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happy 4th to my beautiful ladies
7 hours ago
wish I had a date for the party, yes I\'m pandering.
7 hours ago
Good Day USA! Looking for a fine lady in the Valley/LA to Cater to. I Can Host Now 4aBit or travel later locally, 8\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
7 hours ago
Getting ready to leave 4 the party anyone want a ride? please no FLAKES! [email protected]
9 hours ago
Who's going to the party tonight?
12 hours ago
New Pix Cumming Soon, Any requests?
12 hours ago
Of course I'm in the credits! LOL
12 hours ago
My 4th is great, I'm being a slut today and have had no one under 8" a prefect 4th
13 hours ago
Bondage Play at Van Nuys party tonight. Hoping for a sleep over with a smooth compliant bottom girl. Bondage is optional.
13 hours ago
where is my sissy slut?...entertaining sissy sluts for
14 hours ago
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These are some of the hottest shoes in fashion and still the best
BiancaLeRue · 15 days ago
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27.06.2015 12:56
i miss u lady G !
27.06.2015 12:59
Posted by JessicaTS
Sexy time in SD tonight! :)
27.06.2015 13:22
Posted by readyN4sureSD
I may not have to work tonight so tonight could b my 1st party!!!
27.06.2015 13:43
yay Ready! will the Fairy Princes be there to regain her pool crown??? how many of the other gorgeous local t girls will be there? u gotta be there to find out ....
27.06.2015 13:45
oh fyi early start at 6 pm , i'll be in the pool - informal clothing swap i have a few nice things donated by the lovely Amber
27.06.2015 15:37
Posted by sas1
i'm going to try at make this my first T-Girl Party
27.06.2015 17:49
Posted by TSViking
Back from a week in Vegas.. May go to the SD party tonight. It will be my last. Moving to Vegas for a few months then Costa Rica for the fall and winter..thanks for the memories and wet dreams..xoxo
27.06.2015 17:59
Posted by Badzmaru04
Hey ppl come out to the party
27.06.2015 18:01
Anyone want to go to the sobay July 2nd party?
27.06.2015 18:47
Posted by JessicaTS
Going to shower and get ready for the party. See you all soon!
27.06.2015 19:34
Posted by topasseater
Looking for a date to the van nuys party 818 857 7296
27.06.2015 20:17
Posted by funnchef
who is going to van nuys tonight???
27.06.2015 23:17
Posted by riven
Who's going to Sd slutfest tonight
28.06.2015 00:23
Posted by GARNET
totally missed the party, thanks to my friend who ditched me somewhere else!!!
28.06.2015 02:46
Posted by JessicaTS
Had such a great time at the SD party tonight! Loads of fun... about 12 of them. ;) xoxo
28.06.2015 04:28
Posted by ArborVitae
Great time down in San Diego...JessicaTS is not exaggerating!
28.06.2015 12:05
Posted by Perry
Looking to host a smooth bondage bottom today in SFV. Private house lots of time.
28.06.2015 17:21
Posted by Ready4you
SD party was lots of fun! JessicaTS knows how to party ;)
28.06.2015 17:39
Posted by GARNET
holy hell its hotter than Hades here!!! glad everyone had fun at the party... ha
28.06.2015 19:50
thx to all the fun people that made saturdays party a blast! so many hot girls so much hot sex! oh thx to u too guys for makin it all possible!!
28.06.2015 20:43
Posted by JessicaTS
Still buzzing with excitement about last night! Hoping to see more of you guys next time! xoxo
28.06.2015 21:39
Posted by rickster
any one in van nuys Need dick
28.06.2015 22:22
Posted by Man_Whore
Happy Birthday to Kristina and Happy Birthday to Kita even tho its tomorrow
28.06.2015 22:51
Posted by Lbpcean234
Bored in downtown lb msg me if you want to meet tonight
29.06.2015 10:16
Posted by Perry
Rope bondage top in SFV. Hosting smooth rope bondage bottoms for bondage and sex at the same time.
29.06.2015 14:18
Posted by SexyMadAsian
July 11th!!! Join us for tgirl pride night!! I will have door prizes for the first 10 tgirls!!
29.06.2015 14:21
Posted by GARNET
woot!!! I might be at that one!! :)
29.06.2015 15:56
Posted by SYLVIAV49
soon I go to a mountain resort. any one to join this sexy shemale at Mountain Resort? you can be my guest. want to join this sexy t girl in my RV?
30.06.2015 11:25
Posted by JessicaTS
How's everyone doing today?
30.06.2015 18:21
i'm sure a high percentage will answer " horny"
30.06.2015 20:49
Posted by Becky
30.06.2015 22:13
Posted by Perry
Looks like I got stood up... again. Fucking flakes. Any one in the valley up for very restrictive rope bondage and sex, at the same time? I can host or travel.
30.06.2015 23:40
Posted by Perry
Lost 3 nights this week to flakes. Only 3 weeks left.
01.07.2015 12:16
Posted by Megan
Hey everyone....Need somebody REAL to step up and give their bodies to Mr Perry. You wont be sorry. Perhaps you'll learn something too!!
01.07.2015 12:46
Posted by Megan
and have some interesting fun along the wayy...giggles
01.07.2015 13:34
Posted by Perry
Thanks Megan. Still looking for freaky bondage bottoms in the SFV. I am hosting.
02.07.2015 08:46
Posted by Perry
Floggers and paddles and rope oh my. South bay tonight.
02.07.2015 12:39
Posted by JustSimplyGene
Any girl hosting? I will come
02.07.2015 12:47
Posted by irvineguy
any girls in the IE wanna have some fun today?
02.07.2015 16:47
Posted by titov
I need a date for tonight, Thursday July 2d for LAX party. I'll drive and escort the kind lady who says yes.
02.07.2015 18:14
Posted by Stephtacular
Going to the LAX party tonight - come say hi if you recognize me!
02.07.2015 18:41
Posted by GARNET
chunky dunking time tonight at my usual spot!!! ya'll have fun at LAX!!!
03.07.2015 07:25
Posted by Shawna_Lynn
I will be out tonight in Hillcrest! Either at the Caliph on 5th or the SRO. Come find me and say hello!
03.07.2015 10:08
Posted by nitewulf14
Very horny right now.any tgirl want to have fun
03.07.2015 12:17
Posted by GARNET
July 3rd 1:32am: Garnet gets into a car accident on the freeway, by two drunk bimbos in a Charger. Charger gets smashed in the front, bimbos get arrested. Garnet and friend have neck injuries from the whiplash. Shaking like a leaf still...
03.07.2015 13:15
Posted by SDWaterbabies
We are so sorry hear about that. We are sending our healing prayers to you and your hurt friend. We are just glad you are alive.
03.07.2015 15:07
Posted by TSViking
well dear thats horrible...hope you are feeling better..but alll i had to here was charger..its a shitty member of the american muscle car crew and to top it off drunk bimbos??? yes again my thoughts are with you..xoxo
03.07.2015 15:09
Posted by LadyStark
So, driving while drunk and stupid?
03.07.2015 15:36
Posted by boo_tran
Get a good lawyer ! you'll get a juicy settlement out of it. I am in Kingman AZ making my way back from the Bronx to LA. I get a sore butt from driving coast to coast but avoid drunk hour driving in LA as much as possible.
03.07.2015 19:23
Posted by The_Dude_00
The important thing is Garnet is with us ..
03.07.2015 19:23
Posted by The_Dude_00
meant still with us .
03.07.2015 20:18
Posted by Raphe
I'm thiniking of going to the LA party. Never been before and I'm a little nervous
03.07.2015 20:18
Posted by Raphe
What might I expect there?
03.07.2015 21:29
Posted by GARNET
thank you everyone!! I saw a Dr earlier. Took forever - xrays, and muscle relaxers, and shocking to me, a shot in the ass!!! Cortisone I believe it was... IHA ve no money for a neck brace, but am to wear one...
03.07.2015 22:21
Posted by JessicaTS
oh no! Garnet i'm glad to hear you're safe though.
03.07.2015 22:46
Posted by simpleguy
stood up again it looks like.
04.07.2015 05:10
Posted by GARNET
Happy July 4th everyone!! Be SAFE tonight!!!
04.07.2015 10:18
Posted by boo_tran
All my girly stuff is 1200 miles from here, anyone got a wig and size 12 pumps I can barrow for the party tonight ? I can offer a ride and do favors for it xoxo. Prefer a short to medium length wig, I like chokers too ;)
04.07.2015 22:36
Posted by ginacd
Happy 4th everyone!
04.07.2015 22:55
happy 4th to my beautiful ladies
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