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jizzinyoass: Nothing much, just trying to catch a bottom for the first time before I leave.
2d ago
jizzinyoass: White sweater
2d ago
Sleepingphil: Pretty boring Sunday...
2d ago
irvineguy: I miss the IE parties :(
2d ago
Sleepingphil: Anyone looking to add some fun to their Sunday?
2d ago
Blondie: i love fun on sudays thats why i get fun sized milky ways...
2d ago
Blondie: id love to suck a fun sized milky way... anyone?
2d ago
Mrspeshal: im game
2d ago
alonzo12: what would it take to have a party for a few hours... at a motel.... during the week at night or during the day time....
2d ago
Blondie: @alonzo12... i will be getting a room up in lancaster this week for a galthat wants to strapon fuck my white ass...if you can make the ride i bet we could turn it into a hot freaky fuck party!
2d ago
Blondie: dam! 26 yr old pam grier in a wrastle with a hot blonde on tv... (sheba, baby)... dang those pam grier titties are incredible!
2d ago
Tm1025: Anyone looking right now? Kik me gamemisconduct19
2d ago
Blondie: i hate insomnia... need to get fucked to sleep...
2d ago
fresian123: Hey blondie I'm not far and would love to
2d ago
fresian123: my text 8183354111
2d ago
fresian123: I am soooo horny!
2d ago
Blondie: fresian this sissy slut needs a big cock...
2d ago
fresian123: Let's do it
2d ago
fresian123: text me?
2d ago
Blondie: no
2d ago
Blondie: go to chat
2d ago
Blondie: hmm... interesting...
2d ago
fresian123: I'm there, I will be in Valencia this morning
2d ago
fresian123: youre not in chat
2d ago
GARNET: I have Thursday til Tuesday off. No plans so far - hmm what to do?!
2d ago
riversidehunk: @Garnet- do me ;)
billgoodman8558: I need some help getting off!!
GARNET: *blushing*
Davidjames: Garnet do me also!
Erika: Is it Memorial Day weekend yet?
Blondie: not yet... this weekend...
kinkysecret: You know what I want ;)
Alexa33cd: anyone in the Pomona area
17h ago
Alexa33cd: anyone hosting in the pomona area?
17h ago
mosdef685: hosting in la mesa
17h ago
Blondie: is chat working or is my laptop feeling the blues?
16h ago
Blondie: ps: i need to subside my melancholy with a hot cock to suck or two...
16h ago
westwoodsfinest: im hosting in west la
16h ago
Blondie: who does a sissy have to blow to get a cock to suck around here???
15h ago
Blondie: anyone??? anyone??? bueller???
15h ago
alonzo12: im in pomona.... by the 60 and 71
15h ago
jose3103: Anyone near the L.A area interested in some fun???
15h ago
Blondie: im in valencia...
14h ago
Blondie: darnit, i need a new BBD...
13h ago
Blondie: something trashy...
13h ago
WendyT857: In San Diego...ready to host
12h ago
mac2mac: Hello South Bay
11h ago
Erika: Parties and quick hookups are fun but you know what's more fun to me? Treat this gurl to an actual date out like you would a normal girl. That's right. Wine and dine me and let's make a romantic night out of it. Who's up for the challenge. Gentlemen front of the line. ;-)
10h ago
jizzinyoass: Currently in Sacramento, anyone out this far? It's a long shot.
9h ago
Erika: PS you need to contact me with your perfect date ideas. I'm not going to fucking Olive Garden with you ;)
9h ago
JoeyKing: I love TG/CD and sissy in sheer pantyhose! If this interests you email me!!😀
9h ago
LadyStark: Hey, those bread sticks are pretty good...but what passes for Italian food there, meh. I can cook better than that.
9h ago
Blondie: FYI: anyone wants to take me to olive garden gets a blowjob before and after dinner, and if you take me to the movies, you can pound my ass!
8h ago
Blondie: im a cheap date...
8h ago
Erika: lol
8h ago
LadyStark: FYI, Kinky Boots is leaving Netflix in June, watch it while you can!
7h ago
Blondie: LadyS, can i borrow your netflix login & pw to watch it?
7h ago
Biggdaddy: Hey Valencia here
6h ago
billgoodman8558: San Diego??
6h ago
Erika: Kinky Boots was so incredible live
6h ago
Blondie: valencia here too daddy...
6h ago
DaddyDom40: LA ?
5h ago
Blondie: no spain
5h ago
Erika: It's looking like Memorial day weekend is shaping up to be quite a fucktastic 4 days :)
5h ago
cutebubblebttm: hiya ...
5h ago
cutebubblebttm: how is everyone tonight
5h ago
cutebubblebttm: anyone around noho
5h ago
Bbc9incut: I'm in van nuys 9in top
3h ago
ehit203: Is there going to be a daytime party in reseda soon?
2h ago
Blondie: i love you... just you... you know who you are, you sexy devil!!!
9m ago
kinkysecret: i want some boobs rubbing on my back..if u know what i mean ;)
4m ago
Latest Status Messages
I would like to play with big tits this week
- 5 minutes ago
Looking for a gurl to join me and my hung, kinky top friend on JUNE 3rd as his for a night of hard fucking, kink, deep analingus assplay
- 6 hours ago
Heading to Reseda party this friday. Than staying close to home this weekend in SD.
- 14 hours ago
c2c any hotties down?
- 15 hours ago
I was excited about my first pizza party tomorrow but now Van Nuys is cancelled. Dammit.
- 17 hours ago
Anybody wanna plan for this long weekend ?
- 17 hours ago
After gym horny, and no one to play with
- 23 hours ago
hosting rn in westwood
- Yesterday
Home from work another case of boredom out in a hotel and dont know anaheim area much anyone wanna hang out?
- Yesterday
Been out of this site for a while. Love the new look. Just added lots of new pics. Check them out
- Yesterday
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I would like to play with big tits this week
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Who wants to go to the L.A. party with me E-mail me at
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Anyone seen long duck dong?
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