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Kevintonguejedi: Kevin invites you to the [Ronnies Playhouse] group on BAND, the app used to efficiently manage groups and communities. Your group is waiting for you!
2d ago
tocckscker: it was kind of educational for me...😎
2d ago
TonyTheTitan: 9 inch bbc top in van Nuys lookin for fun
2d ago
xemico: I think the shoebox is a good forum to the lost chat rooms
2d ago
OcLa123: Any girls bored message me
2d ago
readyN4sureSD: Awful day hopefully the night gets better
2d ago
The_Dude_00: I'm in , just joined the band group
2d ago
admin: cosmo invites you to the [Ronnies Playhouse] group on BAND, the app used to efficiently manage groups and communities. Your group is waiting for you!
2d ago
random45898: Anyone near Arcadia right now?
Amanda69: The wig and eye makeup are the two biggest things when transforming, the eyes take a lot of practice and patience, and don't try to apply when drunk! The wig is the crowning touch, so to speak, I'm just a guy with makeup until that wig goes on, then I'm Amanda. If you can, get a high quality wig, it's well worth it. As far as makeup goes, experiment, practice and then practice some more and watch a lot of youtube videos.
eager: Thanks, Amanda! I've been watching tons of youtube. OK, got the makeup. Wait. Foundation? What's that? Oh, there is primer too. I'm not a car! Then there is contouring. Then the eyes. Then the lips. Cal-monica was right. This isn't an overnight snap-of-the-fingers project and it does take a lot of time and money to do it right. Did someone mention clothes? OMG, is it worth it?
monicaterra: Ahh! Closet sissy emergency! trapped in car driving around aimlessly because I have nowhere to take makeup off and change clothes so roomie doesn't see D:
eager: Amanda, one more thing. The eyes. That is what I'm most concerned about and what I wish to do the best. There is special stuff for the eyes, like foundation, and a lot of blending. All of this really is trying to paint a work of art. Fascinating, and I admire anyone that can do it.
bennychurch: I have a long distance girlfriend who has asked me to find a TS or CD who will fuck my mouth and give me a facial. We can do all sorts of other things too as long as in the end I have a video of you cumming on my face that I can send to her. Anyone interested?
Blondie: Will your girlfriend confirm this?
bennychurch: Sure.
bennychurch: I'll have her make a video explaining what she wants to see or if she is free she could boss us around over the phone or video chat.
Blondie: no, a prior unscripted phone call will suffice...
Blondie: then i will splooge all over your sissy face
BB88: Upload the vid once the task at hand is completed! :P
Lawren: Yuk!
Amanda69: Hi eager, eye shadow and liner as well as mascara all take practice. I suggest doing your mascara first then shadow, eye brow pencil and liner last. You can also experiment with false eye lashes but what a pain in the ass to put on! I tried self adhesive type and had some success. They make a huge difference if you can get them on and not have them fall off in the middle of sex. As far as makeup, getting the foundation color correct is the important thing, you can try using a stubble concealer first but it's very important to save as close as possible without cutting up your face. I also use a little lipstick as blush and then when finished, I spray hairspray all over my face to set it all. final touch is a nice quality lipstick.
Amanda69: Make sure you put makeup on your neck as well and it's all blended well, don't want to look blotchy.
Dombdsm13: Any subs attending the party Thursday
Amanda69: I also have some tips if you shave your crotch area and get razor rash and ingrown hairs. Let me know if anybody is interested.
BB88: I'm interested in those tips! I hate razor burn :/
Amanda69: Get some Mitchum roll on antiperspirant and apply to the areas you get razor rash, especially in the creases. I put all over my butt and where cheeks meet back of thighs especially in your crack, rub it in good. I'll do this in the morning and before bed. I'll also rub in some cortisone cream afterwards, you can get a four pack at Costco. Make sure you're using a fresh razor and some good shave cream. Hope this helps
eager: What is the difference between a "slutfest" and any other party?
Megan: The BIGest slut Michelle hostess's it
Blondie: No difference at all...
24h ago
Megan: Band dosent seem to be able to fing that group. i've tried all diff combos....ZIP/NADA/Zilch
23h ago
eager: Worked for me, Megan. I signed into Band first and then pasted the link into a new tab. It opened it.
23h ago
Michelle_la_femme: and i try to encourage as much " sluttiness" as possible lol! hopefully we'll move it back to a saturday night at the new venue soon .....
23h ago
eager: So that is the Michelle they speak so highly of, the pretty one that always hangs out in the top right hand corner. If I can get makeup halfway there I'm going to try to make it on the 20th.
23h ago
Megan: and we all love her too.
23h ago
Megan: tnx eager. IDK why band couldnt find it in it's own search box. Just another fk'd up deal.
23h ago
eager: Maybe it's hidden and you have to have the link. Glad you got in.
23h ago
Megan: i was logged in(finally). but their search box was worthless. pvt or not it should have come up under the R'sP name and at least said pvt invite required
22h ago
amandapatticakes: In freak in unbelievable had 3 guys diff .times from believe it or not cl show up last not in rv .,very late nit ..yes I'm back playing .,,,cool I got twenty year old kid cute ,super nice .going join USA site member ,,,goodddddd night yahoo
22h ago
Megan: congrats amanda. welCum back to site!
22h ago
Megan: and parties too hon.
22h ago
Dlowlatino: I'm jealous Amanda
21h ago
Digumgud: Anyone need a good pounding near long beach?
17h ago
Tonya: Can't find the band group, perhaps invites should be sent by the band group leaders
16h ago
The_Dude_00: Copy and paste Kevin's link
16h ago
Tonya: I tried that, even with my phone it didn't work.
15h ago
Tonya: It worked on my 'puter, couldn't get in with my phone
15h ago
Jessicalkg4fun: 😇
14h ago
TheShyHammer: Anyone up for some FUNNN
14h ago
PeggySue: The trick to putting on false lashes. Put mascara on first. Then glue on the falsies. Then more mascara. The new Lancôme "Big" mascara works wonderfully.
13h ago
Delilah_tv: Use wig glue instead of eyelash glue. Sticks better, cheap, doesn't sweat off, removes easy.
13h ago
Rulanate: Anybody wna have some fun with me?
12h ago
Luckywood007: Somebody cum suck me
12h ago
readyN4sureSD: Just left waiting w/ my dick in my hand -_-
12h ago
eager: PeggySue, I wish you were close enough to educate me. we could play during recess.
6h ago
PeggySue: Practice makeup. You can buy makeup now at Dollar Tree. For $10 you can get a decent supply and practice. Save the expensive stuff for when you go out.
5h ago
eager: thanks!
4h ago
amandapatticakes: Dam. ,how doors one change info in profile?? Dam if can figure out how lol
2h ago
Blondie: its a tricky maneuver amanda... but if you dont get it done by the weekend i can help you in person...
2h ago
Blondie: if youre on Band or Kik, i can show you in pictures... my words alone are insufficient to describe the process...
2h ago
Michelle_la_femme: anyone interested in becoming a slutty t girl i can help you early sunday evening , pay the donation and i can supply you with a wig and makeup
2h ago
Blondie: can you help me to become a SLUTTIER tgurl? i already have a wig & make-up...
2h ago
Blondie: i especially need assistance with the elusive eye make-up...
2h ago
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Enjoying San Diego: Mission Valley
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Think I'll go out this morning. Find someone to give me a facial.
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Anybody want to have some fun with me? Have a room at the indigo
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Horny in Pali. Can't sleep
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insanely horny - where are all the girls at?
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I want to get a room, put the room number online and let guys just come in one after another and fuck all night. Ohhhh yesssss!
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Any one up for hanging out tonight? Who loves bbc hit me up 3232470116
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blah, lonely out here...
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[email protected]:)Saturday19th
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More sex as Marilyn Monroe than Marilyn Monroe.
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What's everyone doing for New Year's Eve tonight?
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*Update - Admin deleted my picture that he stole, plus at least 3 other pictures. I'm guessing those belonged to other members here. You're welcome. :)
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