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Who wants to be my date to the party?
11 hours ago
Next stop San Marcos 9/13 thru 9/16
12 hours ago
I can host all night tonight!!! message me asap!
13 hours ago
Hi everybody
15 hours ago
Anyone wanna play in San Diego...my hotel!
16 hours ago
I found a new craving for sucking cock
20 hours ago
Anyone going to the party tonight in SoBay?
20 hours ago
hmmm what to do this evening?
20 hours ago
Should I go to the LAX party tonight?! Who's going ? I need to find me a Masc Top man for some fun !
21 hours ago
LADIES!!! I need a date for tonight lax party. I am in the Fullerton area so let me know Send me a message
23 hours ago
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BREAKING NEWS!!! CLUB SEX ADDICT is proud to announce the la
admin · 11 hours ago
Latest activity.
4 hours ago
8 hours ago
BREAKING NEWS!!! CLUB SEX ADDICT is proud to announce the launch of SF SEX ADDICTS! The fun begins Saturday Night, October 3rd, 9pm-2am. Spread the word! For party details and password write to: SFSexAddicts@gmail.com After doing parties for 8 years in Southern California we are thrilled to …
11 hours ago
11 hours ago
13 hours ago
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24.08.2015 21:03
Posted by JessicaTS
How's everyone tonight? ;)
24.08.2015 21:38
Posted by readyN4sureSD
Doing good urself
24.08.2015 21:38
Posted by readyN4sureSD
How r we San Diego
24.08.2015 21:38
Posted by readyN4sureSD
Where's all the energy at?!?!?
25.08.2015 20:52
Posted by GARNET
Looking for a date/ride to the party on the 29th. Please message me if you are willing to get me. I am in El Cajon, 20 minutes from the Spring Valley party house
26.08.2015 00:13
Posted by nitewulf14
So horny I need to fuck right now.I'm staying in Costa Mesa hit me up
26.08.2015 09:43
Posted by Aimtoplease
Tomorrow is my birthday and I'll be working late, anyone want to help me celebrate after?
26.08.2015 12:32
Posted by Visitor
Hit me up if your in the SFV and can handle a big black dick
26.08.2015 15:33
hey SD are u horny yet????
26.08.2015 18:29
i'll be camming here and on AFF after 8 tonight.. xoxo
26.08.2015 19:39
Posted by jamie_cdoc
does anyone know where to party in SF?
26.08.2015 20:10
Posted by GARNET
See everyone on Sat at the Slutfestin Spring Valley!!
26.08.2015 22:26
Posted by GARNET
for anyone that's ever asked about me, I do not go to the Wednesday pizza parties anymore, because I babysit during those. Iwill be at the Slutfest party this Saturday night in Spring Valley tho!!!
27.08.2015 08:47
Anyone going to the party tonight in SoBay?
27.08.2015 13:30
Posted by vivnLB
Looking for a ride to the party tonight, anybody going? :)
27.08.2015 19:55
Posted by topasseater
I might go to the so bay party any one want to go i am in the SFV
28.08.2015 01:35
back to schoolgirl this saturday night in Spring Valley - t girls are encouraged to wear schoolgirl attire , guys are encouraged to cum and enjoy us!
28.08.2015 08:54
Posted by Becky
....darn! I just purged all my "schoolgurl" attire. My luck.
28.08.2015 14:22
Posted by Chaigirl
wishing the pool would be open--it's been sooo hot!
28.08.2015 15:02
Posted by Man_Whore
I would like to go to the Van Nuys party tonight but I need a date ... anybody need a ride?...310 678 4980
28.08.2015 18:25
Posted by ladii_Kenndy
Guess I'll be wearing my plaid skirt ????????
28.08.2015 21:18
Posted by jmanuel007
veronica please unblock me....:( lets talk
28.08.2015 22:05
Posted by JessicaTS
really sad i cant make it to SD tomorrow night! But i know everyone will have lots of fun! I'll see you in LA thought Michelle! :)
28.08.2015 22:28
next time Jess ! luv ya! plaid skirt is awesome girls!
29.08.2015 02:53
Posted by Aimtoplease
Anybody ever in the Poway area?
29.08.2015 14:31
Posted by ladii_Kenndy
I can't find one of my stockings ????????????
29.08.2015 14:51
Posted by SDWaterbabies
Looking forward to seeing you tonight Michelle. Its been a while.
29.08.2015 16:18
awesome! it's gonan be a sexy night!!
29.08.2015 16:24
Posted by Visitor
I'm a guy looking for ride from La Jolla to SD slutfest tonight!
29.08.2015 16:25
Posted by Visitor
call me 408-896-8two48; I'll contribute for gas!
29.08.2015 18:39
Posted by BabyJLatinCD
I need to get fucked
29.08.2015 18:49
Posted by Centerfold
Baby L; just vote for Hillary
29.08.2015 19:35
Posted by fredbloggs
Any gurlz playing in vegas tonight?
29.08.2015 19:46
Posted by for_nsa_fun
If I go tonight I want all the hot gurls cocks to take a turn in my ass
29.08.2015 19:57
Posted by GARNET
getting ready for tonights SD party, see you all there!!!
29.08.2015 22:50
Posted by readyN4sureSD
I can't go tonight!????
29.08.2015 22:51
Posted by readyN4sureSD
If anyone wants to play after in Chula Vista let me know
29.08.2015 23:32
Posted by Visitor
College guy in San Diego down to play! Hit me up 408-896-8two48
30.08.2015 04:11
thx for bein sexy SD! luv ya!
30.08.2015 12:39
Posted by GARNET
had an AMAZEBALLS time last night at the spring valley party!!! Thank you Michelle ;) And special thank you to my ride home last night hehe ;)
30.08.2015 14:12
Posted by JessicaTS
Cant wait to hear all about the fun from last night's SD party :)
30.08.2015 18:26
Posted by Boo_Tran
Two sissies want to make you happy with a $40.00 cash finders fee :) Myself and GinaCD are searching for an apartment together by the 22nd of Sept - Must be 15 mile radius of 10 fwy and Cloverfield - up to $1100.00 a month - 1 bedroom with option for paid parking - in decent neighborhood - Were out growing our favorite booth at the party and will be having small parties of our own on occasion xoxo
30.08.2015 23:13
Posted by ginacd
lol boo i thought you were gonna first stay outside the booth while i use you through the glories!
30.08.2015 23:26
Posted by ginacd
When we finally meet I would request bigger glories haha :D
31.08.2015 11:07
i'll be hosting a web chat in the main chat room this Wednesaday night at 8 pm - hope to see ya there!
01.09.2015 08:30
Posted by Boo_Tran
01.09.2015 08:38
Posted by Boo_Tran
its actually a production trailer for Gina to debut in her new movie called "why I love my low pay job" lol
01.09.2015 12:13
Posted by ginacd
Nah you are the star I'm the prop
01.09.2015 17:31
Posted by kosmo
Help me set up at SouthBay party for $20 off admission price. Help me clean up for $20 off. Do both and get in free! contact cozmikblitz@gmail.com if you are interested
01.09.2015 21:18
Posted by NikkiCDgirl
01.09.2015 21:48
Posted by ginacd
nice michelle :D
02.09.2015 00:53
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
Added more photos to my Modeling Gallery
02.09.2015 10:32
I hope to see y'all in the chat room tonight at 8 pm! xoxo
02.09.2015 16:38
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
Looking for a room to rent in Long Beach. Hit me up.
02.09.2015 19:40
see u in chat tonight 8 pm !
02.09.2015 21:55
Posted by JodyeFolarin
Who needs some black dick in their life tonight?
03.09.2015 12:48
Posted by SexyMadAsian
Cum party Sat night in SD. First 10 tgirls gets a nice door prize!!!
03.09.2015 18:08
SD is always a good time! thx for the fun chat last night - let's do it again next wed!
03.09.2015 19:53
Posted by GARNET
might see everyone at the SD party Sat :)
04.09.2015 07:05
Posted by readyN4sureSD
I wanna go to Saturday party! !! Anyone want a date I should b out of work by 9:30pm
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04.09.2015 08:19
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