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Anyone with a hotel room for some one on one? KIK - Kara1cd
6 minutes ago
If you talk the talk, then walk the walk.
15 minutes ago
Can anyone recommend a good cosmetic surgeon for breast implants?
2 hours ago
Stay Healthy; always party safe
3 hours ago
have a wet week !
3 hours ago
TSViking & Friends Web Cam Party! Tuesday Night March 3rd
5 hours ago
HOSTING 4 A PARTY GURL RIGHT NOW, HMU-motek6619atyahoodotcom
9 hours ago
rolling bowls and bouncing up and down on floor mounted giant dildos.
9 hours ago
Bout 2 rent room in LA. Who wants to make it even cloudier out tonight?
11 hours ago
hmmmm I wonder if I go a room who would come
13 hours ago
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my first group meeting was fun, thanks to Renee and Gigi for host
cher4luv · 5 days ago
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55 minutes ago
Colleagues Fuck In The Storage Space
2 hours ago
2 hours ago
9 hours ago
10 hours ago
10 hours ago
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19.02.2015 11:56
Posted by dirtyteddy
abyone want to be my date for the LA party tonight. Message me and let me know
20.02.2015 01:24
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
Ready to play in LA
20.02.2015 04:58
Posted by john
bored in lbc
20.02.2015 11:23
Posted by The_Dude_00
I'm going tonight , I hope to play with some of you .
20.02.2015 15:14
Posted by KevinOral760
tonights the night hot 7. But the hosting line has been change. Its now Maya. Jacquline, janet, kelly, vivian, rochelle and dimond
20.02.2015 22:01
Posted by Colombian_papi
sooooo bored anything other than the van nuys party goin on tonight?
21.02.2015 06:37
Posted by ArborVitae
San Diego this Sunday...yup...
21.02.2015 15:47
Posted by boo_tran
I'll 2nd that - if u want to play u got to be brave - "must b on cam" - I loved it ! - and 1st one to turn the lights down gets to be "star of the show" when they turn em back up
21.02.2015 18:53
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
Would anyone like to pick me up in Culver City to take me to tonight's Van Nuys party? Text me at (619) 602-3059.
21.02.2015 19:49
Posted by The_Dude_00
I can pick you , sent you a message ,
21.02.2015 19:50
Posted by The_Dude_00
Meant Pick you up, (Same typo 3 times UGGG!!!!)
22.02.2015 08:43
Posted by GARNET
Thank you to those that came to the BBW party!! I enjoyed myself with the wax play on me, the massages and the hand jobs Wink WInk!!
22.02.2015 10:13
Posted by mkrides
Who's going to the Sunday Funday party in today?
22.02.2015 13:10
Posted by Karla_Tranny
How was the Vegas party ??
22.02.2015 13:59
Posted by JanetJane
i had a good time, very nice spot, wasn't crowded but a very good venue if they're gonna have us again : )
22.02.2015 17:49
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
Would any of you fine foods here in the l a area happen to have a spare room I might be able to rest?would any of you fine foods here in the l a area happen to have a spare room I might be able to rent? I can be very handy to have around. (619) 602-3059
22.02.2015 17:50
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
* fine folks * Stupid smartphone
22.02.2015 17:56
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
Let's try this again... Would any of you fine folks here in the LA area happen to have a spare room I might be able to rent? I can be very handy to have around. I'm very good at holding my legs in the air for extended periods. (619) 602-3059
22.02.2015 22:42
Posted by BeastDaddy
Thank You Renee and Gigi for a Funday Sunday Party - I had a WONDERFUL time =D
22.02.2015 23:02
Posted by FoxKit
ditto... it was my first USA party and I had a great time. Thanks, Gigi and Renee
23.02.2015 04:24
Posted by admin
TSViking & Friends Web Cam Party! Tuesday Night, March 3rd, 9pm-10pm Live from Club Sex Addict in San Diego! For Premium Members Only! Yes! It's the return of our special web cam events. Bambi and Friends will be playing Tuesday night, March 3rd from 9pm-10pm on webcam in the USA chatroom. Log in and watch OR come over in person and join the fun on cam. All playing at the party must be on cam. You can wear a mask if you want. There is no charge to attend the party! You can even bring your own partner if you want and take over on cam so TSViking can have a break! We are broadcasting live from our San Diego location. Let's have a great show and a packed chatroom. Check out TSViking at or at her personal website: *This event can only be viewed by upgraded Premium members so upgrade today to make sure you don't miss out. See you in the chatroom, Tuesday, March 3rd, 9:00pm-10:00pm!
23.02.2015 14:34
23.02.2015 17:25
Posted by alottafun
@ BeastDaddy and Foxkit. So glad you had a good time. We had a great time hosting, and always thank Ronnie/Admin for creating a safe place for TGirls and their admirers to play and socialize.
23.02.2015 17:34
Posted by KevinOral760
Nice seeing Renee and Gigi down in sd for a change. And nice to.hang out with some of my cool and hot USA friends.
23.02.2015 18:15
Posted by bearafun7
Looking to play, In San Diego for last night. getting dress fem slut
23.02.2015 23:32
Posted by bearafun7
Went out dressed fem slut, 3 ABS's & park, had a great time.
24.02.2015 04:21
Posted by ArborVitae
It was cool walking into the San Diego party to,see both Alottafun and Gigi getting pounded at the same time. Then Tanya showed up
24.02.2015 09:38
was walking around downtown on my lunch break yesterday and saw two separate tgirls, both had me thinking why I haven't met up with anyone from this site. I'm in downtown, I'm a professional white collar type and I want to meetup today
24.02.2015 10:21
Posted by Abbey-Christine
Only 2 more shows for the play and then Abbey and I will back to the PARTIES!!!
24.02.2015 12:34
Posted by leather1
LBGT night Tuesday Feb. 3rd at The Royal Falconer pub in Redlands 106 orange Street 3078913 from 8 till close music food great drinks, no cover charge. See u there!!
24.02.2015 13:08
Posted by JanetJane
there's a thin line between use/abuse / < see? it's very thin
24.02.2015 15:07
Posted by bennychurch
Still looking for the Asian TG who cuts hair in Hollywood. Near Vermont and the Freeway. Lost her info and would love to meet again.
24.02.2015 19:26
Posted by boo_tran
the web cam party banner looks really nice - adds new sparkle to the site - well done :)
24.02.2015 21:28
Posted by admin
Thanks to kosmo for all the banner work!
26.02.2015 01:41
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
I'm gonna try to make it to the LAX party for the first time tonight. I may or may not need a lift. I'll know more later. Remember, a ride fir a ride. ;-)
26.02.2015 07:11
Posted by BabyJLatinCD
Looking for a ride to LAX and other parties from Whittier and back
26.02.2015 07:41
Posted by FUNBI1
Baby be more than happy to give u a ride
26.02.2015 09:12
Posted by vivnLB
Hi all, looking for a ride to the party tonight please, thank you
26.02.2015 17:10
Who's going to the party tonight? See you there!
26.02.2015 18:57
Posted by jayarc
goin to the party tonight, comin from oceanside, any ladies lookin for a ride?
26.02.2015 20:15
Posted by menace11
Who wants to be my date tonight
26.02.2015 20:42
Posted by fin3ss3
looking forward to the party
27.02.2015 01:37
Posted by vivnLB
That was the
27.02.2015 08:17
Posted by BabyJLatinCD
Need ride to party tonight in Van Nuys. I live in Whittier. To and from party. Need to dress there
27.02.2015 21:37
Posted by matt31893
28.02.2015 05:40
Posted by LustfulOne
Who's down to party tonight in SD?
28.02.2015 14:52
Posted by funblackman
Looking forward to the party tonight it been almost 3 week and no party
28.02.2015 15:22
Posted by BabyJLatinCD
need ride to party tonight in Van Nuys
28.02.2015 18:38
Posted by The_Dude_00
Will try to take 4 girls to the club tonight if I'n not to burned out by 9 pm
28.02.2015 18:56
Posted by Man_Whore
Anyone from Long Beach to Santa Clarita or from Santa Monica to Orange County like a ride to Van Nuys call 310 678 4980
28.02.2015 22:25
Posted by jondrawd
anyone that hasn't left already able to help with a ride to the party?
01.03.2015 07:53
Posted by The_Dude_00
Morning wood
01.03.2015 13:11
Posted by kinkman
anyone wanna help start a SGV bi party??
01.03.2015 18:24
Posted by Jacquie_Blu
Every song must end. Every dream must fade.
01.03.2015 20:54
Posted by IB6_UB9_ISBAK
hey all.... been a long time since I been on, But I'm back and changed in certain ways, I want to apologize to all for my rudeness etc. I was a fool for fighting & arguing with others,I honestly think I learned my lesson and got wiser, After I got kicked I made promises to myself Admin and Ronnie for giving me that one more chance Big Thanks to you Ronnie, I guarantee you will never here of me doing wrong here I appreciate you Hope u all can accept me back like the site has.Thanks all
01.03.2015 22:37
Posted by latina-sexy-cd
02.03.2015 08:19
Posted by funblackman
great party sat non stop fun
02.03.2015 10:08
Back in Anaheim. Off all week. Hoping someone can host. I'm in need of a horny top
02.03.2015 10:15
Posted by BlueDragon
cold n cloudy day....lets make it warm...any local gurls available now???
02.03.2015 10:32
Wished there was a party during the daytime this week
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