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Lolasissycd: Debating if I should go to the party tomorrow
BlackmasturbatorNOHO: Need a mouth in north Hollywood
juicyblackcock69: need some nekkid cuddlin tonight. any cute girls in the sfv area?
Bbc9incut: How do u erase your profile off here
Blondie: delete all your pix, delete all of your info, then hope wikileaks doesnt find you...
REELCUM: Stocking and cum play anyone?
Syggie: Any cute girls into married dudes? =x
juicyblackcock69: edging for 2 hours...dang could use a cute tush or mouth right now. yeeha!
Erika: How's it going horny people?
juicyblackcock69: went to oxwood for 30 min. horrible. now back home jackin to hot videos yahoo!
JessicaTS: Still thinking about the fun I had in San Diego this month. Hot sex with 15 men! Ugh i'm feeling horny again! xoxo
sirpeirce: Horny af in weho
SexInTarzana: would any nice lady be my date in reseda friday?
SexInTarzana: i mean saturday actually
PlaymateXXX: I feel so good right now. Met with a bbc friend of mine off a hiking trail in Spring Valley. I laid down a tarp, we both stripped completely naked and fucked for a good half hour. Cars driving by on the overpass off to the side and you could hear him pounding my ass.
mixelmishel: Horny. Today. South LA
jcxolo: Who is going to the friday party??
Blondie: bad gurl in heat here looking to stray... on the prowl for bad boys to degrade and defile my good reputation...
bryanna-return: hi everyone
Vault111survivor: Good morning all
23h ago
Vault111survivor: Do you think people would pay for lessons in how to be more fem? Like voice training, how to put on a lace front wig, heels etc?
23h ago
Vault111survivor: Like a group for 10 bucks a person or something?
23h ago
Vault111survivor: I needed all the help I could get in my CD days
23h ago
Blondie: id love to practice my sissy skills... is this a real offer???
22h ago
Man_Who_Loves_to: @Vault I would be willing to capture it on video and you could then distribute it as Instructional videos.
21h ago
Chris562: Any ladies wanna go to the lax party tonight. I'm in the Fullerton area so let me know
19h ago
jose3103: Any cd or ts want to have some fun? Right now
19h ago
johnpublic: anyone in sfv that cand host?
19h ago
Xsaint26: Anyone wanna play later tonight in the sfv,
17h ago
Xsaint26: Or van nuys area ?
17h ago
BrunaLatina: hi friends
17h ago
BrunaLatina: amor a todos
17h ago
BrunaLatina: does anyone knows a halloween for ts and cps tonight?
15h ago
BrunaLatina: cds
15h ago
jose3103: Hola BrunaLatina
15h ago
BrunaLatina: hola jose
15h ago
BrunaLatina: do you know any halloween party tonight for ts and cds?
15h ago
The_Dude_00: LAX is tonight , but it's not Halloween themed
15h ago
CynDi_Lee: EVERY PARTY is a costume party!
15h ago
discreet_mga: My chance to make an LAX party is finally here!! Hopefully I'll feel like driving all the way out there tonight LOL
15h ago
jose3103: Nice discreet_mga
14h ago
Lolasissycd: Cant waite for thenlax party tonight ill be the sissy in the pink hood lol
14h ago
samopapi: Cheapskate looking for a girl who needs a ride tonight. I'm in Santa Monica but after 9 or so, could pick you up somewhere else further away.
14h ago
Msgia1371: who is going to the party tonight ….
14h ago
Megan: nobody is going to the party.....nope....big empty bldg
14h ago
discreet_mga: LOL----Well I'm going :)
13h ago
huluj1900: Im going tonight *9inch cock and all
13h ago
GARNET: wish I could be going tonight. Oh well..
12h ago
Blondie: my therapist told me im a closet lesbian... it makes sense
12h ago
ShellyLynn: Anything going on tomorrow night BTW :)
12h ago
ShellyLynn: looking for some fun then too
12h ago
huluj1900: send me a message shelly we'll figure something out
12h ago
huluj1900: ☺
12h ago
kristismithtgirl: I am going to the LAX party for the first time. Any guy wanna go in with me?
12h ago
ShellyLynn: what time does everyone get to the party?
12h ago
kristismithtgirl: I am thinking of around 10
11h ago
Lolasissycd: hope there at least one dom daddy at this party
10h ago
hotbunscandy1366: There never os
9h ago
Chris562: Ladies I'm in the Fullerton area if you wanna go to the lax party tonight let me know
9h ago
Vincent_V: Very fit, slim, healthy freaky top here...any gurls wanna go as my date?
8h ago
KevinOral760: Have fun tonight ya. I plan to do something on the weekend. Might check out one weekend party at least.
8h ago
admin: we have 8 tgirls here at southbay lax and we just opened
8h ago
GinaBubbleButt: Hi All !
8h ago
veronicali: wish i coulda gone. getting up 6am tomorrow...😪
8h ago
veronicali: noho is possible for sunday tho..
8h ago
veronicali: i wish i could be part of the lax welcome committee. i <3 that spot
8h ago
mrosales323: HMU on kik 323MIGUEL if u need a ride to the southbay party
8h ago
Moadel: Hey everyone i am going to be in LA next Tuesday and i want to attend the nearest party would someone inform with some
6h ago
Moadel: info plz. My kik is crostom
6h ago
Blondie: moe, look at the party schedule...
6h ago
Chris562: How's the lax party
5h ago
admin: good
4h ago
BrunaLatina: hi friends
4h ago
discreet_mga: Oh my gosh, the LAX party tonight was so much fun!!! Great crowd...and I got in trouble :)
2h ago
Vault111survivor: Hey all I am on chaturbate check me out at tsninarios
11m ago
Latest Status Messages
Looking for a date this weekend. Going to Reseda and maybe HW party.
- 6 hours ago
In Vegas 11/08 - 11/11
- 7 hours ago
Well i guess I'm in it now. My first shopping spree over 99 cents ! lol dropped $400 and got some hot breasts forms. Gurlz like breast play?
- 8 hours ago
Going to LAX t girl party tonight
- 12 hours ago
Had a good train run on me on Oct 26th. 9 different guys stopped by to fuck me over the day.
- 12 hours ago
looking to play with other CD's
- 13 hours ago
seriously considering transitioning ;)
- 15 hours ago
saturday night Halloween party should be quite the fuckfest - see u there!
- 18 hours ago
Happy Thursday!
- 19 hours ago
Looks like the NoHo party us gonna be my halloween fun time on Sunday. ;-)
- 22 hours ago
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Vault111survivor is now friends with Kay2D2
Weekend coming up, looking to have some fun
5 minutes ago 0 likes 0 comments 0 comments
MRMIX1 commented on a photo
nice ass i want it !!!!
24 minutes ago 0 likes 3 comments 3 comments
bennychurch is now friends with lillith
estoy muy aburrida...I'm really bored
47 minutes ago 0 likes 0 comments 0 comments
tj2202 commented on a photo
Damn that's a perfect ass
49 minutes ago 0 likes 3 comments 3 comments
ElizaT commented on a photo
Thank you baby ;)
an hour ago 0 likes 2 comments 2 comments
TraciiStarr commented on a video
Love it!
2 hours ago 0 likes 2 comments 2 comments
TraciiStarr commented on a photo
LOVE this look Hun!
2 hours ago 0 likes 1 comments 1 comments
TStsang is now friends with Vault111survivor
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naomi1970 is now friends with Comingovertoyou
Haven't been with a beautiful trans woman in a while......
3 hours ago 0 likes 0 comments 0 comments
naomi1970 commented on a video
I want to be fucked by two guys like this video!!!!!
3 hours ago 0 likes 9 comments 9 comments
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Sometimes I have a beard. I have one now for Halloween, then it's coming off.
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