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collegeguy789: anyone looking for a date tonight? going to reseda excited!
sober41707: going to reseda party see u
Blondie: flake...
SlingQueenCD: Flake? You don't say?
Xoxosass1: Any hot jocks going tonight?
Boo_Trans: I got ink on Hollywood Blvd before I was legally old enough for it - You cam do all kinds of stuff on the blvd lol - I keep it covered with gloves in all my pics and got the gloves as well as my last 2 wigs on the Blvd - I grew up less then a mile away and then as now if I could describe what Hollywood is like in just one word it would be " unpredictable " - you might be having the time of your life and a few minutes later wishing you walked down a different street that day. I've partied with people including TG and teens when in Griffith Park - Bronson Caves - Curson park and we climbed the fence a few times and had a blast in the Errol Flynn ( Hercules ) estates - Yes you can cruise the Blvd dolled up - just use what ever street smarts you have or bring someone with you - don't hang near bus stops and street corners or you get stink eye from cops thinking your trying to hook - and you'll get everything from people who wish you were never born to people wanting to be with you on the Blvd checking you out - And read signs including the tiny ones ! They will tow your ride quick as shit if you don't pay attention to parking restrictions !!
Chris562: Any ladies wanna go to the party tonight? I'm in the Orange County area let me know
Jamasrico: Kik me if your going tonight ladies
Comingovertoyou: I hope to see you there jes
Kevintonguejedi: in Burbank till tomorrow. Good time to get away.
Lawren: Going tonight to meet some gentlemen
420guy909: Anyone down to give me a ride to the party from Ontario? I'll give gas money if you want
Xoxosass1: How is the club tonight? Lots of guys?
GENJONES1013: men stay the fuck out of my inbox
Blondie: was that an observation or a directive? just asking...
Blondie: cuzz i like men in my 'inbox' a lot!!!
Blondie: i guess its cuzz im a total bottom sissy slut sub?
cottonlace: Chris562 I'm in OC! always too lazy to go to the parties though, need someone to cum bring the party to me 💃👙
BiancaOCCD: So. OC here!
Dylan: Party in reseda ?
DaisyCakes: ne1 wanna chat... im lonely
OCstraighttop: Im in south OC! Just moved
DeviousArbiter: My penis is starting to feel a little dry. Anyone know what'll help it?
Blondie: usually soap and hot water will take care of that... if applied daily...
jasonlast19888: hosting in van nuys. inbox me
OCstraighttop: Any tgirl who can travel to LAX hotel (Marriott) for a mmt threesome let me know!! Asap!
24h ago
Joei909: Hi Tina 13
23h ago
TheShyHammer: Who's hornyyy?
23h ago
Blondie: im horny, slutty, stoned and submissive... need to be spitroasted.. .
23h ago
Blondie: pull my hair... pinch my nippies... call me names... spank me hard... fuck me harder...
22h ago
420guy909: who wants to suck cock in the 909 area?
22h ago
420guy909: thirst has no curfew lol
22h ago
420guy909: lol send me a friend request, maybe we'll set something up for another night :)
22h ago
420guy909: lol ok ill send one as soon as i can view more profiles
22h ago
Crazyvic1313: Someone closed by carson torrance
19h ago
GenerallyBemused: Vic as in toria or tor? Hermosa beach here
18h ago
SlingQueenCD: Pirates? Nope. Baywatch? Nope. Aliens? Nope. Hollywood do you have ANY original ideas left? Nope
15h ago
SlingQueenCD: How was Reseda last night
14h ago
bruce696969: SQ, it looked like a good time was being had by most. Good size crowd.
14h ago
Blondie: writers are a forgotten craft these days... but if there were no reboots then the industry would dry up... making reboots keeps crews working even if the material is as fresh as last years halibut...
14h ago
Blondie: i bet today is a good day to play...
13h ago
Steven: Staying in Long Beach wed nite and looking for a bottom gurl who wants to get laid.
12h ago
ToppedOff: Looking for safe and sane ladies in San Diego.
12h ago
Tonya: I don't think that sanity is a happening thing in here.
11h ago
Lagirl2003: Great night in Reseda last night....
11h ago
Boo_Trans: Tommorow is the last and final T Gurl Party at Melrose Spa forever as the Hollywood location is going out of business - Be a part of Hollywood history ! That joint survived for 52 years and now it's a closing chapter for not just gay men but for a lot of people - Hope to see a many of you there ;)
10h ago
GenerallyBemused: Are you in Cali or Miami, Janelle?
9h ago
BigThickJuicy: Can't wait to post a "success " for tonight's meetup
8h ago
Janelle_Miami: I am in Cali right now for 7 days
7h ago
bruce696969: LAgirl2003, you made the party. You were stunning and sexy as can be.
6h ago
Cockzilla: Can any young girl give me a sloppy BJ tonight? Preferably in LA area
6h ago
GenerallyBemused: Whereabouts in Cali, Janelle?
5h ago
christiancarney: @slingqueen how about mutants being the origin of the god myth in ancient Egypt?
5h ago
Janelle_Miami: i can
4h ago
Janelle_Miami: inglewood by LAX
4h ago
yourdreamdude: who wants to play tonight?
4h ago
fmesillynow: Great night at last nights party.. always beautiful girls and lots and lots of fun to be had... well worth a visit if you've never been
3h ago
Bubblebuttazn: Bored anyone want to have some fun? Pm for now
2h ago
Lagirl2003: Thanks Bruce, appreciate the comment.
2h ago
420guy909: the chat room is so lonely lol
12m ago
Vontavious: Are there any young sexy guys on this site
2m ago
Latest Status Messages
looking to host in torrance. oppen to T, CD, panty boys, and GENTLEMEN. message me or (with more then one line). The realer you are the btr
- 4 hours ago
TT Tomorrow! Let's play!
- 6 hours ago
Bored in Burbank
- 7 hours ago
Where ya at, Janelle?
- 9 hours ago
Im free tomorrow night :-) 5/30/17
- 10 hours ago
anyone wanna come fuck me today? no limits
- 10 hours ago
I pinched another girl's ass at the bar the other night. Almost feel bad. Almost.
- 10 hours ago
Can someone tell me, how to look at ratings on my profile, I can't find them????
- 11 hours ago
who is going to suck my cock tonight? im in Ontario, come visit me :)
- Yesterday
BBC can host in Culver City
- Yesterday
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