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Soo bored, need to find entertainment ugh :/
27 minutes ago
I like anything out of the ordinary
an hour ago
All alone in Palm Springs. Let\'s play
2 hours ago
3 hours ago
TONIGHT! TGirl Tuesday at Hamburger Marys Long Beach! Party at the Best
5 hours ago
Just wanting to play..
6 hours ago
its tuesday
7 hours ago
Must be able to host. Room garage abandoned building, don't care
8 hours ago
In ie tonight. ;-) Hamburger Marys? ;-)
9 hours ago
Bored at at work. Hit me up to text.
10 hours ago
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SissyMangina · 29 days ago
Latest activity.
30 minutes ago
Nerdy brunette teen with tubesocks makes a masturbation sextape for her boyfriend. She sucks on her dildo and then sticks it in her wet shaved pussy, while she bounces her titties up and down.
4 hours ago
6 hours ago
8 hours ago
10 hours ago
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26.08.2014 19:34
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
I have just been informed that one of the last few people that I thought I could call a friend took every last stitch of closin and everything else that I had and tossed it all into a dumpster. I have nothing left but the clothes I am wearing & the contents of my purse. There is nothing left.
26.08.2014 19:35
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
*last stitch of clothing*
26.08.2014 20:17
Posted by 13terrag
yea that guys coment even offended me so you know it was bad
26.08.2014 20:18
Posted by 13terrag
my advice dont offend the gurls here they can get mean
26.08.2014 21:53
Posted by admin
I'm confirming my hostesses for Thurday in LA for our 20 dollar party. I have a few slots left.
27.08.2014 00:29
Posted by readyN4sureSD
super horny right now....anyone wanna play
27.08.2014 09:38
13terrag ,, i agree wit u comment ,,,,lol
27.08.2014 11:07
Posted by lonely4u41
its whack off wednesday you close tome invite me over hehehe
27.08.2014 12:12
Posted by SkyeNova
Hey guys i know it's already soon but want to keep it fresh. still looking for a place to live. :( please anything will help.
27.08.2014 13:58
Posted by admin
Thursday Night Hostesses: Music by DJAlottafun, Gigi, Kristina4U, Centerfold, SkyeNova, AmandaPattiCakes, BrandyLove, Barbara101, Kandy, and performances by Calypso.
27.08.2014 15:07
Posted by admin
The Vagina Talk Show has it's first celebrity guest host this week, Elle Chase, as well as our first sponsor,, free toys to the first people thru the door on Friday night. Very exciting.
28.08.2014 00:39
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
28.08.2014 01:26
Posted by CynDi_Lee
Thanks boys for the wonderful time at the IE party! I had a great time
28.08.2014 10:52
Posted by TSViking
I was on track for some good sleep and one of my great friends t girl stacylittterally walked in my place rite now to informe me we are hanging and getting crazy into the late hours..uggghhhh...ok i
28.08.2014 13:49
Posted by laynpipe
does anyone who attended the sd pizza party last week know who the sexy gurl running the web cam is..
28.08.2014 18:54
Posted by 13terrag
yes that was machelle lefem send her a dic pic
28.08.2014 20:27
LOL ... u need to go to a SD party !!!
28.08.2014 20:57
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
For a good time... rent a room to Jacquie Blu.
29.08.2014 04:28
Posted by ArborVitae
Was thinking about hitting up San Diego this Sunday for the Dodgers/Padres game, but I might be into something else that day. There's a slight possibility I'll be at the party Saturday though.
29.08.2014 08:02
Posted by 13terrag
that sounds great send michelle lefem a dic pic
29.08.2014 14:14
I have a Garret dick pic that I use when someone says they want to see one of mine ...
29.08.2014 14:51
Posted by Man_Whore
Hey anyone near Montebello able to Pick up BabyJ and bring her to the Van Nuys Party
29.08.2014 19:34
Posted by john
how are you ladies doing tonight
30.08.2014 10:14
30.08.2014 10:45
Posted by lonely4u41
let the holiday wkend begin anyone close by like massage nice suck you tgirl or hot couple close to north park and can host
30.08.2014 10:48
Posted by lonely4u41
can anyone match my horniness?? haha just a joke enjoy holiday everyone
30.08.2014 12:15
Posted by admin
HUGE NEWS! The South Bay Sex Addicts LAX Party RETURNS next Thursday night • Sept. 4th 9pm-2am! We need EVERYONE there!
30.08.2014 13:50
Posted by Kenner
seeking a ride to San Diego party , I live in downtown. A date for tonight would be even better.
30.08.2014 19:28
Posted by Kenner
still looking for a ride.
31.08.2014 08:45
Posted by Abbey-Christine
Hope everyone had fun and lots of sex at the LA and SD parties last nite!!!
31.08.2014 10:31
Posted by BlueDragon
bluedragon horny and looking for hit me back asap if you like to play..
31.08.2014 12:17
Posted by KevinOral760
Me and Devyn A.K.A tsviking will be going to the ie party later today, We'll see ya there
31.08.2014 12:28
Posted by cenncom
IE girl for now ?
31.08.2014 13:29
Posted by funblackman
going to i ie party today
31.08.2014 15:16
Posted by Raquel
I need the address
31.08.2014 20:35
Posted by scotty4709
Wow....IE party ws nice!!
31.08.2014 21:13
Posted by JustSimplyGene
any girls in L.A wanna meet up? bored on this long weekend
31.08.2014 21:27
Posted by lonely4u41
cock is nice and hard probably at jolars tomorrow cum on out!!
01.09.2014 03:38
Posted by ArborVitae
Nice time in the IE...Cyndi had a great time as well haha
01.09.2014 11:24
Posted by KevinOral760
Very nice party last night. Going to lay low till Friday for the glow stick party
01.09.2014 13:12
Posted by Panty-Boy
I would like to be with Lena CD fucking outdoors in Jamul
01.09.2014 13:37
Posted by miranda_mystic
Back in San Diego area, hit me up!! :-)
01.09.2014 14:11
Posted by Sweetnuts00
Chores are done, time for FUN YAY!!!!!! Hit me up ^_^
01.09.2014 19:05
Posted by admin
We need EVERYONE at the relaunching of the South Bay Sex Addicts party on Thursday night!
01.09.2014 19:36
Posted by Raquel
iam so horny lookin to play
01.09.2014 20:57
Posted by admin
If you are planning on going to LAX South Bay Sex Addicts Party on Thursday night please spread the word. Tell everyone. And post it on here. We need/want to have a huge party for our relaunch!
01.09.2014 23:10
Posted by Raquel
you got it babe hope ur all in well love ya hun
02.09.2014 01:42
Posted by mrmatt1999
lets get this cock sucked in IE..yes
02.09.2014 07:13
Posted by admin
Any men who attend the South Bay Sex Addicts Party near LAX this weekend will get a 3 month upgrade here on
02.09.2014 07:55
Posted by readyN4sureSD
good morning SD!! I hope everyone has a great day & remember try to make some1 else smile today.
02.09.2014 08:21
Posted by JustSimplyGene
I'll be in LAX party lol
02.09.2014 09:00
Posted by Lisalust
I wanna play dress up today. Can anyone host me
02.09.2014 10:54
watch out for Gene!!!! hehehehee
02.09.2014 12:33
Posted by miranda_mystic
if anyone that is heading to the LAX party Thursday that is going by way of Escondido and could pick me up and bring me there, i would be very grateful!!
02.09.2014 15:41
Posted by mrmatt1999
donde esta lax fiesta
02.09.2014 15:42
I use to use my points to add a free month membership and now i can not find how is done, can anyone help/
02.09.2014 17:30
Posted by hiya
looking for a daddy in oc for play this week.
02.09.2014 19:35
Posted by GARNET
Bored and horny!!!
02.09.2014 21:16
Posted by kosmo
you can no longer use points for memberships anymore
02.09.2014 21:17
Posted by kosmo
Looking for someone to help clean up at the end of thursday nights south bay party for free entrance email
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02.09.2014 23:34
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02.09.2014 23:32
luckywood007 has accepted a friend request from SBTOTALTOP
02.09.2014 23:31
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