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BrookeLacie: Car troubles tonight. 😔 Maybe I'll make it out Sat to NoHo
4d ago
Sobayhung: Anyone still awake?
4d ago
SlingQueen: Had a blast tonight at LAX. A sling was set up there too tonight!! :-)
4d ago
The_Dude_00: What room is the sling in ?
4d ago
SlingQueen: Was in the first bigger bedroom on the right. might be gone next time tho
4d ago
The_Dude_00: That's a good spot , hope they bring it back
4d ago
jmanuel007: had fun today thank you!
4d ago
Thickblack03: I need some bomb head. Who's down?
4d ago
Vontavious: Can anyobe tell me who the hot black girl with the blond hair was ?
3d ago
jasonlast19888: anyone free today in the van nuys or sylmar area to hang out on my lunch break at 12
3d ago
Wildnwonderfull28: Headed to reseda tonight kik me if your Wana chat wildnwonderfull28
3d ago
Jessica_Starr: I need a couch to surf
3d ago
JamieLovesMEN: is the saturday night club going tomorrow night?
3d ago
algo6: Whos going tonight? Anyone in the OC area need a ride?
3d ago
SlingQueen: @JamieLovesMen... yes a rare Saturday night at the NoHo location
3d ago
kg6mvl: anyone want to play please im me
3d ago
Stella420: NoHO :D thinking of going :p
3d ago
Chri5104: I think I'm going to my first party tonight in Reseda. Anyone else plan on being there?
3d ago
Michelle_la_femme: uh oh .. star studded cast lining up for Sat night!
3d ago
Michelle_la_femme: ..should be a great party.
3d ago
The_Dude_00: Not feeling it today , most likely I'll show up tomorrow , and make Noho a Yes ho.
3d ago
fixthatbug: Darn feeling left out wish their were more parties in san diego
3d ago
jose3103: Fixthatbug... come over to L.A and have some fun
3d ago
fixthatbug: Wish I could really too far of a drive
3d ago
Kevintonguejedi: Going to chill tonight. But tomorrow night is no ho party. Going to be fun.
3d ago
ts_violeta15: Im going to the party tonight. Are people going?
3d ago
ts_violeta15: Whos going?
3d ago
ts_violeta15: What time is the best to get there?
3d ago
olblue: Anyone looking for a ride from the LA area?
3d ago
Wildnwonderfull28: I'm going prob round 930-10
3d ago
ArborVitae: Staying home tonight...but it's looking like a NoHo might be the place tomorrow!
3d ago
GENJONES1013: im drunk, horny and I want to have fun now. hmu
3d ago
Crazyload: Any Ladies playful tonight
3d ago
Crazyload: Leaving reseda with no luck.. sad
3d ago
Crazyload: Heding over 14 fwy area if im lucky ill find some sexts to play with
3d ago
Crazyload: *Sexy ts to play with
3d ago
Sancho: I wish there was some sexy girls that lI've done in the antelope valley
2d ago
GinaBeMine: Good morning everyone happy weekend drive safe play safe love carelessly :D
2d ago
Sancho: Oops I ment I wish there was sexy girls that lived in the antelope valley
2d ago
Comingovertoyou: Good morning, I will Ben heading to irvine today :)
2d ago
Comingovertoyou: Might attend my first party tonight :) omg
2d ago
Jay2016: gm everyone
2d ago
BBC_Muscle1: Reseda got crackin towards the 12 o clock area #happy
2d ago
Jay2016: hello everyone who is going to the party tonite ?
2d ago
The_Dude_00: Hopefully I am
2d ago
mimi4youxo2: CD hoping to make it tonight still waiting on addy and password xo
2d ago
fixthatbug: Is their anyone in san diego that wants to go and carpool
2d ago
Colombian_papi: Going to noho club tonight. Any gurls need a ride in LA area message me
2d ago
admin: Noho party tonight!
2d ago
keithrstone: as a guy will wearing street clothes look really out of place?
2d ago
Wildnwonderfull28: Noho tonight :) kik me if u Wana chat maybe late night wildnwonderfull28
2d ago
SergtheScurg: Anyone girl in L.A. need a ride? Looking to save cash lol
2d ago
SlingQueen: Oxwood for me tonight
2d ago
admin: It's a packed house here in north Hollywood. I fee bad for all who can't make it
2d ago
DiamondCock69: I'm horny
2d ago
ArborVitae: Had a blast at NoHo damn
hotxxxdresser: OH YEAH i got fucked real good at the club tonight then again at home by the dude he gave it to me oh so very good
algo6: anyone wanna hang?
aNasty760: been to noho club once I need to go back pretty soon :)
Michelle_la_femme: way to go Dude !
SlingQueen: Oxwood was lame should have gone to noho. Oh well
Crazyload: Hello sling
Crazyload: I missed the noho shindig as well
GARNET: ugh!! no fun this weekend!!!
22h ago
Crazyload: Anyone playful in av, scvx or sfv area. I am
21h ago
jose5353: anyone close to east LA?
19h ago
Aperence: How's reseda 2night?
16h ago
SlingQueen: And the winner for best Crossdresser sissy porn movie goes to.... Clittyland
7h ago
jasonlast19888: lookingvto drain some cock in van nuys /sylmar today at 12 on my lunch break
5h ago
Sobayhung: Guido
5h ago
gtest16: In whittier today and looking something fun. Any ideas
5h ago
Sobayhung: I mean hiii =)
5h ago
Sobayhung: Hi babe, what's shakin?
5h ago
Freddysessions: SAN DIEGO Hot Top Looking for Ladies who need some TLC and The C stands for Cock!!!! Hit me up with phone # Hosting All Day
4h ago
Davidp20: Hey kristina4u
2h ago
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FYI i'm not hostessing this sunday
- 5 hours ago
Hello Canoga Park. Now I am her newest resident
- 15 hours ago
Anyone down to chat tonight bored and looking for some fun, come talk at the chat room
- 18 hours ago
[email protected] 3/3
- 20 hours ago
Studio's in Las Vegas Now has Sissy Training Center on Bottom floor(Where Else). Strap your Sissy into Rotary "Training Cage" 500.
- Yesterday
Looking for a room!
- Yesterday
Who's zoomin' who?
- Yesterday
Another day in paradise
- Yesterday
any ladies want to chat? In LA right now. Thanks!
- 2 days ago
Ohh I luv Hartland St N. Hollywd partys ! any Gurlz goin' ?
- 2 days ago
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