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The_Dude_00: Wouldn't be using win 10 and chrome if I had a Mac
24h ago
kj2453: hello my loves!!
24h ago
Blondie: Hello kj
23h ago
Felicia_CanDee: how many people on this site have you had sex with?
23h ago
Blondie: Not nearly enough...
23h ago
kj2453: amen ^
23h ago
Blondie: LOLzzx
23h ago
ArborVitae: That's a good question. I'd have to go through my friends list and count it out.
23h ago
Blondie: Youve fucked me AV but im not on your list
23h ago
ArborVitae: 35
23h ago
Blondie: 35 and me on that fuck horse...
23h ago
kinkysecret: Any gurls near Gardena?
22h ago
Blondie: foxnews sure has a plethora of hot blonde babes wearing very high heels at the ends of their gorgeous lickable well revealed long legs...
21h ago
Blondie: but the hottest babe is harris faulkner... i bet she has some leather gear...
21h ago
ArborVitae: I included you...when I add gals no longer on the site (deleted profile or banned) the number is 45
21h ago
Blondie: well, you are the only one who fucked me... that night... after 1 a.m.
21h ago
Blondie: not your first time in me daddy... hope its not the last...
21h ago
Michelle_la_femme: i hope to see all of you sexy people at the party today!
17h ago
Smokey4824: How do you get invited to the pizza party? I am new and very horny! Hope there is some fucking going on.
15h ago
Boo_Trans: Will there be air conditioning at NoHo today ?
14h ago
green9999: Hows the party going? any gurls there:)
13h ago
The_Dude_00: Daytime parties are always good , But I can't go to : (
12h ago
admin: Party is going great. Yes there is AC here
12h ago
lurking: Looking to suck dick for the first time who will let me ?
10h ago
Megan: TY Mr Cosmo, Ms Anna, and Slut Michelle.....for another great daytime with pizza party
9h ago
Blondie: Slut
9h ago
Megan: i'm NOT a slut!~i was a good gurl. i know cuase them people outside my blindfold told me i was!!
8h ago
alexmej: Anyone still horny after the party ?? lets meet 💦👉👌
8h ago
Blondie: Ask Megan the slut...
8h ago
tranzgazer: ANy chance for an after party - I just got back in town and well you know
8h ago
Blondie: Ask Megan... The slut...
8h ago
Blondie: Shes so easy...
7h ago
DeannaLouise: Hi
6h ago
DeannaLouise: My friend surafecd and picked her case up
6h ago
DeannaLouise: Chat room has been deactivated?
6h ago
Blondie: Stella showed up? Wow...
6h ago
Blondie: Chat room is on the rag...
6h ago
6h ago
Tonya: the chat's working, I just checked. I said hello but there was nobody in there but me
6h ago
Tonya: it's still echoing
6h ago
Blondie: LOL is thst what the sound was when i just checked in...
6h ago
Blondie: You sound like you had a cock in your mouth
6h ago
Blondie: Just saying
6h ago
Tonya: actually it was a pork chop
6h ago
Blondie: Well, im speechless!
6h ago
Tonya: that's a first
6h ago
amber-osife: kik me amber_osife
5h ago
Tonya: :mlo[p
5h ago
Tonya: ]
5h ago
Stella420: WHAT lol
5h ago
Tonya: my dinner plate was on the puter and it hit the enter key as I moved it
5h ago
Tonya: STELLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!1­
5h ago
Lighthorse83: Anyone in Santa Ana looking for sex and I mean anyone kik me at lighthearted83
4h ago
Blondie: Tonya said MIRACLE WHIP...
4h ago
Blondie: I agree...
4h ago
Tonya: Don't say whip in here, you know what it does to Megan
4h ago
Blondie: Yah... Gurlgasms...
4h ago
Blondie: I heard shes a squirter...
4h ago
Sahara68: X.X
3h ago
Jessicalkg4fun: XXX
2h ago
Blondie: FourX... Its Magnums..
2h ago
christiancarney: got a bottle of whiskey, lube and the internet....going to be a fun night!😈
2h ago
GinaBeMine: 3..2..1.. and.. action!
2h ago
Blondie: I need to get raped...
2h ago
Jessicalkg4fun: Sounds like a hot night!
41m ago
Blondie: 69 in Valencia...
27m ago
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I don't even know how many messages I get free. Anyone know?
- an hour ago
I need a big sister =/
- 3 hours ago
Whats up today
- 3 hours ago
Sex sex Sex
- 4 hours ago
I want to let out such a big load for you
- 5 hours ago
looking for local girls
- 6 hours ago
I want to start going to parties again but only if I can get a ride. Is it you?
- 6 hours ago
Horny and lonly in Hollywood pick me up take me. To a motel use me ..
- 7 hours ago
I make my return to Reseda this Friday.
- 7 hours ago
Will be at the Wednesday party in NoHo tommm! see you all sexy gurls!
- Yesterday
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Ronnie picked us up at the border and even drove us back across! The gurls were absolutly BEAUTIFUL! We were able to touch and be touched.
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I want to let out such a big load for you
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how want to play to night
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