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SAT NIT VAN NUYS here i cum ,,,,,2 night
an hour ago
Hi Admin, I was at Thursdays Party in LA. Do ii get the 2 months membership after all?
2 hours ago
Any girls have any sexy shoes boots ect tjat you no longer want? Lemme know =)
2 hours ago
Next stop Oxnard 8/26 Let\\\'s connect in the evening
2 hours ago
i'm overdue for a good pounding hehehehee
2 hours ago
Todays the day, Kevin 7 party in San Deigo tonight. Birthday also today, Might as well celebrate it in a big way.
3 hours ago
Anyone heading to San Diego from Los Angeles today, Saturday morning??? I need a ride with space for 5 bags. email me at: miranda.mystic.sd@gmail.com if you can help!! Thanks!!
4 hours ago
Thanks to everyone who came to Karaoke tonight. I loved singing YMCA with you all!
5 hours ago
I wear what you buy me even butt plugs. . . Daddy :) (I Like older Men 60+ Years Old)
9 hours ago
I want to be inside you!!
10 hours ago
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SissyMangina · 19 days ago
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Over 13,000 sex addicts!

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18.08.2014 21:30
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
i liked gull shit better
19.08.2014 01:05
Posted by JessN
mmm bird shit
19.08.2014 01:05
Posted by JessN
is that avianphillia?
19.08.2014 01:11
Posted by boo_tran
Ooops up side your head JACK - don't talk to people around here like that ! - u should apologize - what a vile thing to say - usually your very funny - what got over u lately - for anyone else reading here there not all like that - this is a copy paste of an email I got today from a guy…. You know, it never ceases to amaze me how beautiful you Tgirls can be, far exceeding the natural beauty of "normal girls".  I'm simply mesmerized by your pics.  Would love to get to know one another better, and maybe one day meet up.
19.08.2014 03:56
Posted by TSViking
i love you 13terrag your as fucking nuts as me..i bet that makes for great sex...drive down to san diego lets sit on my couch and talk mad shit to each-other.then go in my bed and ill show you what topping from the bottom is..dont worry nothing gets near your ass but i cant promise you wont get bruised up a little..but i think you'll love it..xoxo..oh yea and apologize to that guy...ha ha
19.08.2014 10:40
Posted by laynpipe
who's going to the sd pizza party tomorrow.i plan to go
19.08.2014 12:27
Garret is well behaved and pretty quiet in person ... enjoy ur one time sis hehehehe
19.08.2014 13:14
Posted by jose3103
Lmao..... Thanks
19.08.2014 15:35
Posted by 13terrag
the lax party has been cancelled ? thats more fucked then michelle lefem on a saturday night
19.08.2014 15:39
Posted by 13terrag
jose1103 is a good sport ,
19.08.2014 15:39
Posted by 13terrag
and remember im here to help
19.08.2014 15:44
Posted by Jukyjuke
So who's hosting the LA party on Thurs.? Happen to have tom off and may check it out to meet some new people
19.08.2014 16:25
Posted by admin
Barbara 101 Vivian Calypso Brandylove AmandaPatticakes Kristen4u Skye Centerfold SexyNiki
19.08.2014 16:25
Posted by admin
Confirming a few more...
19.08.2014 20:00
Posted by for_nsa_fun
in riverside today if anyone wants to hang out
19.08.2014 22:18
Posted by for_nsa_fun
anyone in riverside down to play?
20.08.2014 02:40
Posted by admin
10 TGirl Thursday Party! 20 bucks for single guys! Van Nuys and Inland Empire! 7pm-1am
20.08.2014 05:12
Posted by MisterSalty123
looking for a ltr with a t girl
20.08.2014 05:42
Posted by sexyyguyy
20.08.2014 11:02
Posted by itsme92129
Looking forward to the Pizza Party today!
20.08.2014 14:00
Posted by admin
Have fun, everyone!
20.08.2014 14:42
Posted by admin
Add Renee Washington to the list for Van Nuys 10 tgirl Party tomorriw night! Yay! Renee!
20.08.2014 16:28
Posted by MisterSalty123
still looking for the ts that wants a good man
20.08.2014 16:51
Posted by Visitor
going to van nuys party tomorrow night
20.08.2014 19:38
Posted by pwillison
any ts out there looking for some fun tonight?
20.08.2014 22:01
you guys need to go to van nuys sat night .. i heard theres going to be some wild stuff!!!
20.08.2014 22:02
oops... thursday night . hey i'm blond!
20.08.2014 22:03
Posted by LadyGigi
I will be hosting Saturday night, August 23rd
20.08.2014 23:20
Posted by vivnLB
hii ya'll anybody heading back to the lbc area after van nuys?
21.08.2014 01:16
Posted by admin
UnitedSexAddicts.com is TOTALLY UNRESTRICTED today to help people find a date for our special 20 dollar parties tonight. And anyone who comes to the 20 dollar party tonight gets 2 free months on the website! We want to have a really big, exciting night. The fun starts at 7pm and goes til 1am.
21.08.2014 01:41
Posted by admin
Add Brooke to the list of hosteses in Inland Empire tomorrow! Brooke is awesome!
21.08.2014 02:02
Posted by hungry4ts
21.08.2014 06:57
Posted by MisterSalty123
looking to play today hostng riverside area
21.08.2014 12:13
Posted by KandiiKane
n e 1 else going to the vn party tonight?
21.08.2014 12:48
Posted by admin
I am! Leaving Mexico now!
21.08.2014 12:48
Posted by admin
And 10 hostesses are!
21.08.2014 13:15
Posted by kosmo
Remember couples must arrive together at the same time, same car, no meeting at the venue
21.08.2014 13:40
Posted by CynDi_Lee
21.08.2014 14:10
Posted by jose3103
VivnLB..... If you like I can take u back home
21.08.2014 14:11
Posted by jose3103
I'm going KandiiKane
21.08.2014 16:45
Posted by funblackman
which party should i goto
21.08.2014 16:49
Posted by KevinOral760
I'll be at IE this time. Got to see how it is on a thursday night
21.08.2014 23:32
Posted by GARNET
hopefully see ya'll on the 30th!!
21.08.2014 23:46
Posted by ArborVitae
I was thinking about hitting up Oxwood before the damned party Saturday, but I might skip it all together. Hmm...
21.08.2014 23:51
Posted by barberboy
anyone wanna play in san diego?
22.08.2014 08:59
Posted by cher4luv
does anyone know the reason why LAX party was shut down?
22.08.2014 12:38
Posted by miranda_mystic
Anyone heading to San Diego from Los Angeles today, or is anyone from SD coming to Van Nuys party tonight?? I need a ride back to SD!!! miranda.mystic.sd@gmail.com if you can help!! Thanks!!
22.08.2014 16:24
Posted by Man_Whore
22.08.2014 16:26
Posted by Man_Whore
Drank ttoo muh vodka and forgot how to type
22.08.2014 18:45
Posted by 13terrag
cher4luv if you look up at the top of the shoutbox you can find my post dated 18-8-14 it explains in detail why the lax party shutt down
22.08.2014 22:59
Posted by bertv33
they should bbwkisses and sexaddicts all in one so that i dont have to pay twice
22.08.2014 23:00
Posted by bertv33
they should make*
22.08.2014 23:00
Posted by bertv33
or make it the same membership?
23.08.2014 00:11
Posted by JessicaTS
Just a quick THANKS to all of the men that have sent me cock pics this week! Love em! Cant wait to see more from other guys too! Send em over guys! xoxo
23.08.2014 06:22
Posted by admin
Thanks to everyone who came to Karaoke tonight. I loved singing YMCA with you all!
23.08.2014 06:23
Posted by admin
If you pay for the year on USA I'll give you a free year on BBWKisses.
23.08.2014 06:26
Posted by admin
And The Vagina Talk Show got craaaazy last night! Shocking.
23.08.2014 07:07
Posted by miranda_mystic
LaFemme:: I'm not sure if people are talking mean in the chat room, but everyone keeps calling everyone else "SLUTS"...
23.08.2014 09:11
Posted by KevinOral760
Kevin 7 in San Diego party tonight. Others hosts are Devyn, Stacy, Miya, Kita, Maru, Jacqulne bul, and the return if sissy Monica. And might as well celebrate My birthday in a big way. AT a sex Party!!
23.08.2014 09:17
Happy birthday kev! we're all sluts and proud of it Miranda ! kisses!
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23.08.2014 11:19
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