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anyone want to get together tonight?
an hour ago
6 hours ago
Anyone feel like playing this afternoon?
8 hours ago
11 hours ago
Long Beach this weekend; Las Vegas next weekend. Good times are ahead; yup.
12 hours ago
Needing a friend and a lover.
14 hours ago
Okay, so you want BBC?...Don't choke on more that you can swallow. That's where I come in. The BBC starter kit. Basic Black Cock!
17 hours ago
Horny and looking in San diegotonight
18 hours ago
Where\'s the sexiest place to be on a Monday night?
20 hours ago
Getting a room in OC this Thursday or Friday, I just want some really hot one on one love making and fucking. Takers?
21 hours ago
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SissyMangina · 57 days ago
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24.09.2014 12:08
Posted by LadyGigi
Michelle, you bring action to the party...LOL
24.09.2014 12:30
Posted by alottafun
Miss you too Michelle. You will always be Queen of Sluts
24.09.2014 14:56
Posted by Marnie
what you Mom?
24.09.2014 14:56
Posted by Marnie
What up Mom is what I meant of course
24.09.2014 18:24
Posted by JustSimplyGene
OK. so I'm back from my lovely state of Florida (rained every fucking day but loved it). I flew out from Vegas but didn't really do anything but sit in the airport. So not this weekend but next weekend I wanna go and actually pop my Vegas cherry. any suggestion since this will be my first actual visit there?
25.09.2014 03:03
Posted by admin
Welcome back, Gene!
25.09.2014 03:31
Posted by ArborVitae
Y'all have fun this weekend; can't make it since I'll be busy with my camera. It might be a few weeks; next week I'll be in Long Beach and the week after I'll be in Las Vegas. Busy, busy, busy!
25.09.2014 04:14
Posted by calmac
Depends on what you want to do Gene. If you're want to have a good meal, I suggest The Steakhouse at Circus Circus. Pricey but worth it. For entertainment or other stuff, there's too much to put on in here. Send me an email here if you want some more info.
25.09.2014 07:57
mmmm renee n Gigi - hot couple of the year????
25.09.2014 07:57
and hi Marnie u sweet thing!
25.09.2014 08:01
I wish i could go to the LAX party tonight - it's gonna be a hot one!
25.09.2014 10:37
Posted by boo_tran
Wanted! LAX ramp rats to fluff girls up for the runway. Sign me up in October "slurp slurp" lol
25.09.2014 13:56
Posted by KevinOral760
See ya at the lax party tonight. Taking a friend for her first party up there. And going to be one of the judges for the fashion show.
25.09.2014 13:59
Posted by alottafun
Can't make fashion show, everyone have fun, and anyone who votes for LadyGigi gets a blowjob from me next time Iam at a partyo
25.09.2014 14:41
ahhhh lax fashion t gurl party hot ,, audience votes on ,,,,amanda
25.09.2014 16:19
Posted by ArborVitae
Maybe I should drive by LAX tonight while at work hmm...
25.09.2014 16:45
Posted by JustSimplyGene
Well GiGi already had my vote but i wont be able to make it tonight. working on my car and have to be at work at 530 tmr to exercise with my Marines. Good Luck GiGi!!!!
25.09.2014 16:47
Posted by admin
See ya tonight! I'm excited to see the outfits! Come compete or be a judge.
25.09.2014 17:20
Posted by LadyGigi
thank you, Gene
25.09.2014 17:22
Posted by LadyGigi
thank you, alottafun. Muah
25.09.2014 17:25
Posted by JustSimplyGene
anytime beautiful
25.09.2014 17:42
Posted by KandiiKane
lax tonight.
26.09.2014 03:38
Posted by admin
Van Nuys TONIGHT! 8:00 Penis Talk Show and 9:00 Glo Stick Party...Congrats to 1st Monica, 2nd Hayley and 3rd Melody on winning last night!
26.09.2014 03:39
Posted by admin
Thanks so much to the 15 girls who competed. We are doing it again next month!
26.09.2014 10:34
suggestion 4 fun nit , anyone remember weekly show Fantasy island ,,, hav like at usa party , c if or not cums true, ,,,,,,,
26.09.2014 18:19
Posted by boo_tran
How did we become activity leaders, I don't quite understand how the points go up.
27.09.2014 05:18
Posted by admin
Van Nuys TGirl Party with Oxwood Shuttle by Driving is a Drag! Have fun at the club, go have drink at Oxwood, be driven back safely!
27.09.2014 05:18
Posted by admin
It means you're really active on the site!
27.09.2014 06:53
Posted by Rocketman1945
What happened to the parties in San diego???
27.09.2014 08:09
see you in Spring valley on Oct 15th and 25th Rocket!
27.09.2014 12:18
Posted by admin
Jack off event for MEN only this sunday at the van nuys location from 3-6pm
27.09.2014 13:45
Posted by hrothgar2011
Re: Fantasy Island... who's going to play Herve Villachaize? Perhaps the film, "Forbidden Zone"(1980) which is definitely cult film material. Wiki URL
27.09.2014 14:58
Posted by Abbey-Christine
Abbey and I are getting ready and planning on being there tonite!!
27.09.2014 15:12
Posted by JustSimplyGene
date for tonight?
27.09.2014 15:40
Posted by ArborVitae
Y'all end September with a bang; I'll be there in spirit lol
27.09.2014 17:29
Posted by Erika_Simone
27.09.2014 17:29
Posted by Erika_Simone
27.09.2014 17:46
FANTASY ,, like list from ones that want filled , others sign up to help fill it 4 them ,,,like they sort did on tv show,,,
28.09.2014 04:07
Posted by admin
Any feedback about having the shuutle to Oxwood?
28.09.2014 11:55
Posted by Abbey-Christine
It was nice being able to park at the party then to be driven to the bar.
28.09.2014 11:55
Posted by Abbey-Christine
You could get a drink, dance some and then go back and get some cock lol
28.09.2014 12:02
i dont do clubs/drink ,[shuttle] only thing heard was no play there wasnt fun oxwood lol
28.09.2014 12:29
nice of admin doing this 4 everyone ,,
28.09.2014 13:03
Posted by Megan
Oxwood. not supposed to be a play place. It's just a glorified bar.
28.09.2014 14:26
Posted by boo_tran
and no fucking on the bus ! but if u do it anyway, "don't get caught" be quick and I'll bring a sub to lick up the mess lol
28.09.2014 15:49
Posted by admin
Cool...we are doing it again October 18th! Thsnks to Centerfold and Driving is a Drag for making it happen!
28.09.2014 15:50
Posted by admin
South Bay on Thursday: Oral Skills TGirl Party! Cash Prizes! "Lip Sync For Your Life Contest" "Erotic Banana Eating Contest" Come show off your Oral Skills and win some money!
28.09.2014 19:03
Posted by 13terrag
what should we call the new shuttle? the tranny transport ? the slutt bus ? gurls on wheels? the butt fuck express? the cocksucker mobile?
28.09.2014 21:26
Posted by Honey909
Anyone near highland Redlands want to bend me over? :)
28.09.2014 22:36
Posted by Raquel
can't wait for Thursday Iv been working this whole weekend :+(
29.09.2014 03:21
Posted by kaylathomas
anyone in the sfbay area?
29.09.2014 11:46
Posted by Lisalust
Any one in van nuys wanna play
29.09.2014 14:20
Posted by Megan
close to VN. Play yes.
29.09.2014 15:57
Posted by Raquel
I want to play
29.09.2014 16:25
Posted by Visitor
I'm in the 818 encino area looking for fun inbox me
30.09.2014 10:28
Posted by boo_tran
"kudos" on the new gift cards for girls idea! I feel like I am being buttered up for a coaster ride already. Wheee lol
30.09.2014 11:30
Posted by Gimmysumm69
Anyone in water brook apt. Wanna hook up? Inbox me!!!
30.09.2014 13:03
Posted by Megan
What gift cards??? Huh????
30.09.2014 14:06
Posted by alottafun
monday night football rubdiwn is great idea. Anybody have Bigscreen tv in LA wgo wants to hiats football parties?
30.09.2014 14:07
Posted by alottafun
who wants to host
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