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GARNET: ugh!! wish I could get a ride up to LAX!!!!!
2d ago
Jessicalkg4fun: Free the juice!
2d ago
Blondie: i tries, i do...
2d ago
Jessicalkg4fun: You are in too deep Blondie, you know too much...
CROd1583: @Garnet Where are you located, Im thinking of going up that way tonight
bigfefrn619: whos going to lax from san diego...i would like to carpool to have company and save on gas.
thedude111222: ooo, garnet was looking for a ride!
CROd1583: Who is all coming out tonight
TheWalrus: anyone in Riverside wanna hangout
GARNET: I am in El Cajon CROD
admin: we had 20 girls last thursday at LAX
Jessicalkg4fun: 20 is good right?
admin: yes
ArborVitae: Admin I can vouch for that...too bad I can't make it tonight. :(
Paulinarubia92: Hi everyone. I'm trying to go to tonight's event. Anyone down to carpool? HMU!
admin: the action is heating up in here at LAX
bigfefrn619: im sure its hot
24h ago
Polypenguin: Who's up?
20h ago
Blondie: only the sluts...
19h ago
Sancho: Any girls live in the antelope valley?
12h ago
terrychen47: It's hot here in Santa Monica. Can barely wear any clothes
11h ago
terrychen47: just posted a belfie right now haha
11h ago
terrychen47: i wish I could visit someone right now and let them have their way with me
11h ago
terrychen47: If you see the photo I posted right now. I literally just in panties. That's it. Haha
11h ago
DiamondCock69: Any cd or ts in the north Hollywood area wanna suck a cock?
10h ago
Blondie: They all want to suck cocks...
10h ago
Soulkiller: Hi
10h ago
thedude111222: anyone going to tranny strip LA tonight?
10h ago
ArborVitae: Terry I saw the picture mmm...;)
10h ago
terrychen47: @arbor - miss you boo. I texted it to you first before I uploaded it. Lol
9h ago
Leinad: Where's the Tranny strip in LA?
8h ago
BigThickJuicy: I'm in Culver City . Any sexy girl hosting and want my thick juicy cock?
7h ago
TonyTheTitan: 9 inch bbc top lookin 4 fun
7h ago
The_Dude_00: Who's going tonight ? Strong possibility that I may go .
7h ago
Blondie: Looks like i will...
5h ago
Jessicalkg4fun: What is Tranny Strip LA?
4h ago
Blondie: Is it the hoe stroll for gurls?
4h ago
The_Dude_00: A TG strip club , I thought it had closed down?
4h ago
Jessicalkg4fun: I know where the hoe stroll for gurls is no need to worry about that!
4h ago
Tonya: I'd like to know what exactly this Tranny Strip that I'm hearing about is and where it's at.
4h ago
Blondie: Id like to know where the hoe stroll is...
4h ago
Tonya: I think that's over on University Ave in North Park Blondie, I have a friend who's a tranny prostitute and she showed me were it is
4h ago
Blondie: Im not selling... Im donating...
4h ago
Tonya: She said I could make over $500 a night there
4h ago
Blondie: Jessica where do you know?
4h ago
Blondie: I heard on santa monica but where on there?
4h ago
Jessicalkg4fun: Santa Monica and Vine, or so i've heard
4h ago
Jessicalkg4fun: also some areas in DTLA were all the rage for working gurls a while back not sure if it's still going on.
4h ago
Tonya: So it's sort of like SRO but on the side of the road.
4h ago
Blondie: Whats SRO?
4h ago
Tonya: SRO is a bar here in San Diego that's somewhat has a reputation for the tranny whores to drum up business
4h ago
Blondie: nice...
4h ago
Tonya: I go there because it's the most convenient club near me, a mere 2 miles away from my apartment but I don't go to hook up with fucking johns
4h ago
Blondie: i prefer dicks to johns...
4h ago
Tonya: Johns have dicks
4h ago
Blondie: usually nothing to behold...
4h ago
Tonya: perhaps
4h ago
GENJONES1013: Blondie I wanna see your face
3h ago
Blondie: How baby
3h ago
Blondie: With a cock in it?
3h ago
Jessicalkg4fun: Inspirational quote of the day: Go out and be a hoe, it's a beautiful day!
3h ago
GENJONES1013: I want a face pic. Don't be scared Blondie! Let me see a face pic.
2h ago
Jessicalkg4fun: Blondie posted a face pic not too long ago, very sexy!
2h ago
Tonya: yeahH BABY
2h ago
Blondie: Gen if you take the pic i will post it...
2h ago
CloudyDave: The stroll used to be the Santa Monica & Western vicinity when I lived in LA. Kinda around the Tiki Theatre
2h ago
Blondie: Heading to the party
2h ago
Blondie: A small but very sexially active crowd...
59m ago
Jessicalkg4fun: Nice, keep sending updates. 😋
52m ago
Latest Status Messages
I'd like to take photos of any girls who like to model ;). Just for fun, you keep 'em!
- an hour ago
A ride to Reseda tonight 7-21-17
- 5 hours ago
I'll be out tonight. Probably walk the park for a while then SRO.
- 10 hours ago
Well it's been over 2 weeks and no msgs and nothing new. How Boring !
- 11 hours ago
TGIF, I'm free this weekend! Mmm what to do?
- 15 hours ago
Anyone like to meet up at a spa
- 15 hours ago
Kik me as well to meet and play kinkylatin4u is my kik too
- 16 hours ago
Fri. the 21st. It's a beach day, Yeah !!! Heading out to 5th st. dunes in Oxnard to do the Boys.text me at 808-937-0059 for directions.
- 17 hours ago
Can anyone remember the good old days at the Queen Mary club? The Lodge? Encounters? Oxwood wasn't bad.
- 23 hours ago
i'm going to be out in the LA area Saturday and Sunday for FYF fest, any ladies hosting in the mornings so I can cum before i go?
- Yesterday
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Get up for the downstroke (Everybody get up)
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