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i would love to find a tgurl near by.
2 minutes ago
Now....Sunday in San Diego or at IE???? Choices, choices...Friday in LA for sure....
6 hours ago
Hi all send me a msg I can't view profiles because I'm new here
6 hours ago
Today's Party was ok. Some one put their fingers up my ass though, I didn't like that. Ruined the fun for me.
8 hours ago
Trying to decide what to share.
8 hours ago
Gonna TRY to make a party this weekend...have some transportation problems I've gotta deal with...
9 hours ago
Who wants to make me there maid servent also into forced feminization
9 hours ago
strappy panties on sale at VS starting tomorrow! $6 a piece!
9 hours ago
Going to be in San Diego 7/28 - 7/30 and hosting
9 hours ago
Iam on a Note 3 phone now, can\'t get into chat :( I need some attention :) xoxo
10 hours ago
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kids, we all know that criminals are everywhere.  mostly they are
TommyLola · 10 days ago
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17.07.2014 08:58
Posted by miranda_mystic
I'll be on vacation out of state for a few weeks..see ya'll in August
17.07.2014 10:38
Posted by vivnLB
anyone going to the lax party tonight?
17.07.2014 11:21
Posted by sober1707
looking to play 818 857 7296
17.07.2014 13:35
Posted by latinkak
whos down to go to LAX hmu im in OC
17.07.2014 14:23
Posted by Mr_Sinister
would be awesome to get laid today
17.07.2014 15:41
have fun Miranda! shout out to Danika for sexing up the pizza party and special thx to Devyn for a fun night!
17.07.2014 18:16
Posted by KevinOral760
And hope you all have fun toinight at LAX going to sit this one out and do local stuff this time around SD.
18.07.2014 02:25
Posted by vivnLB
lisacd is the real deal! great gal,
18.07.2014 03:36
Posted by admin
Viv, did she buy you a box of 16 hamburgers like I did?!?! You're making me jealous! lol Love ya!
18.07.2014 07:48
Posted by admin
The Vagina Talk Show Opens Tonight at Club Sex Addict in Van Nuys! • You can buy tickets at • Use promo code CSA for half-price tickets! • For tonight only If you buy a ticket to The Vagina Talk Show online or at the door before the show you can get into the Glo Stick Sex Party for only 20 dollars. Seating is extremely limited so buy now!
18.07.2014 09:13
Posted by vivnLB
18.07.2014 09:51
Posted by RachelMichaels
Haha yea, should have said 'horizontal seating is limited, so be bi now'
18.07.2014 09:58
Posted by Laura
i hate banks.
18.07.2014 10:41
Posted by Abbey-Christine
Don't forget August 9th is International Swingers Day!!!
18.07.2014 10:48
Posted by admin
Every day is swingers day at USA. I miss my Abbey and Christine.
18.07.2014 11:07
their vaginas may talk , but i talk outta my ass all the time!
18.07.2014 11:24
Posted by Becky
I'd love THAT conversation face to face!
18.07.2014 12:28
Posted by Dana_Danger
You think that vagina is talking now. Just wait until she finds out he's a chaser. Then it will be a screaming VJ. lol
18.07.2014 15:34
Posted by funblackman
Going to the party tonight it been two weeks sence last party
18.07.2014 20:33
hi Dana! dam Thomas wish i was goin too!
19.07.2014 08:58
Posted by Abbey-Christine
Ronnie ... Abbey and I are planning on being at Saturday's party!! Cum and visit us!!
19.07.2014 17:39
Posted by guy07
anyone need a ride to the party? let me know
19.07.2014 23:44
Posted by JessN
Looking for a date to the Sunday IE party. Should be good since everyone will stop in on their way back from Pride.
20.07.2014 02:49
Posted by boo_tran
Hi World :)
20.07.2014 03:06
Posted by JessN
omg Boo, where have you been??
20.07.2014 04:58
Posted by admin
Such a sweet note: "Hello there! I'm a young cross dresser from Santa Barbara county who luckily came across your ads! Id like to inquire about this dream come true. Im willing to drive over 3 hours to the inland empire event just to be apart of this amazing experience. I've been looking for people who won't judge my inner sex addict woman. I'm hoping I'm not too late to attend for this afternoon!"
20.07.2014 07:22
Posted by admin
The Vagina Talk Show I hosted on Friday was truly fascinating. I learned so much. And just like snowflakes no two are alike. We do it again next Friday night at 8pm. For 20 dollar tix go to and use promo code: CSA
20.07.2014 09:07
Posted by boo_tran
I am in North Dakota working the Bakken oil fields. it's lonely stressful and tiring but I make 3 to 500 bucks a day up here and the weather is nice this time of year. I am going to drive 1700 miles to live out my fantasies at USA as soon as I bank enough for a sweet vacation in LA. Just got a Note 3 phone and I can't chat so I thought to drop in here and say Hi to everyone. I miss So California, I actually dream about it in my sleep. One day I'll get to a party. There's no place like So California, hope everyone is having a great summer xoxo
20.07.2014 09:16
Posted by Abbey-Christine
Awesome time last nite!! Thanks to Ronnie and those that keep the parties going!! Us sex addicts really love them!!!!
20.07.2014 12:06
Posted by BBH39
Hey whatsup all im
20.07.2014 12:06
Posted by BBH39
new :)
20.07.2014 12:06
Posted by BBH39
and curious ;)
20.07.2014 14:54
Posted by 13terrag
IM old and un interested
20.07.2014 18:47
Posted by TSdevyn
Another great weekend here in the SD nightlife with the added fun of being Pride weekend..and of course ending with the sexy after parties at my place..and i even managed to get a 5 hour strait permanent smile on sweet glad he enjoyed himself as we enjoyed him ;)...damm that boy is a lover!!!!
21.07.2014 08:00
Posted by readyN4sureSD
hello & good morning every1
21.07.2014 08:17
Posted by readyN4sureSD
so where's all my SD ppl at.
21.07.2014 12:50
Posted by Sweetnuts00
Fuck yeah. Who would like a date to the wednesday party ^_^, It's been too long since I've gotten to go to one.
21.07.2014 15:17
Posted by Laura
dealing with being unemplyed again and bored, looking to talk to people and stuff
21.07.2014 17:52
Posted by jthmes
hi Laura
21.07.2014 17:53
Posted by jthmes
Looking forward to my first party on Wednesday. Is 2 o'clock too late to show up?
21.07.2014 20:53
Posted by psdevin
I hope not that would be a short party! See ya there ;)
22.07.2014 08:49
Posted by laynpipe
anyone in north county sd want to hang out
22.07.2014 09:45
there's action during the whole party wed! seeu there !
22.07.2014 10:18
Posted by laynpipe
any sexy ladies from sd
22.07.2014 16:51
Posted by jthmes
Cool. looking forward to meeting some fun new friends
23.07.2014 00:15
Posted by barberboy
23.07.2014 00:50
Posted by barberboy
i wanna play
23.07.2014 07:53
if u wanna play cum to the party today!
23.07.2014 08:07
Posted by jthmes
see you there
23.07.2014 09:33
Posted by azeplin
wahts the address
23.07.2014 11:01
ill be there right around noon .. maybe 12 15 lol
23.07.2014 11:26
Posted by Laura
Getting ready for the party!
23.07.2014 12:57
Posted by for_nsa_fun
anyone in sfv wanna to have a JO sesh?
23.07.2014 13:44
Posted by CynDi_Lee
No IE partycam' today, internet at the club is down again.
23.07.2014 15:14
Posted by SexyMadAsian
It is hot in San Diego!! Cum out Sunday and jump in the pool!!!
23.07.2014 16:36
Posted by azeplin
awesome party today hot gilrs
23.07.2014 20:56
thx to everyone that made it a fun party today! xoxo
23.07.2014 21:30
Posted by LindsayB
Anyone camming right now?
23.07.2014 22:10
Posted by psdevin
awesome party today :D can't wait till the next one
24.07.2014 02:26
Posted by VIPR
IE Party was great!! Still having little gag reflex :)
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24.07.2014 07:09
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24.07.2014 07:09
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