
30.01.2015 23:37
let me know when u have the painting ....
31.01.2015 09:25
Posted by riversidehunk
any top or verse gurls wanna break in a virgin ass? I've been wanting this for years and haven't gotten it yet.
31.01.2015 12:52
Posted by BiancaLeRue
Are there any AZ top men that here in Phoenix for the Super Bowl today?
31.01.2015 13:48
Posted by Shawna_Lynn
Out tonight in SD at the Caliph on 5th from 5pm, come out and meet me!
31.01.2015 17:25
Posted by vivnLB
Looking for a ride to the party tonight....:)
31.01.2015 20:39
Posted by Dashon420
party bound!!
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CD all btm and he is all BBC Top.  Looking for some fun.  We are in a hotel, La Quinta, across the Mission Valley Mall.  Come and play tonight, I have to leave tomorrow morning

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