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mattserra: maya, i can no longer send u messages website said i used up my messages,but i think. i am what u r looking for
9h ago
sexpassion9: Hi friends..I you bottom?
9h ago
PartyGurl: why, yes! i do...
8h ago
sexpassion9: Where exactly are you?
8h ago
PartyGurl: in the living room... in santa clarita...
8h ago
Megan: pizza pizza
8h ago
sexpassion9: What are you wearing?
8h ago
PartyGurl: a potato sack
8h ago
str8nkinky: Who's going to VN tonight?
8h ago
sexpassion9: Why a potato sack?
8h ago
PartyGurl: to keep warm, silly
8h ago
fresian123: PartyGurl Im local. Used up my profile views. But text me at 818-335-4111 I top only
8h ago
PartyGurl: fresian, i meet strangers at parties...
8h ago
sexpassion9: Lol
8h ago
PartyGurl: or on santa monica blvd at night...
8h ago
Jamie24: Can I get the address for the grope room
8h ago
PartyGurl: Enter in front,turn left and keep walking
8h ago
The_Dude_00: Will most likely be there tonight , can pick up anyone on the way over
8h ago
blueyedboy: Any fun happenings going on tonight in San Diego?
8h ago
The_Dude_00: Sand Diego, fetlife is your best choice
8h ago
blueyedboy: Thanks Dude!
8h ago
Jamie24: @the_dude can you give me a ride?
8h ago
PartyGurl: dude, can i get a ride to the mall?
8h ago
Undercover_bbc: Grope room tonight!!!
8h ago
The_Dude_00: @Jaimie , check your mail
7h ago
ridethiscock: Looking for some fun tonight in the Temecula area.
7h ago
kfury: Hi, new here. Is the grope room the only room, or is there other areas to play as well?
7h ago
13terrag: other areas also
7h ago
kfury: Thx. Looking forward to checking it out.
7h ago
Jayflo: Fun fem bottom looking for a ride tonight I'm in Studio City hmu kik jayflo369
7h ago
SamDesign: Hello everyone! I'm looking for all types of fun
6h ago
PartyGurl: Six Flags is lots of fun..
6h ago
SamDesign: Whats at Six Flags?
6h ago
PartyGurl: Thrills galore...
6h ago
Delilah_tv: burntsaco, the locale is fun (a bit low in it) and a lot of people show up. lots of action. I am usually being bent over in the jail cell.
6h ago
Delilah_tv: low in it= low lit
6h ago
SamDesign: Sounds amazing. Is that at the event tonight?
6h ago
SamDesign: And where is the Sunday night T-Girl Party in Van Nuys?
6h ago
SamDesign: I'm so horny!
6h ago
SamDesign: Just posted an image to my page...
6h ago
Delilah_tv: Sam, it was re: the Wed. Pizza Party.
6h ago
SamDesign: Oh ok...I just see a banner on the top of this page that says Sunday Night TGirl Party...
6h ago
SamDesign: I want to grope...
6h ago
PartyGurl: Then. Go. To. The. Party!
5h ago
Kenro: Daddy can host in sd kik: hero777get
5h ago
Estasis18: Wish somebody pointed me to tonights party. I dont have the info
5h ago
SamDesign: I think I NEED to be there...
5h ago
Estasis18: @samdesign me too
5h ago
SamDesign: Perfect! @estasis18
5h ago
Erica4U: anyone have the address for tonite
5h ago
The_Dude_00: See you all tonight
5h ago
The_Dude_00: Erica4u message me , I'm having trouble sending you PM , for the address
5h ago
PartyGurl: Dudester is gonna get some gurl pussy tonight...
5h ago
mixelmishel: Hello everyone. South LA here
3h ago
Burntsaco: Thanks for the info Delilah, I think I should be able to make it and I’m excited!!
3h ago
Undercover_bbc: Needs more girls here at van nuys
3h ago
Justanothertgirl: Any girls hosting right now?
2h ago
hornyfucker: I'm always the horniest sunday nights
2h ago
Playtowin: horny black cock i can host. kik me: nerfthis.
2h ago
tranzgazer: Had fun at Vnuys tonight - Fun couple at the end - Like to fuck her again
1h ago
Mark6655: Hosting ladies pm me
1h ago

We run off donations:

• Free for Women, TGirls, CD's

• Single Men: $40

• Couples*: T/M, M/F Couples - any donation suggested

*Couples must arrive together at the same time, same car. No waiting around for dates on location!


We have the same rules and policies for all our parties.

• Always ask before touching or you will be thrown out of the party.
• Always shower before arriving to a party. Please douche if you plan on having anal sex.
• No means no. Always be respectful.
• No alcohol or drugs are allowed in the club. Intoxicated individuals will be turned away at the door.
• We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding any form of prostitution.
• Any individual caught offering, requesting, giving or receiving money for sex will be banned forever.
• No weapons of any kind are allowed in our parties.
• Please leave valuables at home or in the trunk of your car.
• Parties always end right at the stated times.
• Safe sex only. We provide free condoms and lube, please use them.
• Bring your own over-sized condoms.
• No playing in the bathrooms.
• Throw all the garbage in the garbage cans.
• Couples must arrive together. Single men may not stand around the venues waiting for dates.
• Posting the private party address on the web is not allowed.
• Girls can arrive 1 hour before each party to get ready in private.
• No attitude allowed. We only want nice people at our parties.
• Do not write and ask us who will be at the party. We cannot predict the future.

Welcome to • Finally, a sex club for EVERYONE! • Three Locations: L.A. (Van Nuys), San Diego, South Bay (LAX)

L.A Addresses write to [email protected]

San Diego address write to: [email protected]

South Bay (near LAX) address write to: [email protected]

*Please specify which city and party you are interested in when contacting us.


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Safe Sex Always

Safer Sex
More than condoms - thinking and acting safe sex

What is Safer Sex?
It is all forms of sex that protect you against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Doesn't Sound Like Much Fun Really?
All of the following include safe sex.
    •    Cuddling, stroking and kissing
    •    Vaginal sex with a condom and a water-based gel such as KY Jelly
    •    Massage
    •    Rubbing
    •    Anal sex with a condom and a water-based gel
    •    Mutual masturbation
    •    Masturbation
    •    Oral sex with a dam/Lollye (a thin square of latex which fits over the vagina or anus) or a condom covering the penis

Emily, 17: "I was at a party and there was this guy who kept going on an on about how he wanted to sleep with me. But he didn't have any condoms and neither did I, so I just told him it wasn't going to happen. Then I kept drinking and the next thing I know I wake up with him on top of me having a good time and I thought: You Prick!"
Alcohol and drugs are half the fun of going to a party. But it's important to know when you switch from "having fun" to "being out of it".
If you're too stoned or drunk to know what you are doing, you are putting yourself at risk…of having unsafe sex; of having sex when you didn't really want it or having sex when you definitely didn't want it, which is rape.

You could wake up with more than a hangover. You could wake up pregnant, with a sexually transmitted infection or just feeling rotten about yourself. It's not worth it.

Party Rules
    •    Decide how much you're going to have BEFORE you go out and stick to it
    •    Slow down the effects of drinking before you go out by having something to eat and drinking water, not alcohol, when you're thirsty
    •    Hang out with people you trust
    •    Agree with a friend beforehand to tell you when you're making a fool of yourself. Agree to do the same for your friend when they get off their face
    •    Do not stick with anyone if they're making you feel uncomfortable to pressuring you
    •    Say no at any time if you want to
    •    If you think you might end up having sex, take a condom
    •    Plan how you're going to get home. Don't just get into any car when it's time to leave.
*these suggestions come from an education kit called "Rethinking Drinking"

If you inject drugs you put yourself at risk of getting
    •    Hepatitis C
    •    Hepatitis B
    •    HIV

If you share needles, syringes, swabs, spoons, filters, tourniquets, water or mix that has a used fit in it.
Injecting drugs is a risk so, if you want to use drugs how about trying:
    •    Swallowing, smoking or snorting the drug instead


If you are going to inject, make sure you
    •    Always use a new needles and syringe
    •    Never share needles even with your boyfriend or girlfriend
    •    Always use new and sterile equipment including swabs, water, mix, spoons, needles and syringes
    •    If you can't get a new needle and syringe, only re-use your own as bleach doesn't kill Hepatitis C. Get into the habit of rinsing your equipment with water straight after use as this is the best way to get rid of any blood
    •    Remember, just because you can't see any blood on a syringe, it doesn't mean that it is free of the virus
    •    Always wash your hands immediately before and after injecting yourself or anyone else
    •    Dispose of syringes and needles in a safe, disposable container.

Are tattoos and body piercing safe?
Always get a tattoo or piercing done at a licensed studio that uses disposable needles or sterilises the needles it reuses (in an autoclave, which heats the equipment to such a high temperature that it kills off any viruses).

It may seem odd, but you are at greatest risk of catching an infection from piercings done at home, using borrowed rings and studs.

While licensed tattoo and body piercing studios are expensive they are safe. Remember, you only want the tattoo for life not a disease.

Sexually transmitted infections are diseases that can be transmitted between people when they have vaginal, oral or anal sex. Other diseases such as herpes can also be transmitted via skin-to-skin contact.

You can have an STI:
    •    At any age
    •    And not know about it for months even years as you may be infected but have no symptoms
    •    And infect others without knowing it
    •    And become infertile if it remains untreated
    •    Even after the symptoms have been treated
    •    And, with the right treatment, often be completely cured.

If you have had sex and you start to experience the following symptoms see your doctor or Family Planning Victoria.
    •    Unusual vaginal bleeding
    •    A discharge (like snot) from the penis or vagina
    •    Sores, lumps or rashes around or on the penis, anus or vagina
    •    Burning feeling when you urinate
    •    Itching around the vagina, penis or anus.

Remember if you have had sex without a condom you may still be infected with an STI even though you have no symptoms. So go and see a doctor if you think you might be at risk.
It's no big deal - many STIs can be treated.

How Can I Protect Myself Against Getting an STI

Safe sex doesn't have to involve penetration either orally, vaginally or anally. There are other ways to have satisfying sex that is safe.

Try the Three Ms
    •    Mutual masturbation
    •    Masturbation while talking about sex
    •    Massage.

But even if you avoid penetration or you use a condom, it is still possible to pass on some infections such as genital warts just through skin-to-skin contact and oral herpes can be transmitted through kissing.

If you think you might be at risk of having a sexually transmitted infection see your doctor.

How Do I Get My Partner to Wear a Condom?

Tell him
    •    That it will reduce his chances of infection
    •    If he won't wear a condom, then it's OK to try other types of sex such as masturbation
    •    If he wants to have vaginal, anal or even oral sex — then it's got to be with a condom
    •    Try using a female condom.

Mira Mesa

Mira Mesa

South Bay
South Bay, L.A. (Near LAX Airport)
Our newest location is in a huge club space with lots of kinky decor and interesting play space. It's located right across the street from LAX. It has two stages, 5 rooms, and lots of couches for socializing. There is also a dressing room for the girls. This is a private location and you must know the address and password to enter.
For questions write to: [email protected]
Van Nuys
Van Nuys (Los Angeles)
Located in the San Fernando Valley. It has multiple rooms, dressing room for girls, and a Parking lot for TGirls and couples. A Password is required for this party.
For questions write to: [email protected]
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