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Im happy to say that i am Founder & CEO of TransInsideer a News/Media/Publishing Social Connection for the Transgender Community worldwide. Follow us via Twitter & Facebook @TransInsideer
an hour ago
Need a Date for Tonights Party...Anyone ??
2 hours ago
Any gurls appreciate getting their ass eaten before it gets pounded? Let me know ;) lol
2 hours ago
Jamies Jungle Love Party TONIGHT at Hamburger Marys Long Beach! Our Biggest Theme Party of the Year!
3 hours ago
I LOVE to suck cock and I Love my cock sucked ;)
4 hours ago
SD party tonight at 9m!! See everyone there!!!
4 hours ago
4 hours ago
Tonight!!! I'll be at the SD party! Cant wait to see everyone there! xoxo
5 hours ago
Im all set with a date for the party. Hope to see a lot of you lovely ladies there.
6 hours ago
I'm back just been busy.
6 hours ago
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Hello my Sexy Feet friends, I have finally found a way to have a
BiancaLeRue · 5 days ago
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18.07.2015 18:48
Posted by TSTrinity
whos going to the party tonight?
19.07.2015 13:47
Posted by KandiiKane
had a blast at sexicon. met a lot of sexy men's.
21.07.2015 10:23
coffee and donuts party on the 1st???
21.07.2015 11:52
Posted by The_Dude_00
We need coffee more than soft drinks at the parties .
21.07.2015 12:23
Posted by JanetJane
and nuts that aren't too doughey ; )
21.07.2015 13:25
Posted by GARNET
fun stuff!!
21.07.2015 14:49
Posted by lostmeat2k
I've got a cruller someone can lick the glaze off of ;-)
21.07.2015 16:05
Posted by JustSimplyGene
going to SD this weekend
21.07.2015 17:13
i can just see it now .... somebody's gonan spill their coffee and OWWWWW! lol
22.07.2015 11:45
Posted by Man_Whore
Hey Michelle ... Do uou take cream with your coffee ?
22.07.2015 16:51
Posted by GARNET
yay for going out tonight!!! not a good day at all!!!
22.07.2015 21:47
Posted by JessicaTS
Hey boys! Just added a new comment & new contact info on my GB poll :) xoxo
23.07.2015 10:58
just pour the cream all over me and have someone lick it off
23.07.2015 13:26
Posted by BabyJLatinCD
anyone going to LAX party? I need a ride to and from
23.07.2015 16:29
Posted by jose3103
So who's going to go to the LAX Party tonight???
23.07.2015 17:12
Posted by Boo_Tran
Happy National Hot Dog Day ! Any hot dogs ( gurls ) needs a ride to LAX tonight IM or email me, I am not far from the Dudley does Mona right rest area near Jack in Pomona
23.07.2015 17:53
Posted by topasseater
23.07.2015 23:00
Posted by Boo_Tran
Gurls helping Gurls! Who ever finds GinaCD a room to rent gets to bend me over but she's 1st
23.07.2015 23:03
Posted by ginacd
You are an awesome friend Boo ;)
23.07.2015 23:08
Posted by ginacd
@Boo. Why are you still here? go party! :)
23.07.2015 23:11
Posted by Boo_Tran
my wardrobe is 1200 miles from here :(
24.07.2015 00:14
Posted by readyN4sureSD
Aaaawwww a party tonight!!!!!!
24.07.2015 00:14
Posted by readyN4sureSD
I just got hm!!!! Anyone in SD wanna play
24.07.2015 00:19
Posted by readyN4sureSD
Any ladies need a date to the SD party?? Plz let me know. Haven't been to one yet but looking forward to it. Teach me the ropes
24.07.2015 18:41
Posted by JessicaTS
Happy Friday boys! Can someone message me a cock pic please? :) xoxo
24.07.2015 19:28
Posted by readyN4sureSD
Address & password to SD party plz
24.07.2015 21:00
Posted by rickster
Come to my house I have a party just for you
24.07.2015 23:51
Posted by readyN4sureSD
At the party!
25.07.2015 09:10
Posted by JessicaTS
So happy with all the emails and messages I've gotten about my GB desires. Any more men wanna join in? xoxo ;)
25.07.2015 10:48
Posted by 13terrag
fuck the coffee an donuts i want viagra and redbull
25.07.2015 15:21
Posted by GARNET
bored and humid here!!! ugh!!! cold shower here I come!!
25.07.2015 18:17
Posted by The_Dude_00
Viagra and Red Bull have my vote
25.07.2015 18:45
Posted by Centerfold
LOL 13 and Dude
25.07.2015 19:59
Posted by Abbey-Christine
Abbey and I get to come and play tonite at the Van Nuys party!!!!
26.07.2015 02:08
Posted by lostmeat2k
Wow, those girls dancing on the pole were hot
26.07.2015 10:25
Posted by BiancaLeRue
6 days till the Sexy Feet contest starts
26.07.2015 11:32
glad u two made it out Abbey/christine! hope to see all of you soon!
26.07.2015 18:56
Posted by readyN4sureSD
Where my San Diego ppl @
27.07.2015 16:44
Posted by GARNET
hot as hell here!! Question: are we ever going to have the day time pool parties on Sundays again??
28.07.2015 00:11
Posted by JessicaTS
I might be coming down to SD for the party this Saturday!
28.07.2015 13:48
Posted by SexyMadAsian
First 10 tgirls get a door prize this Sat night!! Join me in SD!!
28.07.2015 13:50
Posted by SexyMadAsian
There is a Sunday pool party in SD Aug 23rd
28.07.2015 19:47
Posted by GARNET
30.07.2015 21:49
Posted by Murguyt
going to LAX. same ol' password?
30.07.2015 22:31
Posted by KevinOral760
Aug 23 is mt birthday. Might as well celebrate it att the sd party
31.07.2015 01:30
Posted by JessicaTS
Oh my! so many hot looking cock pics posted tonight! xoxo
31.07.2015 08:19
Posted by JessicaTS
I'm going to the SD Tgirl party tomorrow night!!! Hope to see many of you there! xoxo
31.07.2015 08:21
Posted by Visitor
New guy here going t k chsck iut tonights party in LA ;)
31.07.2015 11:08
have fun everybody!
31.07.2015 15:57
Posted by GoddessKitten
Did i
31.07.2015 15:57
Posted by GoddessKitten
did I meet one of you guys today and said you recognized me???
31.07.2015 17:16
Posted by BiancaLeRue
Sexy Feet Contest starts tomorrow, make sure you put in your vote!
31.07.2015 17:44
Posted by Boo_Tran
Dick pic contest starts right here and now! winner gets to shoehorn it up yours truly in front of a crowd
31.07.2015 20:04
Posted by topasseater
looking to play tonight 818 857 7296
31.07.2015 22:11
Posted by fmesillynow
who ever is going to the SD party is LUCKY, Please Let me know what a good girl Jessica TS is! Thats a girl who loves some cock!
31.07.2015 22:26
Posted by JessicaTS
^ aww so sweet babe! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the SD party tomorrow night! xoxo
01.08.2015 10:53
my mini me needs service. hmu
01.08.2015 12:10
Posted by txpkrhustler
I'm truly excited about the party tonight, knowing that JessicaTS will be there to satisfy all cocks that come near her. She is trying to break her record of 12 cocks guys, so get to the party tonight and help her out.
01.08.2015 13:10
Posted by Ready4you
Have all at SD tonight JessciaTS is great! you will all love her guys :)
01.08.2015 13:14
Posted by GARNET
see everyone tonight at the SD party!!! Yay I get to see Jessica!! its been a while!!!
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