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The more views on my page, the more I hate being a standard member; if I catch your eye, message me. I'd like a chat !
3 hours ago
Avail for a limited time, during day, so hit me up
5 hours ago
Happy 4-20
7 hours ago
9 hours ago
You can get a hold of me on kik. Kerplunk32
9 hours ago
San Diego this weekend...go Dodgers...
12 hours ago
the nerve of JAMESJAMESON please do not write me anymore I wish to have no contact with you
12 hours ago
Riding from SD to Vegas on Fri 4/24. Any gurls wanna host along the way?
13 hours ago
))))Beautiful women in outdoor trio fucked while sucking pussy - 10 min(((((
14 hours ago
Kevin 7 party in van nuys April 24th. Hosts are jacqule-blu, jada, megan, ellan, maya, kelly, and jasmine D
15 hours ago
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hI all Any one want to join me on Tuesday the 4/28/15 at the Melr
christine · 17 hours ago
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13.04.2015 13:04
Posted by tofufox
saturday party was busy
13.04.2015 20:57
Posted by Badzmaru04
I need to go to out
13.04.2015 20:57
Posted by Badzmaru04
someone take me out
14.04.2015 03:53
Posted by cdjenn69
Van Nuys was rockin Saturday nite!!!
14.04.2015 11:43
Posted by SexyMadAsian
Pizza pizza!!! Cum join us tomorrow in SD! Last month's pizza party was so much fun!!!
14.04.2015 12:45
Posted by kronos69
Just joined. Looks like a great site. Looking forward to cumming to some parties
14.04.2015 14:40
Posted by BabyJLatinCD
Anyone going to LA party Thursday??? I need a ride.
14.04.2015 18:28
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
Party party! Thursday and beyond!
14.04.2015 21:44
Posted by drakken77
I can host if anyone wants to come over and play ;) 818 823 9831
15.04.2015 08:23
Posted by Visitor
looking for a date to the Pizza Party
15.04.2015 09:09
see y'all at the pizza party today - pool is open! xoxo
15.04.2015 09:22
Posted by GARNET
Have fun everyone at the San Diego party
15.04.2015 12:43
Posted by Becky
....aw_wwwwwwww, Granite, I'm sorry I couldn't finish my job yesterday So I could take you! maybe a rain check....hugs.
15.04.2015 14:14
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
Now accepting rides to LAX for tomorrow night.
15.04.2015 15:24
Posted by SissyCDsteevie
hi all - am a new freebee member and really like the site overall - and the parties being scheduled .. tho find myself always over-the-limit on here ( can only view 2 profile per day :(- anyway - my long e-mail addy is here if anyone wants to say hi: ""
15.04.2015 15:29
Posted by GARNET
No worries Becky it's all good.
15.04.2015 15:30
Posted by SissyCDsteevie
"typo" in my shout-box ad ==> meant only "ONE" profile per day.. oh well then - guess it cud be worse .. bye all :-)
15.04.2015 16:39
Posted by GARNET
bored and horny.. bad combo lol
15.04.2015 19:30
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
I was taking a walk to WalMart this afternoon and made $25 along the way. heh heh!
16.04.2015 11:52
Posted by BabyJLatinCD
I need a ride to LAX party from
16.04.2015 13:57
Posted by sixx
Jacquie I would of gave you more lol
16.04.2015 18:30
Posted by lostmeat2k
Maybe going to LAX tonight, if any girls in the valley need a ride
16.04.2015 20:00
Posted by Badzmaru04
I would love to go to lax party
16.04.2015 20:08
Posted by GARNET
I am in El Cajon city. wanna go to lax party but no ride there..
16.04.2015 21:24
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
Where's my ride???????
16.04.2015 22:55
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
BigThickJuicy not only flaked on me, but let me get all dressed and made up then totally disappeared.
17.04.2015 00:07
Posted by brasilbby
ugh so bored
17.04.2015 05:14
Posted by ArborVitae
Everyone enjoy your weekend; most likely no party for me Saturday.
17.04.2015 09:13
Posted by JustSimplyGene
Hello everyone. Let the weekend roll in.Just bought my motorcycle wooot!!!
17.04.2015 10:33
make sure u keep the training wheels on Gene ... heheee
17.04.2015 11:10
Posted by JustSimplyGene
I'll try
17.04.2015 11:30
Posted by BabyJLatinCD
Need ride to party from Whittier to club in Van Nuys
17.04.2015 12:48
Posted by Ilovelife619
Anyone in need of a ride to Van Nuys? Message me!
17.04.2015 14:17
Posted by GARNET
always wondered what it would be like in van Nuys with the glow stick party. haven't been to o e yet. I am too far away. am a lot closer to the spring valley party house..
17.04.2015 18:36
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
Now accepting rides from Long Beach to Van Nuys.
17.04.2015 19:58
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
17.04.2015 21:51
Posted by Raquel
at the glow stick party :)
17.04.2015 22:31
Posted by ginacd
Wet night at lax ;)
18.04.2015 02:07
Posted by ArborVitae
Having second thoughts about Saturday...maybe I WILL stop by.
18.04.2015 10:42
Posted by vivnLB
looking for a ride to the party tonight...:)
18.04.2015 14:04
Posted by brockinpanties
Anyone in Santa Barbara area want to play? I have hotel room next few nights
18.04.2015 15:11
Posted by UnkleScar
wish I could get up that way. cute ass in those panties!
18.04.2015 15:57
Posted by Raquel
ArborVitae you should I'll be there and I'll care of you know what :)
18.04.2015 16:36
Posted by ArborVitae
I'll try, but I might have a photography assignment tonight at Tne Oxwood...
18.04.2015 17:45
Posted by vivnLB
wish i could go the oxwood--no wheels, lol
18.04.2015 20:23
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
Looking for a ride for a ride tonight.
18.04.2015 20:58
Posted by Steely
Bored tonight
18.04.2015 21:47
Posted by Raquel
@ArborVitae OK u gotta do what u gotta do take care
19.04.2015 09:15
Posted by vivnLB
Had fun last night
19.04.2015 20:42
Posted by vivnLB
Forgot to mention, I wonder who that was that called me ,"big mama drag queen", as I was leaving? Some 'chicks' I gather, oh well! Good times!
19.04.2015 21:20
Posted by Raquel
had a blast last night and nice to meet Gina and bunnu
19.04.2015 21:20
Posted by Raquel
sorry bunny
19.04.2015 22:33
Posted by ginacd
Nice to meet you too Raquel :)
20.04.2015 11:11
Hello men!
20.04.2015 11:35
Posted by UglyCasanova
Should I go to the Friday Party or the Saturday Party?
20.04.2015 12:56
Posted by alottafun
So Many Hot Guys Registered for my once a month day time Temptation Tueday event. I love sharing my guys with my girls. Girls are free.
20.04.2015 13:51
Posted by john
Hi ppl
20.04.2015 14:54
Posted by ArborVitae
I'll see you next week Renee!
20.04.2015 17:41
Posted by KevinOral760
I'll have to wait till the next one.
20.04.2015 21:18
Hi BBC crew!
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