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calikaren1: I can host discreetly this evening from &:00 PM To a little before 10:00 PM. I live near the LAX party location in Hawthorne.
3d ago
Amanda69: Going gay bar hopping in Palm Springs tonight with my two gurlfriends, we are going to have so much fun!
3d ago
cal-Monica: Getting excited about going to LAX to night
3d ago
calikaren1: Just got pounded by a young stud. First time since December.
3d ago
kinkysecret: Horny as fuck in Azusa
3d ago
Juztme310: How is the party in LAX looking? I should be there by 11
3d ago
admin: party is starting off good. 6 girls here for the first 30 mins
3d ago
Lola: LolaRennet add me on kik ;)
3d ago
420guy909: Anyone else bored and horny near ontario?
3d ago
Megan: bored...yes. horny...of course. near ontario...sadly not
2d ago
Chri5104: story of my life megan lol
2d ago
ItsBetterwithRope: Bored and horny in Glendale/valley
2d ago
Megan: Rope...why you nvr answer your PM?
2d ago
Kevintonguejedi: Going up to Reseda. With a friend from sd. Her first time. See ya there
2d ago
sexyvids: LA area?
2d ago
Megan: yes LA. Kevin...friend sure to have fun time
2d ago
420guy909: Hmmm to go to the party, or to go clubbin... Cant decide what to do tonight
2d ago
Megan: the party IS at a no decisions required
2d ago
esedavid: whats up anyone in th3 818
2d ago
xploring: anyone have an outfit i can borrow?
2d ago
juicyblackcock69: Well there's the party and then there's Oxwood so good luck with the decision, 420guy. I've done both before. :)
2d ago
The_Dude_00: I want to go tonight , back med killed my cock along with the pain . So don't if I"d function ?
2d ago
GARNET: boredddd and no where to go. wishing I was going to Reseda!!
2d ago
Ginabubblebutt: Reseda is too small to make all the work i have to do and drive. Forget it ! *unless you convince me. hehe*
2d ago
Laura: it'd Friday and I'm feeling gay.
2d ago
Sandiegofan1: San Diego here hit me up
2d ago
420guy909: Fuck it party it is
2d ago
Rey_men4: Palm Springs area anyone?
2d ago
Dollface13: Anyone in San Diego looking for a dom
2d ago
BillySmoke858: Anyone going to WEHO Party Apr 1?
2d ago
The_Dude_00: I've never never flaked on anyone before , but this time my credit card, didn't work, and couldn't get gas , still feel like a dick for having to cancel :(
2d ago
admin: Good party tonight in reseda
2d ago
Andiluv45: San Diego ts here
2d ago
ArborVitae: Great time in Reseda
2d ago
xploring: anyone around today?
2d ago
cal-Monica: Any girls going to SRO tonight
2d ago
Sancho: What's SRO?
2d ago
gina212189: Shout out to Amanda69 and Christie Cosmos for a fabulous girls nite out in Palm Springs this past week . Had a blast
gina212189: Standing room only . Bar in SD
ItsBetterwithRope: Any cool people in the Glendale 818 area
Sancho: Oh thanks for he info gina
GARNET: Thads tonight, woot!!! Omg I need the jacuzzi!!!
kinkysecret: need some play times tonight...any gurls near la/sgv?
alexxxawhore: I need cock so bad any1 i west. hollywood. Cd, tg, Couple..
Kevintonguejedi: Be safe everyone. I ll be at work. Overtime is busy during spring time.
kinkysecret: Any girls down for anything?
24h ago
Amanda69: Oh my God sweetie that was so much fun! Let's do it again soon :)
18h ago
DildoParty: @Garnet: How was Thad's? I've never been before.
15h ago
GARNET: Its fun!! I enjoyed the jacuzzi!! which was my sole purpose of going!! :)
14h ago
xploring: anyone hosting this young slut?
13h ago
PeggySue: Today's pics go out to the brace & handsome man who met me in partial PeggySue mode.
12h ago
PlaymateXXX: Well, got flaked on again. Guess I'll grab lunch
11h ago
ItsBetterwithRope: What a wonderful day to 69. I can host
9h ago
Charli8e: Who wants to hang out tonight
7h ago
89flyguy: And ladies or couples going to be in Reseda tonight?
7h ago
alexxxawhore: There is nothing going on in Reseda. Tonight
6h ago
89flyguy: Yeah I just noticed 😅
6h ago
Theworld2337: anyone in CO?
6h ago
SlingQueenCD: Handsome studs in LA : slingqueencd is my KIK. xoxo
5h ago
JessicaTS: Hi!! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! xoxo
4h ago
Alchen420: Anyone that can help me with my makeup and wants to go to the SD April 8th party together? Kik is alchen420
2h ago
newbee: who want to come fuck me now!!! $_$
13m ago
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Say hi to me.
- 9 minutes ago
Any one that can help with my makeup and wants to go to the SD party on April 8th together let me know.
- an hour ago
Handsome studs in LA : slingqueencd is my KIK. xoxo
- 5 hours ago
I need a good bad..
- 6 hours ago
For your masterbation
- 7 hours ago
I wanna come to your place and get dressed like a slut and do bad things
- 8 hours ago
Going to be in Anaheim from 3-30 to 4-2 by the convention center.
- 9 hours ago
anyone in SD want to have fun looking to fuck and get fucked looking for now today
- 12 hours ago
I have consoladiated my Photos to make Viewing Easy, You can see more photos in 1 Album instead of having to change Albums, Saves Time XXXOO
- 13 hours ago
HORNY this morning
- 14 hours ago
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Say hi to me.
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norinrad is now friends with SexualHealing
I'm goldie gurl from sugar hill, never worked and never will...
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naomi1970 is now friends with Daisy_DP
Anyone know how to get a lifetime account back if it was deleted?
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suzycd is now friends with tinalacd
Lets Dress Up and Play!
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mixelmishel added 2 new photos to album mixelmishel's photos
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AmberCall info
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PeggySue commented on a photo
It's the Queen and your ship is behind you!!!!! Your one Sexxy and wild woman.
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Any one that can help with my makeup and wants to go to the SD party on April 8th together let me know.
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AmberCall is now friends with cdjenn69
Looking to meet new friends and hangout!!
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kaylathomas is now friends with cindie69me
Who is down for making me there sissy cum slut
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