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2 hours ago
Recovery coming along, still tire easily, lost 45 pounds and eating a lot less. Thanx for the thoughts & Prayers.
4 hours ago
6 hours ago
Who is going to Saturday's party? Seems like fun!
6 hours ago
Hey everyone, who\'s up to play in the IE w/Me??
7 hours ago
Looking for other tgirls & CDs to play with
7 hours ago
Who's going to the van nuys party the Saturday really want. To go I'm kind of shy
9 hours ago
Can someone take me tonight? I'm in Anaheim
10 hours ago
a ride? Per chance?
12 hours ago
can get away after 1am tonight (5/21)
13 hours ago
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BiancaLeRue · 17 days ago
Latest activity.
an hour ago
7 hours ago
8 hours ago
9 hours ago
13 hours ago
17 hours ago
18 hours ago
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09.05.2015 18:35
Posted by Centerfold
I hate Slutfest ...nothing but a bunch of sluts go to it
09.05.2015 18:38
ok CF we'll play with you ....
09.05.2015 19:01
Posted by Raquel
I'll play with you
09.05.2015 19:21
sounds like an orgy is brewing ...
09.05.2015 20:10
Posted by Lena
orgy sounds funn
10.05.2015 03:01
Posted by ginacd
Had a great time at slutfest! You are such a great host Michelle :)
10.05.2015 05:08
Posted by admin
She's the hostess with the mostess.
10.05.2015 15:41
Posted by vivnLB
Pity fucks, and pity head is not cool,! My poor friend :(
10.05.2015 17:52
Posted by JanetJane
cmon sd folks even phillip rivers was at the last game. . . LET'S GO CLIPPERS LET'S GO!
10.05.2015 21:48
anyone in SD want to meet and hang out? I'm 25years old and bi curious
10.05.2015 22:48
Posted by Badzmaru04
I'm selling a coach orginal 100$ its leather message me I'm your o
10.05.2015 22:48
Posted by Badzmaru04
interatated message me
11.05.2015 09:19
thx Gina- was great seein ya there again! xoxo
12.05.2015 12:58
Posted by admin2
The BBW parties are fun, and Garnet, go to profile, then connections. Your blocked people are on the righthand tab, click that and then you can unblock whoever you blocked.
12.05.2015 19:38
Posted by GARNET
they keep saying I have them blocked and I don't. I know how to unblock but I suck at giving directions lol. so at least now someone posted it for me. btw ty!!!
14.05.2015 01:43
Posted by Codybryant27
Selling a Xbox one
14.05.2015 08:35
Posted by BabyJLatinCD
I'm going to LAX party. Looking for Gurl/gurl hot sex. I'm so friggen horny. Any gurls want to play?
14.05.2015 12:40
Posted by brasilbby
I'M GOGO DANCING TONIGHT IN SAN DIEGO, looking to get frisky!!!!!!
14.05.2015 15:12
Posted by DesiHavabrudda
Looking for a ride to the LAX party tonight. Anyone available?
14.05.2015 19:02
Off work tomorrow. I need a booty call in the morning
15.05.2015 01:35
Posted by readyN4sureSD
I really would like to go to the bbw party this weekend, 1st time . Date ladies??
15.05.2015 14:54
Posted by GARNET
thads tonight. bbw party tomorrow night!! see everyone at the party!!
15.05.2015 19:39
Posted by boo_tran
I want to go to a party tonight or tomorrow, can't go to both. Somebody help me pick one xoxo
15.05.2015 19:58
Posted by ginacd
OMG Boo you going on a week I cant go! xoxo
16.05.2015 11:40
Posted by GARNET
Yay for tonight! Lady Stark and I are hosting the spring valley anything but clothes BBW party!! hope to have some fun!!!
16.05.2015 15:21
Posted by boo_tran
Hope everyone is going to Van Nuys tonight, I am xoxo slurp slurp lol
16.05.2015 15:28
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
Anyone around the downtown Long Beach area need a date to the VN party tonight? Text me. (619) 602-3059
16.05.2015 17:35
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
Join my Yahoo Group. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/jacquie_blu/info
16.05.2015 18:43
Posted by GARNET
thads was awesome last night. whacked my knee in the shower while getting in a bit ago. it throbs like hell!!
16.05.2015 20:05
Posted by Raquel
Ginacd you going to Van Nuys tonight
16.05.2015 21:10
Posted by readyN4sureSD
everyone plz b curtsies of Garnet's knees tonight. I hope I get to make it tonight it'd b my 1st time!!!
16.05.2015 22:26
Posted by COSTAS
Going to the SD party tonight. I'm hoping to play with some trannies tonight. I'm on the hunt!!
16.05.2015 22:39
Posted by ginacd
Not in town Raquel. Are you going?
17.05.2015 01:37
Posted by readyN4sureSD
missed another party ????
17.05.2015 15:09
Posted by GARNET
the bbw party was good. everyone was friendly. I guarded the door for some friends while co hosting lol. knee still throbs like crazy
17.05.2015 15:11
Posted by GARNET
Oh!!!! I will be up in Northridge for a week!! I am heading up there tonight with my gf and staying with her. it's been a while!!! :)
17.05.2015 20:32
Posted by boo_tran
I can host tonight only including late night in Culver City. I really need some dick and a blow job xoxo
18.05.2015 00:26
Posted by ArborVitae
I'm back from Las Vegas!
18.05.2015 01:33
Posted by readyN4sureSD
so I think I'm done trying to date! ladies I love u but damn!!! help me help u hahaha. instead of dating I think I'm just gonna go for "sex" may sound rude but I prefer to b honest which is what ppl what but can't handle. OK sorry vent for the night
18.05.2015 07:32
Posted by BabyJLatinCD
I want a 3some 2 gurls and a guy to fuck us both/ you host please
18.05.2015 15:14
i hope to see all my sexy SD area friends at the pool/pizza party this Wed!
18.05.2015 16:13
Posted by boo_tran
Any pretty subs or doms want some big thick cock at Motel 6 tonight in San Dimas ? I am taking on a few of them tonight in my room and would love to have some girls for blow duty . I'll return the favor and these cocks are hand picked by yours truly. Very nice looking cocks and real meaty. This is for tonight only ! [email protected]
18.05.2015 20:25
Posted by honeybunns909
im starting to remember why i havent been here fo awhile the site is a memory hog if we just had the option to turn off things like the banners we would have more space to injoy are membership and chat and have fun
18.05.2015 20:43
Posted by boo_tran
I got to blow a girl in a booth at Van Nuys over the weekend. It's fun being a cock sucker around here :)
18.05.2015 21:26
Posted by honeybunns909
if you want to party have sex get the best sucking around cuz i dont blow unless you have a flat then all you do is stop wishing and check your priorities
19.05.2015 16:26
Posted by Mitsu
Thinking about getting some breast forms any tips on what I should look for?
20.05.2015 09:38
the pizza party is all about the action! see u there!
20.05.2015 13:11
Posted by Paulasdtv
someone just posted on Craig's the address and pass code for the parry. The post said they were going to call the cops
20.05.2015 15:12
Posted by BabyJLatinCD
anyone going to LAX party?
20.05.2015 16:49
Posted by DesiHavabrudda
LAX tomorrow anyone going?
20.05.2015 17:28
Re.: the posting by Paulasdtv ==> hard for me to believe that the "cops" wud have any legal basis to do anything, since the party is both private ( requiring a password ) AND has real rules as well, also - the CL people are mosly morons anyway - full of B-S !
20.05.2015 20:13
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
Who needs a date for tomorrow night's party?
20.05.2015 21:09
wish i cud view your profile Ms. "Jacquie_Blu" - as - U sound a-bit "French" too ! :-) but - I am a new-freebee member and can't view your profile, so- if U happen to get this and wish to send me an e-mail with yur pics & stats then feel-free ==> it's a long e-mail so best to copy & paste it for accuracy ==> [email protected]
21.05.2015 12:57
Posted by for_nsa_fun
I hate being horny and not being able to find someone to busy jo with :(
21.05.2015 12:58
Posted by for_nsa_fun
21.05.2015 13:50
Posted by christherex
Anyone near Oceanside wanna play? Sw_bull is my Kik if so
21.05.2015 15:39
Posted by GARNET
woohoo for Thursday!!! Have fun at LAX tonight everyone!! If I had a date to go there I would be there in a heart beat!! Since I AM in Northridge!!
21.05.2015 16:02
SD party went great as always ! special thx to Fairy_Princess for playing naked pool with us!
21.05.2015 20:41
hey cutie "GARNET" ! - I'd luv to take U but live in Vegas, yet - am plannin-on driving-down to the party in Van Nuys on Fri. & Sat. ( staying the weekend ) - I am a new-freebee member and can't view your profile, so- if U happen to get this and wish to send me an e-mail with yur pics & stats then feel-free ==> it's a long e-mail so best to copy & paste it for accuracy ==> [email protected] :-)
21.05.2015 21:45
hey cutie "JessN" ==> thx. for your frend request cutie, tho - can't send you a mail till later b/c of that profile restriction thing on the newer-freebee members :(- sorry . 'k then cutie bye 4 now, Steven :-)
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