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St. Pete\'s Florida did not disappoint - Gay night life was to much fun KIK - Kara1cd
2 hours ago
I am in that kind of mood.
2 hours ago
Monday lets make it special
3 hours ago
I need a wiener in my schnitzel!
3 hours ago
I went LAX yesterday....well
3 hours ago
Yay I have a day off today!!
4 hours ago
We didn\'t just kill the batteries, we killed the whole vibrator.
5 hours ago
Pretty horned out this AM . Not sure what to do?
6 hours ago
Horny as helll and will travel for sex.
7 hours ago
Love the way fresh panties feel mmm :D
9 hours ago
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Am I the only one that finds it strange  that some members have m
jamesjameson · 3 days ago
Latest activity.
60 minutes ago
I love the place so great and sexy night scene is great and day time are hot there
an hour ago
Feeling horny anyone wants to satisfy?
6 hours ago
Tgirl stuff
17 hours ago
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18.03.2015 23:04
Posted by SexylatinaCD
It definitely was a great party! Can't wait until the next one.
19.03.2015 09:28
Posted by alottafun
@BeastDaddy...Well, I know you needed a good party. Too bad I couldn't make it down to San Diego...
19.03.2015 12:55
Posted by kinkman
still wish there were ones in the SGV
19.03.2015 15:18
we had a great mix of able regulars and fun newbies! thx to all that made it a super fun and sexy party!
20.03.2015 06:35
Posted by BabyJLatinCD
Need a ride to party tonight from Whittier
21.03.2015 03:53
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
Anyone in Long Beach going to tonight's party? (619) 602-3059
21.03.2015 09:43
Posted by vivnLB
Looking for a ride tonight, to tonight's party plz, thank you:)
21.03.2015 10:10
Posted by alottafun
Karaoke was so much fun last night....
21.03.2015 10:25
Posted by kutipiecd
I think my new photos (settle for skin) are worth viewing.
21.03.2015 10:27
Posted by BabyJLatinCD
Need a ride to party. Van Nuys
21.03.2015 16:24
Posted by TSViking
Lets get ready to have some sexy fun Tuesday night on cam.I really need you boys and girls that are able to come hangout with me in person and do some naughty things to eachother for the people unable to watch or partake in in person..many of you know im of the lets say hard to get type demeanor..but iam very fucking horny and i have decided i want to put it in the terms of..i get a good live turnout of my sisters and horny gentlemanas well as a good adience you better believe that is going to get my fuck hole really wet my she cock hard and my titts perky..iam going to be gone on bussiness this weekend but you fucking horny perverts need too plan and figure it out amongst yourselves and come out and see me tuesday night..ill have a couple surprise girls that told me too tell you the same applys for need to lube it up on one end waste condoms on our pretty clits unless we have plenty of cocks too pop in that hour..oh and asses to destroy aswell..yea we are all equal ssee you tuesday night...xoxo
21.03.2015 17:52
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
So, no one in LB is going to the party tonight?
21.03.2015 17:58
Posted by kinkman
I'm stuck in central California dammit!
21.03.2015 18:58
Posted by vivnLB
that what i was wondering....
21.03.2015 22:45
Asshole aret gurls! jamesjameson told me he would NEVER be with anyone who has BBC before. Racist asshole!
22.03.2015 00:34
Posted by BANDIT
Hello ladies talk to me I bite ;)
22.03.2015 00:42
Posted by Lbpcean234
Anyone close to downtown lb ?
22.03.2015 08:55
Posted by vivnLB
I'm in downtown lb
22.03.2015 12:33
Posted by Daniellez2
lots of fun at the party last night :) lots of pretty tgirls and guys
22.03.2015 15:57
Posted by vivnLB
Great party, but I had to leave early:( my boss kept calling me, to go early to work:(
22.03.2015 16:14
im horny
22.03.2015 16:15
add me on kik alacrandecali wanna meet sexy ladies to hang out and have fun.
22.03.2015 21:05
Posted by ginacd
Although this new partier still a bit shy, had so much fun nevertheless. Met and played with several very pretty and sexy gurls!
23.03.2015 09:56
Posted by bennychurch
Kinky daddy wants to tie and spank you today. You host and I'll bring the toys.
23.03.2015 22:25
Posted by BabyJLatinCD
Need pics taken xxx
25.03.2015 00:02
Posted by 13terrag
me 2
25.03.2015 05:51
Posted by TSViking
Going to be off the site for the immediate future. Been here since the beginning and before with the ADMIN being one of my best friends,i want to thank him for the support through the years aswell as many others i have chatted with or met in person..xoxo
25.03.2015 11:11
Posted by diavolo
Why this site is so slow??? maybe is time to leave
25.03.2015 15:20
Posted by letsplayatnight
need another girl to join my girl and i
25.03.2015 19:40
Posted by Adam_G
Where would I meet some Tgirls tonight in either Orange County or San Diego? Would love to have a little fun.
25.03.2015 20:45
Posted by xplod420
this site becomes worst and worst with every single day, now standard members are not even allowed in chat room
25.03.2015 23:53
Posted by LadyStark
Speed is being worked on, and last night and tonight's chats were premium members only
26.03.2015 03:03
Posted by localhump
Site seems a bit faster for me tonight
26.03.2015 08:52
Posted by leather1
looking to play this weekend in the I.E..wanting to orally service t gurls....
26.03.2015 17:19
See my profile a for an updated link to sissy training hypno videos
26.03.2015 20:07
Posted by 13terrag
am i a premium member?
26.03.2015 20:12
Posted by 13terrag
i think this site is fast.. then again im on qualudes
27.03.2015 04:52
Posted by sdtlvr
where did everyones points go?
27.03.2015 07:57
Posted by admin
Greetings from Florida. I'm returning April 13th.I posted some pics of the show. I hear the site speed has been very inconsistent and I'm begging my techie to get to the bottom of it. Keep having fun and having safe sex! Love ya!
27.03.2015 12:17
April 13th is a Friday .. beware ! beware!!!!
27.03.2015 15:21
Posted by john
isn't April 13 a Monday michelle?
27.03.2015 20:01
Posted by 13terrag
april 13 is on a day that ends with a Y
27.03.2015 20:02
Posted by azteka666
viviting los angeles looking fpr something to do tonight any ideas ???
27.03.2015 20:03
Posted by 13terrag
DO michelle lefem everyone else does
27.03.2015 20:44
Posted by john
so bored
27.03.2015 21:54
Posted by drakken77
any ladies need a ride to tonights party? I just got back from chicago
28.03.2015 00:38
Posted by MurphyHarrow
28.03.2015 09:58
Posted by xlxl
would there be an interest in a tgirl and male admirer week end at a private gay resort mid summer,just testing the waters Sheila
28.03.2015 09:59
Posted by xlxl
in palm springs Sheila
28.03.2015 11:39
welcum Murphy and wb drakken! if there's sex im sure theres interest Sheila!
28.03.2015 11:41
Posted by xlxl
believe it or not have 5 already interested,there had better be sex
28.03.2015 12:46
Posted by BabyJLatinCD
Need ride to party tonight Van Nuys from
29.03.2015 02:23
Posted by guy07
Anyone going to the sex marathon today?
29.03.2015 06:52
Posted by GoodAtWhatIDo
Local afternoon delight party today
29.03.2015 08:12
Posted by readyN4sureSD
anything or 1 in SD going on??
29.03.2015 15:03
Posted by admin
Bye Bye Zip Search
29.03.2015 15:42
Posted by GARNET
29.03.2015 16:14
To admin. no more searching by zip code?
30.03.2015 12:47
Posted by kinkman
yay! site is fast again!!
30.03.2015 13:23
where did all my points go?
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30.03.2015 15:44
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