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I\'ve come to a possible conclusion of what sickness i have and won\'t be attending the parties untill i know it goes away :/ i just hope it doesn\'t get worse.
an hour ago
In San Fran next staying at Union Sq
an hour ago
horny morning. i mean good morning. :)
2 hours ago
lets turn this good friday into a great friday..who wants to play?
2 hours ago
Going to the SD party tonight!!! Fun times!!!
4 hours ago
Looking for some fun today...
4 hours ago
So bummed. No one to do me at Sat\'s party.
4 hours ago
Party on 26th in LA..Im there!!!
5 hours ago
May everyone have a blessed & enjoyable Easter & get all of their eggs in 1 basket.
5 hours ago
Looking forward to the Kevin 7 down in Spring Valley!! lots of time between now and then though...anyone feeling frisky?
8 hours ago
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       Well its time to post this transition pic…i feel this is t
bambi92117 · 8 days ago
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12.04.2014 14:07
Posted by SkyeNova
Anyone headed to the parties tonight? i live near Culver city and I'm only 30 mintues from the van nuys
12.04.2014 16:48
Posted by DrFaithEileen
Heading to Club Sex Addict tonight ... gonna see my hot friend Michelle!!!
12.04.2014 17:20
hey my names Michelle! ..and i like FAITH .. HMMMM
12.04.2014 18:06
wallflower sighting!!!!
12.04.2014 18:18
Posted by Ib6Ub9
anyone want to take me to the party tonight $$$$$ got some cash for any willing to drive me there
12.04.2014 19:39
Posted by iwishicould
Want to spoil a cd in IE 2nite!! Anyone interested?
13.04.2014 03:45
there were so many hot girls there tonight!! guys u should not miss Slutfest lol
13.04.2014 03:47
Posted by admin
Great job, Michelle!
13.04.2014 10:50
Posted by ArborVitae
I'm out of town!
13.04.2014 22:01
Posted by lacdslut
Iam so horny I want to play:(
13.04.2014 22:02
Posted by lacdslut
Lookin to play
13.04.2014 22:05
Posted by lacdslut
Hi Michelle miss u gurl
14.04.2014 01:29
Posted by ruko69
anyone looking too meet up see how it goes nd maybe be eatchothers date to the parties
14.04.2014 01:35
Posted by ruko69
or any one up to hook up im horny nd alone
14.04.2014 08:47
hey girl! have a sex filled week! xoxo
14.04.2014 13:08
Posted by Colombian_papi
since plams tgirl illusions and mjs bars club goddess closed down are there any other tgirl clubs open on a monday night?
14.04.2014 13:19
Posted by ruko69
the club in my pants is open for buiessness
14.04.2014 13:23
Posted by Colombian_papi
yea but im asking about a club that people wanna actually go to lol
14.04.2014 15:42
Posted by caguy_la
Is that like - There is a party in my pants and I want you all to cum.
14.04.2014 19:45
Posted by JustSimplyGene
bored out my mind. gonna go for a good drive tonight. Driving to LA so if any one wants too hook up send a call or text. 760 821 5132. play safe everyone
15.04.2014 00:48
Posted by admin
Why do complete male strangers write to me asking if they can have a free membership or get in free to the party? Do they write to Denny's asking for free meals? It boggles my mind. "Dear Disneyland, I really like your park, can I get in free?"
15.04.2014 09:10
Posted by Becky's a hard-wired attitude. "I am somone you may not be worthy of, but I want you to allow me EVERY consideration for ANY request I make of you, ok?" Hardle ever a ralistic and warm approach to anyone they approach. Just the expectation that their expenditure of effeort warrants the obedience of their wishes.
15.04.2014 09:11
Posted by Becky
....stupid fingers don't speel correctly! Sorry.
15.04.2014 09:11
Posted by Becky
Ronnie, can I get in free next time, please?
15.04.2014 10:50
does that mean u won't do as i ask Becks? heheheeee
15.04.2014 10:54
Posted by Becky
(--: for Y-O-U, Michi......ANYTHING!
15.04.2014 10:54
Posted by Becky
bye bbl ....."plumbing" job outside.......broken pipe.
15.04.2014 10:54
Posted by Becky
15.04.2014 10:55
Posted by Becky
KISSES, la_femme
15.04.2014 10:55
15.04.2014 14:37
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
1 of 7
15.04.2014 16:52
Posted by Becky
.....the BEST of Seven!
15.04.2014 16:53
Posted by Becky offense to the Six!
15.04.2014 18:01
Posted by caguy_la
I don't know who are the other six, but Jacq is definately worth the price of admission on her own.
15.04.2014 18:13
Posted by JustSimplyGene
any one free some time tmr or this weekend that wanna hang out or something? this desert is killing me of boredom
15.04.2014 19:26
Posted by 13terrag
i like lefems bung hole can i get in for free?
15.04.2014 20:11
Posted by Becky
...prolly only if she doesn't charge....
15.04.2014 23:25
Posted by SexyMadAsian
whack off Wed in the IE tomorrow!!! Cum join me!!
16.04.2014 08:57
Posted by Pirate13
Anyone in San Diego/Pt Loma looking?
16.04.2014 09:32
Posted by JustSimplyGene
any one wanna hang out today after the Wack off party? i wont be able to make due to work. I dont mid to drive to you
16.04.2014 09:55
Posted by duer74
anyone from LA, going to IE today?
16.04.2014 11:34
Posted by PartyCamIE
Whack Off Party getting ready to start here in the IE ;) 12-5pm
16.04.2014 12:30
Posted by JustSimplyGene
sad face i want to go but im stuck at work
16.04.2014 12:30
Posted by JustSimplyGene
ahh the few times i wish i was a civillian for i can say i dont want to work today
16.04.2014 15:04
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
Out on the streets tonight unless someone wants to rescue me for one night.
16.04.2014 16:01
Posted by b1gp0ppa33
Anyone Trynna play ??ie area
16.04.2014 16:10
Posted by sir-dzl
any girls in the inland empire down for some fun?
17.04.2014 06:52
Posted by Becky
17.04.2014 16:04
Posted by leather1
anyone going to the Redlands party on SaturdaY
17.04.2014 16:38
Posted by JessicaTS
New poll question posted for ALL SoCal men! xoxo boys
17.04.2014 19:41
Posted by admin
Another one: Q. "Why do you charge men for the parties and not charge anyone else?" My answer: "I charge SINGLE men. Lots of men get in free by bringing a date. I also let single men in for free who help promote on Craigs List. 10 ads equals one free party. Lots of swinger groups don't even allow single men and/or they charge couples. And gay clubs don't let any men in free even if they bring a date. So I think I'm offering a pretty good deal."
17.04.2014 19:44
Posted by admin
Then I wrote: "And this is a serious question, not being snippy, I'm sincerely curious. Do you write to other people and services and ask them why they charge for what they provide. Cause it would not occur to me do this. I either pay for something I want or I don't, period. "
17.04.2014 20:05
Posted by Crystal805
LOVE it! I don't understand why people are complaining. $40 is not that much. I totaly agree with you!
17.04.2014 21:28
Posted by RachelMichaels
Yea, go to the grocery store and see how little $40 gets ya. Try getting a loaf of bread to call you the next day after you use it.
17.04.2014 22:51
Posted by boo_tran
10 USA CL ads = 1 free party admittance - a $40.00 value for guys - it takes 10 times that much effort and a sore butt or feet depending on the girl to co host a party for half of $40.00 - I am jealous lol - can i have two banner ads on our site for posting 10 CL USA party ads instead - I'd like to include my avatar pic in the ads for parties that I am going to attend too if thats allowed :) attention whores want the whole f-ing world to know "were gonna b there" lol
17.04.2014 23:59
Posted by Dana-Adele
a new razor cost me 5$, stockings from Victoria's Secret 18$, Summer's Eve 2$, between lipstick, lip-gloss, mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, foundation, concealer, bronzer, one is always running out 10$, so that is a bit of just going out once, a touch of perfume, an outfit that is 300$, seems like guys have it made here.
18.04.2014 00:23
Posted by admin
Good points all! The girls are spending waaaaay more money than the guys are. Being a girl is very expensive!
18.04.2014 00:58
Posted by COSTAS
here are my two cents. $40 for a good time with a room full of hot trannys in a sex starved mood, I am G.A.M.E!! plus, score a date and get in for free...why complain?
18.04.2014 02:25
Posted by ArborVitae
I'm not complaining...
18.04.2014 06:09
Posted by Becky
Dana-Adele hit the point!
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18.04.2014 10:29
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