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Juztme310: How are the LAX parties compared to reseda parties? I've never been to lax but sure making it a how to go
3d ago
Juztme310: *making it a goal to go.
3d ago
veronicali: Luckily you can't tell the TS from the CD until we take our shirt off
3d ago
veronicali: LAX is awesome. Most popular party. Most people, most beds, biggest space. My favorite. It's where they do Sanctuary on weekends.
3d ago
Stormjack: Reseda ? I love TS only
3d ago
Juztme310: Oh nice! I might have to go to this weeks lax party.
3d ago
Stormjack: Any luck u think tonight or just turn around?
3d ago
Stormjack: Horny was she young feminin
3d ago
veronicali: She was feminine tonight but Monday morning she'll be back in workboots on the construction site with a goatee
3d ago
Juztme310: What happened to van nuys? I use to like that party and the rooms.
3d ago
veronicali: I'm not that mean. I'm just jealous because I don't have male privilege 6 days a week lol..
3d ago
The_Dude_00: Sometimes parties start off slow but they pick up , should be really active by now .
3d ago
The_Dude_00: I've had fun at Sunday parties
3d ago
veronicali: And thursday ones ;)
3d ago
Dollface13: Any girls in San Diego down to play tonight , I can host
3d ago
Chaigirl: i had been thinking about going, but it's a little late, and it seems slow?
3d ago
Chaigirl: maybe next week :)
3d ago
veronicali: I wouldn't get discouraged. LAX is where it's at.
3d ago
Chris562: Lax is good
3d ago
Michelle_la_femme: blah blah blah ..... party ended up pretty hot as usual , if you are going to show up and leave you are going to miss out. go to back page lol
3d ago
SexyCDLylli: I hooked up with an mf couple there tonight! That was fucking hoy\t! How often does that happen Michelle? P.S. Now you know how i spell my name!
3d ago
SexyCDLylli: hey hornyboy23 get at me if you want a backpage gurl! But heres the thing! i was also at Reseda tonight sucking cock and getting fucked! So there ya go...Backpage and the sex club came together!
3d ago
3d ago
cher4luv: yes, my regular just texted me and wants to meet up this week, BBC here i cum
3d ago
Lawren: Damn it! On the way to SlutFest, I poured motor oil in my Power Steering hole! Fuk! $100 to flush it out! Missed the party! And, I went to NoHo first, thinking that's where the party was! Ditsy!!!
3d ago
Lawren: Well, git fucked, one way, or the other!
3d ago
jose3103: Any ladies in the L.A area interested in some fun?
3d ago
Lawren: For all the guys messenging me, my phone doesn't show the full screen to reply
3d ago
Lawren: My phone always still shows a DAMN ghost screen, preventing me from seeing the site
3d ago
IfOnlyYouKnew: Damn, lawren. Sorry for the bad luck.. Hope your day and week improves from here
3d ago
Lawren: Thank u baby
3d ago
Hal9000: Hi all. I was wondering if you guys know any good ts bars in san fernando Valley?
3d ago
SlingQueen: Oxwood Inn in Van Nuys and Club Cobra in North Hollywood
3d ago
Lawren: At a T night club, a guy flipped me off, then threatened to beat me up in back of the club. I was waiting for him to be stupid, to level him OUT but he walked away!
3d ago
Hal9000: Was that in club Cobra?
3d ago
Lawren: No
2d ago
BlackmasturbatorNOHO: Hal9000, Club Cobra and Oxwood are cool. Cobra is more of. "Club" vs Oxwood which does have a dance floor but has a more bar feel. Assholes (men, women, cd's, tgirls are everywhere) so keep that in mind when you go out
2d ago
Hal9000: Will do, thank you :)
2d ago
Bbc9incut: Any lady's want to play
2d ago
aNasty760: Did anybody go to the MM party? If so how was it?
2d ago
fixthatbug: yah how was the party here in Sandiego👉👉👊👊
2d ago
The_Dude_00: I heard it was fun
2d ago
BBC_Muscle1: Mlk.
2d ago
BBC_Muscle1: Happy MLK day...somebody should show me some love ;) :p
2d ago
SexyCDLylli: true mr bbc! im here for you!
2d ago
GinaBeMine: Happy MLK! this cd could use some love too ;)
2d ago
mixelmishel: Horny. South LA here
2d ago
fresian123: Horny in the San Fernando Valley area :) text me 818-335-4111 I am strictly a top
2d ago
Lawren: Can't wait to dance again soon
2d ago
Lawren: Can code be added to website to make it mobile friendly
2d ago
Juztme310: Thursday's party ends at midnight? I thought parties ran till 2am?
admin: Keep reading. All parties end at 2am except Sunday nights usually at 1am
Jocelynlovee: Lost connection to the band app to lol
Delilah_tv: Me 2 Jocelyn. Says I'm restricted.
SlingQueen: I guess the tight asses in Palo Alto didn't like the fun we were having on Band and shut it down for 11 days. We will see if we can get it going again then but might have to be photo free moving forward. I'm sorry. I tried. Out of my control.
versatilemco: Hi all - Had an INCREDIBLE time over NYE and unfortunately I'm back in Florida. Daydreaming about a quick return to Southern California to play again. Thank you for some great memories and the stuff for my newest fantasies. XO. If anyone is in Central Florida, please write me soon! [princeneel32801] [at] [gmail] [com]
16h ago
DiamondCock69: Anyone near pacific palisades?? Message me
16h ago
Laura: My days off are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Too bad there are no parties Monday or Tuesday nights.
15h ago
Hal9000: This week is taking FOREVER T_T
14h ago
BlackmasturbatorNOHO: It's "Humpday" and I want to "hump!"
13h ago
420guy909: Who else is horny in the i.e.? Hmu ladies
12h ago
asianpartytgirl: At 3020 S. La Brea until 9pm ish... then to LAX,,, anyone close? come fuck me.
7h ago
iluvtgurls85: Any girls down to play in the sgv Duarte area? I can host but would rather travel kik me mextop85
6h ago
Anna_H: Has anyone here ever done double anal? What's the best way to practice without actually going straight into it and getting hurt?
2h ago
mixelmishel: Hello. Horny south LA
2h ago
JessicaTS: Anna_H, I've done it with dildos, but never with real cocks... yet ;)
1h ago
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Please don't unfriend me! :( I'm not able to post any pictures while I work abroad
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TOP here!!!
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Any thirsty tgirls need company
- 7 hours ago
In motel with mirrored room until 9pm, need ride to airport, too. :D
- 8 hours ago
Any of you hotties in the ie need some femme attention sunday or Monday? ;-)
- 8 hours ago
Quien me invita por la mañana? Who can host on the mornings?
- 9 hours ago
I'm Thrilled when People Visit my Profile, Hopefully You will Be enlightened, get some Ideas, If you like what you see, you know what to do!
- 9 hours ago
Love All Of You!
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It's "Humpday" and I want to "hump!"
- 13 hours ago
I got a referral to an endo by my doc. Hopefully i will be starting hormones very soon. I'm excited.
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