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There was a huge crash on the 5 last night! Took me 3 hours to go 3 miles! Pure hell. I had all the decorations and my costume and was headed to LAX party! So bummed I missed it! Who won the costume prizes? Do tell.
28 minutes ago
anyone need a date tonight
38 minutes ago
any gurls in the i.e want a good cocksucking?
55 minutes ago
Anybody need a date for the LA party tonight? I'm off work at 7pm.
2 hours ago
2 hours ago
Happy All Hallows.
2 hours ago
Happy Halloween!
3 hours ago
Spooky Fun Day!!
3 hours ago
Van Nuys this Saturday 11/1
6 hours ago
feeling very sexy!!
7 hours ago
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"Wall of Porn" you ask? Trust me. It's not just a bunch of center
bluidevil61 · 2 days ago
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25.10.2014 08:16
oh great now everyone knows Garret!
25.10.2014 09:16
Posted by yerguy
I'm thiniking about attending my first ever party, the S. Diego event this evening. I read that this is going to be a Halloween party but I really haven't a costume of any sorts. Is it OK to still attend???
25.10.2014 09:49
Posted by Mrjoystick123
How's everyone this morning?
25.10.2014 10:01
Posted by Abbey-Christine
Morning all!!
25.10.2014 10:09
Posted by Mrjoystick123
Looking to meet a kind friend, are you interested??
25.10.2014 11:01
Posted by vivnLB
fixed? or shoulda given bjs to all the guys in the joint! without a stitch of makeup either:)
25.10.2014 12:32
you don't need a costume tonight LOL just bring a "can fuck"attitude hehehee
25.10.2014 14:01
Posted by jhay
Looking for fun near Burbank hit me up.. My thick ass needs to be played with
25.10.2014 14:57
Posted by mrmatt1999 I thought you girls would be all over this cock:)
25.10.2014 17:14
Posted by JustSimplyGene
in SD waiting for party to kick off.idont come here much im usually in LA on the weekends im out. what is there to do?skate park? place where alot of asians are? lol
25.10.2014 17:24
25.10.2014 17:31
Posted by 13terrag
china town
25.10.2014 17:36
Posted by JustSimplyGene
25.10.2014 17:52
see u there sexy people!
25.10.2014 18:08
Posted by JustSimplyGene
so lost in SD lol
25.10.2014 18:18
Posted by Becky
....Chellie, r u n SD?
25.10.2014 19:18
Posted by Dana-Adele
I was thinking of going to sd but not sure, am in a hotel in long beach
25.10.2014 19:40
Posted by Becky
I was thinkin' 'bout goin' to SD, BUT, I'm already there! (almost, I'm in bad in North County).
25.10.2014 19:40
Posted by Becky
25.10.2014 21:23
Posted by ArborVitae
Since I won't be in San Diego, might stop by SFV before hitting up The Oxwood. Hmm...
26.10.2014 00:14
Posted by Raquel
can't make it this weekend but wishing all of u sexy ppl a great safe weekend have lots of sexy and sucking for me :)
26.10.2014 03:31
Posted by Dana-Adele
I had an a nice time at the van nuys party, but...
26.10.2014 05:15
sounds like i missed a good party
26.10.2014 11:35
Posted by SexyMadAsian
A big thank you to Gene and Maru for cleaning up party house!!!!!!!
26.10.2014 12:01
Posted by FilipinaCD
I had a great time at the SD party. Everyone was so nice! Mwah.
26.10.2014 12:51
Posted by JustSimplyGene
any time
26.10.2014 13:13
Posted by ArborVitae
Damn Dana sorry I missed you...
26.10.2014 22:43
Posted by hrothgar2011
I've emailed admin on this, but has anyone had problems uploading videos?
26.10.2014 23:16
Posted by GARNET
Wanting to go to the Glow Stick party on the 1st of November. Anyone wanna be my date/ride?? Lemme know!!
27.10.2014 05:34
Posted by admin
I'm gonna try to get all caught up on my site admin stuff in the next 24 hours. It's been a crazy time. In the meantime you can contact our techie directly:
27.10.2014 05:34
Posted by admin
So sorry I'm behind!
27.10.2014 13:41
we has sooo many gorgeous giels there Sat nite ... GG's Ts's etc.. etc .. thanks for comin out and making it a fun time all of you guys and gals! xoxo Michelle
27.10.2014 13:41
girls too lol
27.10.2014 14:55
Posted by GARNET
lol yay for that..
27.10.2014 17:31
Posted by GARNET
Admin, are u aware, there is a banner for a Jerk Off party in SD on a banner for the 2nd of November, but it doesnt show on the calendar??
27.10.2014 17:33
Posted by GARNET
going to the drive in tonight in Santee, to have a FUN date!!! woohoo!! my first time ever!!
27.10.2014 18:02
Posted by lostmeat2k
What (or who) is ther for a horny guy to do in Las Vegas if he is going to be there the week before the USA club opens?
27.10.2014 20:12
Posted by GARNET
HUGE PET PEEVE: be on time~~~ otherwise I will NOT give 2nd chances!! Fed up with that crap!!!
27.10.2014 22:52
Posted by 13terrag
should say be on time or you wont get a blow job
28.10.2014 11:50
it turns out no Halloween party for me .. have fun!
28.10.2014 18:11
Posted by boo_tran
that makes two of us, I am to skinny for it - Enjoy!
28.10.2014 19:21
Posted by hermes69247
Goooood Even-ning USA, and Let's Go LAKERS!!
28.10.2014 20:34
Posted by 13terrag
lakers suck and not in a good way 31 wins this season at best
28.10.2014 21:38
Posted by admin
The club in Las Vegas has a coffin you can fuck in...seriously...can't wait for Nov. 15th.
28.10.2014 21:59
Posted by Karla_Tranny
Looks like I may be at the South Bay party.Won't know until late tomorrow afternoon,the 30'th.
28.10.2014 22:01
Posted by Karla_Tranny
Hey Admin, is that location inside the Commercial Center?Just curious. It sounds close to Las Vegas Lounge, another place I love to go.
28.10.2014 22:20
Posted by admin
Yes, it is! It's at Fantasy Lifestyle Venue!
28.10.2014 22:24
Posted by Karla_Tranny
Thanks Admin, and this is a good thing, expanding to Vegas !!
29.10.2014 00:39
Posted by admin
Thank you, Karla! Fingers crossed!
29.10.2014 14:33
Posted by Abbey-Christine
As of right now Abbey and I will be missing the parties for a few more weeks. Abbey got cast (in boy mode) as Scrooge in "A Cowboy Christmas Carol" More info if anyone wants it
30.10.2014 02:19
Posted by cdjenn69
Going to LAX on thursday for the Halloween contest, maybe I'll meet some of you guys there. Jennifer
30.10.2014 08:37
Posted by vivnLB
lax party tonight? anyone?
30.10.2014 09:57
Posted by vivnLB
anyone going to lax tonight? would love a lift please...thank u:)
30.10.2014 17:40
Posted by Colombian_papi
Looking for a date to LAX goin around 930-1000 message me
30.10.2014 19:36
Posted by Sexy_PaMeLa
Video Download & upload work again. Start downloading !!!
30.10.2014 20:47
Posted by tep0
any body need rite tonight
31.10.2014 00:59
Posted by GARNET
Come on out on Saturday night to the Spring Valley Glow Stick party - 9pm to 2am!!! I wanna see people have some fun!!
31.10.2014 01:39
Posted by ArborVitae
Drove by LAX while working...damn there was a lot of cars out there! Must've been a damn fun night!
31.10.2014 09:21
Posted by admin
There was a huge crash on the 5 last night! Took me 3 hours to go 3 miles! Pure hell. I had all the decorations and my costume and was headed to LAX party! So bummed I missed it! Who won the costume prizes? Do tell.
31.10.2014 09:22
great job Pam kisses! I won Ronnie just mail me the check heheheheee
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31.10.2014 09:11
31.10.2014 09:10
31.10.2014 08:58
31.10.2014 08:57
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