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Aperence: Is the pizza party fun? Never bin?
2d ago
Michelle_la_femme: pizza..... sex .... it can be quite fun
2d ago
Cd_jess25: Any hot guys going to the pizza party today?
2d ago
89flyguy: Cd_jess25 are you coming?
2d ago
hungry4ts: gonna check it out this afternoon
2d ago
admin: 4 girls here at the north Hollywood party ready for you guys!
2d ago
Cd_jess25: I'm going to try to make it before 3:30!
2d ago
Cd_jess25: Any hot guys there worth going for?
2d ago
SlingQueen: Get your butts here for some Pizza
2d ago
Naug8y: Hello
Naug8y: Looking for some fun 2 night
Lawren: ShutTF (STF) up BITCHES! I'm having a man inside me, 10 minutes AFTER he left!
Lawren: And that's at home!
Lawren: Hatwd missing the party! But had one now at home...
Lawren: Let's see, who's available right now...
Lawren: Wow, lost myself for awhile, sorry!
Michelle_la_femme: well if u can host u can have ur own party lol - see u soon Lawren !
Michelle_la_femme: btw party was pretty great ! thx to all that made it happen
mrosales323: anybody around carson or in LA that wanna play around ;)
SlingQueen: I enjoyed myself today. Was sad leaving when I did, it was just getting going
random45898: If anyone near Arcadia is interested, I'm available right now :)
JessicaTS: Missing my San Diego boys! Can't wait to see you all in March!! xoxo
mixelmishel: Horny. Sout LA
hotxxxdresser: yes i did make to the pizza party well ok it was late ok ok already they were closing when arrived ......
21h ago
hotxxxdresser: i've been away for awhile and it good to know that i'm still remembered by my favorite sluts as a role model to othersluts \
21h ago
hotxxxdresser: just remember if t feels do it luv love from OLIVIA
21h ago
hotxxxdresser: IT FEELS GOOD DO IT
21h ago
Pinkdoll: Exited for tonight
18h ago
fresian123: Top in the SFV looking to connect it with a local bottom. Maybe this evening? My text 818-335-4111
17h ago
SlingQueen: ATTENTION ALL THIRSTY GUYS - As women, crossdressers or Trans women, we all LOVE to be desired and the attention we get from admirerers. We all LOVE sex. But you really REALLY need to understand something. We are not sitting there just wanting cock 24/7, dressed up like sluts, and "ready to go" at a moments notice. It takes a LOT of time to look pretty, pick outfits that we think are sexy, clean up, shave, shower, etc. Most of us have jobs, lives, and in some cases other relationships. We are probably not in a work or living situation that lets us sit around and just "be sluts." So please, have some patience, some manners, and try to understand that hooking up with you is a complicated process. It takes planning, timing and the right mindset. If you want sex RIGHT NOW, then come to a sex party (there are up to 18 of them per month) or if there isn't a party and you really gotta get off, then hire a working girl.... they need to make a living too. Rant over.
17h ago
Michelle_la_femme: ..ans a lot of love to all those guys that do show patience, take us out from time to time and show us love and affection!
16h ago
SlingQueen: Also, you want to really get our pussies wet - tell us you'll really make it worth our while to see you by offering to bring lingerie, heels, or other sexy clothing - because us girls can NEVER have enough of that shit :)
14h ago
Mrbigballs: Dam I've been horny all day on my day off I need some fun
14h ago
kg6mvl: Im looking for someone to play with, please DM me
13h ago
SlingQueen: Another word of advice - tell people where you are located. Generally helps narrow the field
13h ago
ts_violeta15: What's the address for the TS Reseda party tonight?
13h ago
SlingQueen: There is no party in Reseda tonight. Address for the party tomorrow is in each event listing if you click on it.
13h ago
Megan: BUTT there IS an LAX party 2nite
13h ago
jhay: Me so horny... Lol
12h ago
Megan: mee 2uu
12h ago
Chris562: Any ladies need a ride tonight. I'm in the oc message me
11h ago
SlingQueen: LAX extremely tempting
9h ago
jennifersantafeNM: Anyone in Santa Fe NM ?👄
9h ago
ts_violeta15: So there is bo party in reseda tonight?
8h ago
The_Dude_00: LAX not Reseda tonight , Reseda is tomorrow
8h ago
ts_violeta15: Whats the password for LAX ts party?
7h ago
SlingQueen: @ts_violeta, I don't mean to be a jerk but if you CAN'T READ the calendar that's directly above you with all of the party dates then ...well I give up. additionally, nobody posts the password here. You have to email the promoters for it. Again that email address is in the LAX listing DIRECTLY ABOVE THIS BOX.
7h ago
Chris562: Ladies let me know if you need a ride. I'm in the Orange County are Fullerton
7h ago
ts_violeta15: Sorry. I just dont understand this website
6h ago
ts_violeta15: Im sorry to bother
6h ago
ts_violeta15: What do usually tgirls wear to this type of parties?
6h ago
phamiliar: wear whatever you want...just know that its about looking sexy. so if you feel sexy than that's what matters
5h ago
GinaBeMine: i wear very little like panties and bras when its not too cold. many wear slutty
5h ago
GinaBeMine: sexy look would be great too
5h ago
Chris562: Gina are you going to the party
4h ago
admin: Plenty of Tgirls here tonight at southbay
4h ago
BrookeLacie: Car troubles tonight. 😔 Maybe I'll make it out Sat to NoHo
3h ago
Sobayhung: Anyone still awake?
3h ago
SlingQueen: Had a blast tonight at LAX. A sling was set up there too tonight!! :-)
1h ago
The_Dude_00: What room is the sling in ?
56m ago
SlingQueen: Was in the first bigger bedroom on the right. might be gone next time tho
45m ago
The_Dude_00: That's a good spot , hope they bring it back
41m ago
jmanuel007: had fun today thank you!
6m ago
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love my party people! we have so much fun!
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Anyone beautiful ladies need a ride hit me up
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It's national margarita day today, I will totally celebrate this tonight after work!
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Lets play host??
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