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Participants MUST Read ALL Guidelines is a new division of with all billing being handled by, the best adult billing company on the web.






This program is designed to serve two types of members:

Members who are willing to pay for one-on-one web camera time with another member in a private/password protected USA chatroom.



Members with web cams who love showing off and being on cam and making money doing it.


If you fit in to one of those two groups you've come to the right place.


• Performers can charge anywhere between $4.95 to $99.95 for a show and the length of the show is between the client and the performer. Our main goal is that everyone is satisfied and happy.


• Clients can request anything legal and are welcome to negotiate prices with performers.


• Once a fee and a show are agreed upon, the client should pay the full amount in advance via the CCBill link and once we receive immediate payment confirmation we will notify the performer so the show can proceed.


• If we get numerous complaints about a performer or client we will ban that person from using this program.


• will retain 30% of the transaction and pass the rest on to the performer. Payment distribution will be agreed upon between USA and the performer.


• Absolutely ANYONE on the site with a web cam is free to sign up and list the shows they are willing to do. Maybe someone will be wiling to see it or maybe not, you'll never know unless you list it. Once you are signed up we will promote the available shows and the client requests to the whole membership.


• A client can sign up and state what they are looking for and if a performer can fulfill the request the performer can contact the client and offer their services. All show requests should be submitted to [email protected] and once approved we will list it on this page with a link to your profile.


• Performers should go out of their way to do what the client requests and the client should stick to the initial request.


• This should be fun for everyone involved. We don't want our performers or clients to feel abused unless of course they request it.


• Performers and clients should also stick to the agreed upon times.


• Performers can also promote themselves and their shows by signing up to host group chats via Michelle_la_femme and giving preview performances. For instance, you could host a group chat from 8-9PM and if a member wants to see more they can pay via CCBill and you can both head in to a private/password protected chatroom. Shows can also be done one-on-one via the USA instant video messenger or you can use Yahoo and we will just handle the billing and just help with matching up clients and performers. It's totally up to you.


• Perforners or clients are free to make their own password/protected chatrooms but they should be deleted at the end of the show. If a room is not deleted by you, we will delete it. USA will maintain our own password/protected chatroom that can be used by members when needed. Contact us at [email protected] for the password after you have set up your show.


• Performers can also announce pay-per-view events to the whole membership and sell admission to the show as opposed to doing a one-on-one show. The most we've ever had in a chatroom at one time is 55 members. But if you put together a really hot show and promoted it far enough in advance and audience interest was high, a show could, theoretically, gross a fair amount of money. 40 people in the chatroom at 20 bucks a pop equals 800.00. I'm not saying you would get that and I'm not telling you what to charge but if you put together a super hot show and promoted it...who knows?


• Reputations are important. If you develop a reputation for doing great shows you might build up a regular fan base. And remember, you can offer anything as a show; sex acts, fashion shows, conversation, blowjob lessons, make-up tips, whatever you want.


• Hopefully, this will be a great opportunity for members to get their fantasies fulfilled and for performers to have fun, make someone happy and make some money.


• Any questions should be e-mailed to: [email protected]


• Click the logo below to make your purchase.





• Anyone can sign up to be a client and/or performer.

• Any show ideas can be submitted or requested as long as it's legal.

• Illegal activity of any kind will get you booted from the program, the site, the parties and might just land you in jail.


Sign up now either as a client, performer or both!


Have fun!

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