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Lalizzie2u: How about a blue checkmark like Twitter. Lol.
20h ago
Harmony: Yeah no review just Verification wordLizzie
20h ago
Harmony: lizzie knows what’s up
20h ago
SuperChoco: ch ch ch cha!
20h ago
Tonya: Thubs up or throwing the finger works for me
20h ago
Funplay007: Any girls looking to play
20h ago
thebelladoll: what's a thub? lol
20h ago
Tonya: That would be the sound made by a head hitting the headboard during rough sex
20h ago
Tonya: I forgot to paste the m for thub to make it thumb, the m key of the keyboard doesnt work any longer
20h ago
Harmony: Cock up or cock down
20h ago
Harmony: Or is that why we have the rating system? Admin help us out
20h ago
Harmony: Tonya to much mmmmmmmmm’s?
20h ago
Harmony: My M key is all sticky
20h ago
Harmony: I need a good thubbing
20h ago
Tonya: thub a dub dub, 3 sluts in a tub
20h ago
PeggySue: Thumb my hole.
19h ago
Harmony: Lol
19h ago
Harmony: fee fiy fo thub I need the cum of someone hung
19h ago
Tonya: If he hollars let him go, fee fiy fo thub
19h ago
NikkiCDgirl: Any top guys in OC
19h ago
The_Dude_00: Fee-fi-fo-fum....I need a slut.
19h ago
Deepthoath8: At ur service dude
18h ago
The_Dude_00: 💓
18h ago
Rochelle_DD: Suckafish
18h ago
BlackNight: Bigbottom
18h ago
joej: who wants to JO - 858 850 6317
18h ago
Javacado03: kik me I'm bored javacado3
18h ago
Wusgoodgen: thinking of dressing again tonight :)
18h ago
abbyjxoxo877: kik me i am looking for a top abbyjxoxo877
18h ago
LeMinx: What's the word for Wednesday's party
18h ago
FeeFee: fee fi yourselves
17h ago
FeeFee: lol
17h ago
Rockhard76: So who’s going to be at the ie party
17h ago
LeMinx: I got a better question, where is the IE party?
17h ago
Wusgoodgen: kik me wusgoodgen :) no guys plz lol
17h ago
td0321: Looking for now, East Ventura area West SFV, anyone?
11h ago
Lawren: Ronnie, It says my membership level doesn't allow me to msg? Daytime, yes
9h ago
Asha: I think I'm going to ie party. A party out here for a change.
9h ago
Jesse1528: Anybody use Locanto website
8h ago
BlackNight: Whats that
7h ago
Michelle_la_femme: u can IM or email me here for the IE party details incl address
7h ago
Jesse1528: Is like Craigslist
6h ago
Lawren: Did anyone find my blue micro mini shorts Sunday night? I'm walking now naked on the 405 South without them!
6h ago
BlackNight: By what exit
6h ago
Jesse1528: Im in 405 now
6h ago
Lawren: oh christ, you guys have no sense of humor, ha
5h ago
Lawren: Hello? it's Tuesday! Not Sunday night?
5h ago
BlackNight: I figured you missed a dosage or pretty wasted, so i thought id entertain the thought
5h ago
Lawren: Missed a dosage? Wow!
5h ago
BlackNight: Lol
5h ago
Riko93: Neee my dick drained
4h ago
Openminded37: Ill drain it for you papi
4h ago
Openminded37: Whats up Riko93... Pamper me yea?
4h ago
Gingerwvodka: Miniskirt or mini short?
3h ago
ffsfv: Anyone in Chatsworth hosting looking to play 747-230-9668 text
2h ago
blueyedboy: Miniskirt for sure! A nice round ass in a miniskirt drives a man wild!
2h ago
Riko93: Where are the ass eaters ?
2h ago
Riko93: Tryna 69 tonight 😋
1h ago
notallbutbig: i would like to blow a big dick tonite,
1h ago
Jesse1528: Any beautiful girl available to play 8 1/2 inches thick ready
1h ago
TNGHT: Any girls free tonight?
57m ago
Lawren: I always wear a miniskirt
9m ago
Lawren: Or a sweater by itself
9m ago
Latest Status Messages
wed's inland empire party ! whats the address??? i wanna go,
- an hour ago
Any parties or get togethers tonight?
- 2 hours ago
Actively looking for a man to settle down with
- 3 hours ago
The thought of being fucked good
- 4 hours ago
Horny? Let's have some fun fun ,let's enjoy each other's company
- 5 hours ago
uhg,time to deal with my typical 2jobs through Thurs.Going to miss the Wed party. Hope this weekend someone can help me relief some stress;)
- 8 hours ago
IE party tomorrow
- 8 hours ago
Good times!
- 9 hours ago
Hosting all day san jacinto 9096776889 looking 4 cd r young guy
- 10 hours ago
Had to clean my profile of older pics and vids; sorry!
- 13 hours ago
CindyDDD info
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Sancho commented on a video
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Sancho commented on a photo
Mmm looks good
23 minutes ago 0 likes 2 comments 2 comments
tvlove007 commented on a video
You have a body to be proud of.
28 minutes ago 0 likes 10 comments 10 comments
tvlove007 commented on a video
I am so happy for you. I would love some breasts like yours.
29 minutes ago 1 likes 12 comments 12 comments
latexnikki commented on a photo
Sexy sweet ass!! Lick it n fuck it!!
29 minutes ago 1 likes 1 comments 1 comments
tvlove007 commented on a video
I bet that felt so good.
31 minutes ago 0 likes 15 comments 15 comments
tvlove007 is now friends with Chastity_Irons
Kik: Shannon805cd [email protected]
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blueyedboy is now friends with Jezibel
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Jesse1528 commented on a poll
Everything babe
Spit - 13.3%
Swallow - 73.3%
garg - 13.3%
38 minutes ago 0 likes 7 comments 7 comments
Monthly 8.95 • Yearly 90.00
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