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Going out into the world today to mingle
15 minutes ago
Do TGurls ever party at Pechenga Casio?
34 minutes ago
I am a totally fun bottom
8 hours ago
TS and feminine gay guy where are u better have panties on
12 hours ago
I'm back
14 hours ago
in town next weekend
14 hours ago
May be willing to drive to Van Nuys from SD tonight
18 hours ago
In the north county ... anyone wanna chat and/or play?
18 hours ago
So who wants to go to the Van Nuys party with me tonight? 11/28
22 hours ago
I got fucked real good today by 3 guys, yummy!
22 hours ago
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Here's some of my pics that will not upload on this system.    
BiancaLeRue · 14 days ago
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19.11.2015 22:29
Posted by laynpipe
hello sexy ladies
19.11.2015 23:19
Posted by admin
Please do not post the Spring Valley address in public. You must email us for the address and password
20.11.2015 00:11
Posted by Boo_Tran
ooops sorry, was just trying to help out with her question. won't happen again
20.11.2015 00:22
Posted by admin
Its ok boo. Some parties are private, some are are public
20.11.2015 12:48
Posted by NikkiTemptress
Who's going tonight to Van Nuys?
20.11.2015 12:50
Posted by NikkiTemptress
I'm headed to Spring Valley tomorrow. Going to check out the San Diego crowd.
20.11.2015 14:05
Posted by Megan
Van Nuys tonite...I am. Unless i'm blindfolded? Then maybe i'm not really there??
21.11.2015 11:51
Posted by sober41707
going to van nuys party
21.11.2015 17:23
Posted by Xiskingd
Anyone looking for a date for tonight's van nuys party
21.11.2015 17:26
Posted by geosd
anyone going to the sd party tonight?
21.11.2015 19:21
Posted by KevinOral760
I'll be going to the sd party tonight. Time to have a little fun
21.11.2015 21:21
Posted by GARNET
yay Kevin!!! :)
21.11.2015 22:28
Posted by vivnLB
Looking for a ride to the party tonight!
21.11.2015 22:45
Posted by GARNET
For all those GypsySlut fans, Mellow and her are not coming tonight, due to the fact that they are not feeling well. We wish them speedy recovery!!!
21.11.2015 23:21
Posted by admin
Your pic of 2 parties tonight, and 2 men's parties tomorrow
21.11.2015 23:50
Posted by Man_Whore
I want to go to the V.N. party but not alone ... anyone else wanna go
22.11.2015 00:04
Posted by sober41707
Going over to the vannuys party
22.11.2015 02:01
Posted by readyN4sureSD
Just got off work & wanna go to the SD party whos up???
22.11.2015 12:19
Posted by JessicaTS
Hope everyone had a great time in SD last night. Wish i could have been there! xoxo
22.11.2015 16:53
Posted by GARNET
Great seeing Melqui and ROnnie last night at the SD party!!!
22.11.2015 17:09
Posted by CuriousInOC
Any T-Girl/CD Turkey day orgies happening on Thursday? Gobble Gobble
22.11.2015 21:30
Posted by Boo_Tran
Can I bring my own small pillow to Van Nuys ? not for sleeping..for things more fun then that!..they don't have any
22.11.2015 22:51
of course u can Boo !
23.11.2015 02:25
Posted by Boo_Tran
23.11.2015 12:21
Posted by NikkiTemptress
Had a good time Friday and Saturday nights. Two good parties....
23.11.2015 12:44
thats cause ur hot Nikki! speaking of hot Wed in van nuys should be a HOT party!!!!
23.11.2015 12:44
Posted by NikkiTemptress
love to go to a day party, but got to get those $ somewhere.
23.11.2015 12:46
Posted by NikkiTemptress
now if it was wed night I'd be all over that like a wet t-shirt contestant. lol
23.11.2015 12:51
Posted by NikkiTemptress
anyone interested in going HM in long beach tomorrow night?
23.11.2015 16:18
Posted by Megan
pizza pizza..Yum!
23.11.2015 19:10
Posted by The_Dude_00
I accidentally subscribed to a page , how do I unsubscribe ?
24.11.2015 11:02
Posted by alottafun
Happy Early Thanksgiving from the Temptation Tuesday Girls...Muah,
24.11.2015 14:48
Posted by lostmeat2k
Who am I going to see at the Pizza Party tomorrow?
24.11.2015 18:59
Posted by Stephtacular
Looks like I have to get a hotel by Torrance tonight, wouldn't mind some company. Send me a message, anyone interested~
24.11.2015 22:15
Posted by admin
Pizza party Wednesday 12-5- Take a lunch/sex break with us!
25.11.2015 01:49
kisses Renee! more than kisses tomorrow heheheee
25.11.2015 22:41
Posted by Adam_G
I find myself in Anaheim Hills with an hour to kill. If there is a TS that can host and wants to play please hit me up.
26.11.2015 03:08
thx to all that attended in van nuys today! and Happy TRhanksgiving to all the great people in our scene - luv ya!
26.11.2015 03:09
yes Trhanksgiving... lol
26.11.2015 08:31
Posted by Boo_Tran
Getting stuffed feels from your heart "is" good.. Transgiving everyone xoxo
26.11.2015 12:24
Posted by GinaLez
Happy Thanksgiving to ALL at USA. I am grateful for your positive sexiness and all the horny nights. Also thank you to those who invented lipstick, nail polish, and garter belt. :)
26.11.2015 15:27
Posted by Megan
Happy Turkey to all you good (or bad) little gurls and boys. Got to a party this weekend and work it all off.
26.11.2015 15:28
Posted by Megan
27.11.2015 02:27
Posted by Sweetnuts00
Penis in my mouth tonight, or vice versa, hit me up yay^_^_^_^_^_^
27.11.2015 03:05
Posted by Boo_Tran
Lakewood Center Mall is open 24hrs till Saturday @ midnight. who wants to shop and play at the Mall in dressing rooms or a parking lot. I got a 2 week load NOW! and it's a really nice mall
27.11.2015 03:36
Posted by BigThickJuicy
I'm close to the mall
27.11.2015 06:26
Posted by Boo_Tran
@BTJ..U already had your turn:)..u want more?
27.11.2015 10:19
Posted by orallover69
Boo - Did you release your load yet?
27.11.2015 14:07
Posted by vivnLB
A ride to the party tonight...per chance?
27.11.2015 17:15
Posted by Erika
Come to the Madonna party tonight, its my good friend who happens to be the #1 drag queen Madonna impersonator on the planet. Not going to post her name as its best to leave that off this site. ;)
27.11.2015 18:15
Posted by BigThickJuicy
@bootran yes
27.11.2015 20:51
Posted by Boo_Tran
not yet..I don't I am always ready for fun
27.11.2015 22:19
Posted by admin
Madonna tribute party tonight in Van Nuys!
27.11.2015 23:55
Posted by vivnLB
boo! many flakes
28.11.2015 08:03
Posted by ArborVitae
Y'all have fun tonight; won't be able to make it...
28.11.2015 11:16
Posted by KevinOral760
I plan to dude. Have to work it off from turkey day
28.11.2015 13:23
Posted by Erika
Hope you enjoyed Madonna night.
28.11.2015 18:54
Posted by GARNET
bah boreddd!!! wanna go shopping, but do not have anyone to go with!!!
28.11.2015 19:28
Posted by JusttheTip
if any girl still needs a ride to Van Nuys, I'll be coming up from San Diego
29.11.2015 07:50
Posted by ArborVitae
Considering who I saw there Saturday night, I'm pretty damn sure most of you had a blast. Sorry I couldn't stay; prior commitments.
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29.11.2015 12:53
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