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Erika: What an amazing weekend :)
3d ago
Bihan017: This website rocks. I thought I was alone with this mindset
3d ago
BrownBancho: Butt stuff
3d ago
SexMasterNinja: Does Karla Lane actually play at the BBW parties?
3d ago
The_Dude_00: I've seen disappear with someone a few times , can't say if she did or did'nt play with that someone ?
3d ago
Stella420: southbay or n holly hummmm
2d ago
handsomehunk69: Hello peeps
2d ago
cutebubblebttm: hi there
2d ago
handsomehunk69: Hi text me?
2d ago
Bigmax: Hey hows everyone ?
2d ago
ArborVitae: Had a blast up in San Francisco this weekend. How was Mira Mesa?
2d ago
Erika: Hope everyone has a killer week
2d ago
ThomasFord: I will be in Lake Forest (92610) today. Would love to connect with some gurls who I haven't met yet
2d ago
degoboii: Any ladies in the college area looking to play this morning? Inbox me
2d ago
handsomehunk69: What's happening today? I'm hired and ready!! Hit me up PEPs! Xoxo
2d ago
Kingreyes14: It's my birthday today! Can I get some birthday head!?
2d ago
TStsang: Hope everyone has an amazing week 😘💕
2d ago
Anomalis: 🌞🌴
2d ago
simpleguy: I had a blast at LAX/Sanctuary on Thurs, I may have to go back this week instead of taking a week off. Mira Mesa is sounding like tons of fun too.... hmmmm
2d ago
JustSimplyGene: Yes it does Ericka
2d ago
JustSimplyGene: I gotta be unattractive or somthing cause dam why i keep getting stood up lol?
2d ago
Blondie: i think its cuzz you wear briefs... gotta go commando!
2d ago
Sissywannabe69: Happy monday everyone
2d ago
Erika: Getting stood up - its whats for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the CD/T world
2d ago
ehit203: I won't stand you up.
2d ago
BlackmasturbatorNOHO: Come over Erika.....
2d ago
pantiboiturnscd: And justsimplygene is fine af ladies
2d ago
Thickblack03: Anyone know when the San diego/spring Valley location will open up again? Or atleast if the mira mesa location will ever host any daytime parties?
2d ago
random45898: Anyone near Arcadia/Pasadena who would like to fuck me right now?
Blondie: would anyone in the SCV want to cum in my throat tonight? deep deposits desired...
elissatrap: Anyone want to help an exhibitionist record stuff in public? :)
Erika: I thought I had tried it all sexually, but them I was fem dommed with a strap on by a beautiful woman. Now my life truly is complete. 😻😻😻😻
Blondie: Erika! im so proud of you! now youre truly converted to the cause... any pix by any chance of the wonderful act?
Erika: No, but ill post a picture of tool used now...
Blondie: sweet! just an fyi... the strapon harnesses that have a single strap that goes directly between her legs will create a lot of urinary tract infections... get the harness with straps that go around each thigh... theyre safer and give more direct control to her...
Blondie: you slut! i just saw that... maybe i should let you borrow some professional tools? bigger & thicker is often better!
Erika: We got the best harness you can buy at the pleasure chest. It had the side straps you discussed. worked perfectly
Blondie: good gurl! remember, youre not done until she cums...
bigfefrn619: lol
lisacdfoxx: I hope everyone is having a
MaDameMozelle: I am still dehidrated from Mira Mesa party
JustSimplyGene: Anyone wanna me today
Blondie: gene? 'wanna ____' you? im thinking you meant 'tickle' or possibly 'body paint' you?
Kylethe_lion: Verse switch here, if you wanna chat kik me, kylethe_lion
Kingreyes14: Anyone going to reseda and wants to hook up?
BiancaLeRue: Nice to see you back Michelle, hope you had a nice break.
JustSimplyGene: Ahhh the typos
kinkysecret: Day time play time GURLS?
KevinOral760: Welcome back Michelle.
23h ago
Thickblack03: Hi garnet. How are you doing today?
22h ago
Erika: Taking applications for VERY hung men for a little gathering with me and an extremely cute CD next Wed 8/3 mid day in North Hollywood. Email pics directly - sexycdinsfv at gmail dot com. Best of luck gentlemen
19h ago
ehit203: I really want to try sucking my first cock.
19h ago
Erika: do some Yoga and maybe you can suck your own? sorry, too easy a set up. xoxo ;)
18h ago
kinkysecret: New photos lust me if you like I'm available and mobile
18h ago
Jessica1516: Anyone available to help me with make up?
17h ago
GARNET: wow! is there a new location now? Chatsworth??
17h ago
GARNET: For an August 6th party..
17h ago
funblackman: well it dosn't look like im retiring just have to take a break for a week or two and it work
16h ago
Erika: No retiring allowed Fun
15h ago
Daniel84: Anyone looking to hang out tonight?
15h ago
KevinOral760: yes garnet new party location in chatsworth on augest 6th indeed. Going to go check it out from little oceanside ca
15h ago
KevinOral760: from oceanside that is
15h ago
menace11: How are you
15h ago
GARNET: I am hoping to make it to the party on the 6th..
15h ago
GARNET: I am all right. best to IM me, a I dont wanna use the shout box as a chatroom
15h ago
menace11: I cant get there. Can you send me a message
15h ago
The_Dude_00: Chatsworths porn capital of the SFV
13h ago
TStsang: Can't sleep , who else is on. Send me a chat or message me on kik @tavisang25 😘💕
11h ago
Misscharly: Hi. New here so be gentle. Lotza hott mamas here...♡
10h ago
handsomehunk69: Welcome MissC
10h ago
Erika: Hmmm, nobody emailed me about next Wed in NoHo. Guess that's too far in advance for anyone to plan. I
4h ago
Erika: I'll post again Monday about it
4h ago
Thickblack03: Any tgirls or females that can host in san diego wanna have some fun today? Send me a chat or inbox message. I'm feeling extra horny today.
3h ago
Man_Whore: Happy Wednesday Everyone
2h ago
TStsang: Good Morning to all you Beautiful people 😘💕
2h ago
Texasguy81: Anyone going to reseda on Friday :)
38m ago
Thickblack03: Anyone wanna play right now?
6m ago
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Ok I'm back. Haha. Looking for CD, T-girls, and girls to have fun with. I can host mid August
- 23 minutes ago
I'm a top looking for his bottom!
- 48 minutes ago
Man walks up to this beautiful gurl and asks "Do you believe in the Hereafter?" Gurl says "yes" Man says "Then you know what I'm here after"
- 53 minutes ago
I want to go to a party, free 9/6 through 9/9. I've never been before. What can I expect?
- 3 hours ago
Reseda :)
- 5 hours ago
Back in Los Angeles this weekend after being in Sacramento/San Francisco and San Diego the last two. Waiting to return to Reseda...
- 8 hours ago
Thinking about goin to the LAX party on the 28th.. any ladies need a ride?
- 13 hours ago
COOL people on this site. Thnx!
- 14 hours ago
Sub vers, kik me Kylethe_lion
- 15 hours ago
Getting ready to goto Hamburger Mary's. Who else will be there?
- 15 hours ago
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Can anybody help with ride to
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MariBelle info
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Ok I'm back. Haha. Looking for CD, T-girls, and girls to have fun with. I can host mid August
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Would love to fuck a tgirl in the ass right about now.
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Anyone near pomona want to chat mayb have some fun today
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It can be!
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I've recently just started becoming a little more bold in sharing photos of me, and even am thinking of going to a party. I never have gone out dressed and find the thought of a party to be exciting.
3 hours ago
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The hate crimes against us, when will it end? We should be in mou
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