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Need to shoot a load on a pretty face.....
an hour ago
23-26th I am around for wild erotic fun or.....
2 hours ago
TGirl Tuesdays!! Tonight at Hamburger Marys Long Beach!
3 hours ago
5 hours ago
Two week hiatus...hope to see you all at the next Slutfest. If I'm in town!
6 hours ago
sd 25th Halloween party ,road trip ,,
6 hours ago
I'm still amazed by the incredible goddesses there are here.
7 hours ago
likes to have a good time :}
7 hours ago
Good Day USA!! Fun & Friendly Well Spoken & 8\' Hung w/Charm BBC & Masseur for Ladies & Couples... I Can Host Now or Travel Later SF Valley/LA preferred or hermes69247@yahoo.com Richie
8 hours ago
i am lisa ts girl in looking to meet up any where in la area
9 hours ago
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The NES has a library of games a thousands. However, one game usu
JulietHuxleyughfrghs · 6 hours ago
Latest activity.
4 hours ago
5 hours ago
The NES has a library of games a thousands. However, one game usually rises to the superior when talking about the best game on the kit. With two solid main series games under his belt by 1988, Mario made the 8-bit era go out with a bang in his third main series game, Super Mario Bros. three.If we t…
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13.10.2014 23:17
Posted by 13terrag
14.10.2014 11:14
i'm waiting for my knight Sir Garret to rescue me and take me to LAX ....
14.10.2014 18:46
Posted by 13terrag
14.10.2014 22:35
Posted by boo_tran
Watching "Whats My Line" reruns on YT - that was a great show - I want to guess who's dick is up my ass and win three more - gangbangamockingbird@gmail.com
15.10.2014 00:26
Posted by Raquel
wow meet a great guy I have been talking to for awhile and went to the park he fucked me me good I loved Evey inch of him inside of me .He had me bent over the the table has he pounded my ass a great night I must say thank you u know who u r
15.10.2014 09:04
Posted by tran_hunter
what park?
15.10.2014 09:35
Posted by Sweetnuts00
Good Morning all your lovelies ^_^!!!!
15.10.2014 09:41
Posted by pussyglover
whos going to the pizza party today?
15.10.2014 12:09
Posted by PartyCamSD
here at the Pizza Party - come on out Peeps and have some sex and pizza!! We have a few new tgirls here - Michelle says to shout out - we have a new Asian Tgirl here, she is gorgeous!! Come on out to meet her!!!
15.10.2014 14:43
Posted by JustSimplyGene
does she likes black guys? lol
15.10.2014 16:30
Posted by admin
We're back at South Bay Sex Addicts near LAX tomorrow night! Join us!
15.10.2014 20:45
thx to everyone that made the pizza party fun today! see u at the SD Halloween party on the 25th!!!!
16.10.2014 00:17
Posted by Raquel
@trans hunter I can't say I don't want to put that out there
16.10.2014 08:17
Posted by vivnLB
anybody going to the lax party tonight?
16.10.2014 15:16
Posted by SexyMadAsian
Thurs happy hour. Come watch the Jets and Patriots. Byob. Get a Rubdown!!
16.10.2014 17:57
does anyone have actual address of lax party?
16.10.2014 20:10
Posted by Raquel
getting ready for lax party
16.10.2014 20:18
Posted by boo_tran
took me forever to find it - it's 10914 S. La Cienega Blvd Inglewood Ca. 90304 - I was told to approach club going north bound on La Cienega or you'll have to drive to far then turn around to come back
16.10.2014 21:14
Posted by Colombian_papi
anyone close to south bay/long beach tryin to go to the LAX party tonight?
16.10.2014 21:14
Posted by tep0
easy if you look for sanctuary LAX
17.10.2014 00:54
Posted by ArborVitae
Hope you all are having fun at LAX...might make it Saturday night.
17.10.2014 08:49
Posted by kugr
looking for all the beautiful ladies that are attending tonight's van nuys party
17.10.2014 10:59
boo_tran is right ,on lax 1 ,[but] im not sure if less time etc , but i prefere taking Manchester exit , untill see huge donut ,Randys donuts, thats la cienga left on 4 me, then downs street will see some parked school buses,then like 2 blocks make a illegal u turn ,oops ,,,,,i though coming from pasadena
17.10.2014 13:22
Posted by boo_tran
lol that ratty old donut shop has been there since I was a kid with the nastiest rail roads tracks nearby on Manchester - and there even not very good donuts - making illegal U turns in the middle if no where is one thing but near LAX is not a good idea especially at night. "Bee Safe"
17.10.2014 19:42
Posted by Sweetnuts00
new pics up, woop woop ^_^, time to go to the haunted house
17.10.2014 21:12
Posted by Raquel
time for the Van Nuys PARTY
17.10.2014 21:46
Posted by Raquel
where is the hunted house at and when
18.10.2014 04:14
Posted by ArborVitae
It's easier to exit at Imperial Hwy. Turn right on La Cienega (you can't miss it; it's the first street) and head on up.
18.10.2014 11:54
Posted by vivnLB
anybody going to the van nuys party tonighT? if so may i get a lift pleasde?:)
18.10.2014 12:28
Posted by 13terrag
is it on lacienega
18.10.2014 13:11
Posted by ArborVitae
It's been awhile since I've been to the SFV...guess I'll show up tonight!
18.10.2014 13:14
Posted by Sweetnuts00
will the pool be open tonight at the sd party. i k ow itll be chilly but that pool is one of the reasons i go. abd i found my goggles haha see you lovlies tonight
18.10.2014 14:25
Posted by BigThickJuicy
im dog sitting a friends small chihuaha in los angeles/usc area i can host a girl if you want to come by im a latin top let me know if you are interested
18.10.2014 15:06
Posted by Gimmysumm69
Hosting in rancho hmu gimmysumm69@yahoo.com
18.10.2014 16:04
boo tran ,,illagal u turn sign , i usually stop there and cover sign up paper bag lol ,, sucks along there got go miles find a legal u turn ,randys donuts big -O- lol ,,
18.10.2014 19:33
Posted by Raquel
Van Nuys here I come ready to party and get down
18.10.2014 20:42
Posted by Sweetnuts00
See you all at the SD party tonight, you lovely, sexy people. Time to bring the goth/kink to the party muawhahaha. If you see me, strike up a convo with me, belieive it or not, I am shy upon first meetings. ^_^.
19.10.2014 02:38
Posted by Sweetnuts00
What a lovely party. Thank you everyone for the fun times ^_^, hope it was a good show if you were watching haha. xoxoxo Goodnight everyone.
19.10.2014 11:31
Posted by boo_tran
silly girl - theres a better way to fulfill a bike cop fantasy then that - drive with 2 bags over your face in case the 1st one breaks and they'll be spit roasting u all the way to the bank lol
19.10.2014 11:34
cuff my hands behind my back and fuck me over the hood!
19.10.2014 11:42
Posted by JustSimplyGene
sorry New paint job Michelle
19.10.2014 12:49
Posted by Lablaqkmeat1
I'll do it @michelle_la_femme
19.10.2014 17:14
Posted by Raquel
had a blast at the Van Nuys party last night
19.10.2014 21:46
Posted by boo_tran
Temp numbness from pinched nerve damage in toes is common with high heels for tg and females as well. I can't figure out if it's the steep slant or the squishing of the toes or a combination of both that causes it - my 4" pumps did it twice-would a 3 to 3 /12 " pump help or do I need a wider toe as well is the question-Girls please help out on this - If you've ever remedied the problem tell us how you did it - for some it can be long term damage and it's not a fun experience-guess I won't be 6'2 anymore lol
20.10.2014 00:35
Posted by Pipegiva
in spring valley area I need to play tonight !! help gurl or guy I'm down
20.10.2014 10:18
Posted by Pipegiva
used my profiles for today, but I'm wanting to host someone today and finally fulfill a fantasy or two.. message me here or email pipegiva@yahoo.com
20.10.2014 10:19
Posted by Pipegiva
at my place in North park lol ^
20.10.2014 10:30
Posted by CVDave
any ladies want to do lunch, and perhaps be dessert?
20.10.2014 12:30
I hope all of you horny guys make it out to the Halloween sex party in Spring Valley Saturday night! we have some of the hottest T girl in San diego!
20.10.2014 12:44
oh yess i plan going sd halloween party .staying the night there my motorhome ,,trick oor treat ,,hope alot treats lol
20.10.2014 14:46
Posted by KevinOral760
I think you mean Saturday Ronnie, lets not make it confysion
20.10.2014 15:59
Posted by VIPR
or...both nights?
20.10.2014 17:05
admin ,,, okay now you have give us hint on your costume,,,,
20.10.2014 21:43
Posted by Karla_Tranny
I'm thinking of attending Halloween night in Van Nuys party.
20.10.2014 21:44
Posted by Karla_Tranny
Thinking of attending Halloween in VN.I wanna get punched in the stomach and suck cock on Halloween.!!
21.10.2014 06:27
Posted by admin
I'l be at Halloween on Saturday Night in San Diego...extended hours...sleep over... I got my costume ready to go!
21.10.2014 12:59
all of the proceeds from the sat party in Spring Valley will go towards improving the party there - canopy bed like they had in Redlands maybe???? see u there!!!
21.10.2014 16:06
Posted by SexyMadAsian
Chargers against Denver Thurs!!! Join me!!!
21.10.2014 16:31
go Chargers
21.10.2014 20:44
Posted by Raquel
please request with no pixs of you will get no where
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JudyGeenEyes444 has accepted a friend request from Ericaxxxtv
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JudyGeenEyes444 has accepted a friend request from Ericaxxxtv
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JudyGeenEyes444 has accepted a friend request from Ericaxxxtv
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21.10.2014 21:42
21.10.2014 21:41
13terrag has been rated by Kita
21.10.2014 21:41
TSViking's photo was commented on by 13terrag
21.10.2014 21:38
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