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FREE for PREMIUM MEMBERS of UnitedSexAddicts.COM

The 4th Saturday of each month!
Next Party: Saturday, March 28th
9PM - 1AM
6930 Del Rosa Ave.
San Bernardino, Calif.
Free for Premium Members of
Do not show up at this address until the night of the party!
Picture this:
You'll walk in to a warm and cozy living room filled with lots of very horny people but no sex is happening in the living room. All the sex is underground! Literally! The sexual tension upstairs is palpable but there's no sex allowed in the living room. When you're ready to "get your freak on" you'll walk down a long a stairway down to a huge, dark, underground room, dimly lit with red light. People are having sex in every corner of the room. The atmosphere down here is the opposite of upstairs. In the living room, everyone was joking, getting acquainted, having fun, but down here in the basement the atmosphere is completely different; it's intense, animalistic, mysterious. No one's talking, or joking around down here they're just going at it! It's pure lust! You wander around in the dark looking for someone hot to get off many people to choose from; trannies, women, men, couples...whatever you want! You need a break? Go back upstairs! You need more sex. Stay downstairs!
Are you a sex addict? Good! You've come to right place!!!
Welcome to Sally and Blair's San Bernardino Sex Club!
Frequently Asked Questions about Sally's parties!
How often will the sex club be open in San Bernardino?
We had a good turn-out at the last one so we are doing it again.
How do I get the address and phone number for your parties?
Send an e-mail to [email protected] and you will get an automatic reply.
How do I sign up to come to one of your parties?
Join, then go the event and click join and you will be confirmed.
What happens at your parties?
My parties are filled with people who want to have fun and escape in a safe, clean friendly, warm, relaxed and non-judgemental environment.
Are your parties legal?
According to my lawyer and the constitution they are. I believe we have the right to free speech and the right to assemble and the right to privacy. I believe consenting adults have the right to get together a few times a month and have a party in a private home. So, yes, these parties are legal. We are friends getting together to eat and have fun and express ourselves. What’s illegal about that? The last time I checked, sex was legal. Without sex, the human race would perish!
Is it an orgy?
That's too simple. It's a party with lots of sexual energy and discussion. There's lots of talking and laughing and hanging out. It's a PARTY! 
Can I bring a friend?
Of course. Bring your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend....the more the merrier. The parties are for EVERYONE; straight, gay, bi and trannie!
Do I have to have sex?
No No NO. You only do what you feel like doing. Just hang out and talk if you want. The only rule is that you have to be nice to everyone! I want EVERYONE to feel comfortable.
Who comes to your parties?
All types of people. You must be over 18 of course. But we get all types of people; Men, Women and Trannies!
What's the ratio?
It's different every time. There are always more men but the mix always feel right. 
I'm a Female to Male Trannssexual. Will I be welcome?
Absolutely! EVERYONE is welcome at my parties, I can not stress that enough!
Do the trannies play with each other.
Some do, yes. But some just like men.
Do the men play with each other.
If they want to they can.
How many real women show up?
The most women we've ever had at one time was 5. 
I only like real women. Will I find one at your party?
I have noooo idea. If you aren't interested in trannies or men this may not be the party for you?
What's a trannie?
Google it baby!
Are the trannies passable?
Ok, listen. This is really important. We get all types of trannies at the party. All ages. All type of looks. I don't think of my guests as passable or non-passable. They are just cool people that I love having in my house. 
Do they all have tits and a dick?
Did you Google trannie? A trannie can be a girl who's had an operation or it can be a guy who just wears womens clothes. Trannie is a catch-all term for EVERYTHING. Transsexual, transgender, transvestite, crossdresser, drag queen, panty boy. And yes, we get all types of trannies at my party!
I'm an older guy. Will people like me?
Absolutely. Everyone feels welcome and wanted at my parties!
Can black people come to your parties?
I actually got this question last month and it made me sort of sad that someone would even ask it. Hell yes, black people can come. In fact, I get people asking me how many black guys will be there because they love black guys!
Do you have pics from the parties?
We have some video on from a small video party we had. We do have a web camera area but it is behind a screen with a big sign. You will NEVER be on camera unless you want to be and you have to walk behind the screen to be on cam. And the camera is only from the waist down. We also offer masks for people willing to step behind the screen. It's a lot of fun, actually. But there are no hidden cameras! Sally is not shady!
Can I take my own pics at the parties?
No cameras allowed! It's all very discreet. 
How much is the donation?
20 bucks.
Where does my money go?
It goes right into the party: food, drinks, condoms, lube, toiletries, cleaning, laundry, advertising, door person, computer equipment, sheets, wet wipes, make-up, etc. Sally's not getting rich putting on these parties so I wish people wouldn't try to sneak in without donating or just put one dollar in the jar. Sally is in the process of buying a hot tub for future parties so trust me when I say, "the money goes right back in to the parties." It does not go toward sex. No one is paid to attend our parties, NO ONE!
I'm a trannie do I have to donate?
No one has to donate. That's why it's called a donation. But EVERYONE should donate because the parties are for EVERYONE! 
I'm in the military. Is it true we don't have to donate?
Once again, no one has to donate. That's why it's called a donation. But EVERYONE should donate, including military, because the parties are for EVERYONE! 
Do lots of military men go to your parties?
Yes, but we always want more. We love military men!
I'm rich and I want to donate more than 20 bucks!
Thank you baby! I love you!
I hate fucking with condoms, do I have to wear one.
Yep. No bare-backing at my parties. Sally promotes safe sex ONLY!
If I like a girl but she doesn't like me can I offer her money?
Only if you want to get thrown out of my party. Prostitution is illegal, honey. There is no prostitution at my parties. It's just consenting adults having fun.
I need a beer to relax. Do you provide alcohol?
No! These are not drinking parties. I don't want people getting drunk at my parties or driving home drunk. Drunks are not welcome at our parties! If you show up drunk you will be asked to leave.
Can I do a little crystal at your party.
Only if she's wearing a wig! No you can't do crystal! Grow up! Get off the drugs! No drugs at my parties. If I ever see an illegal drug at my party I will flip out! It will not be pretty! I want clean and sober people at my parties. And no poppers. NO POPPERS!
I'm driving from Hollywood to San Bernardino, how long is the trip?
60 minutes.
I'm driving from Oceanside to San Bernardino, how long is the trip?
90 minutes.
Is there plenty of parking.
I need a ride? Can you help me find a ride?
I can't. But try putting an ad on, maybe you can carpool with someone. Also, we have some carpool groups on our Web site:
Are you near a bus station?
How late do the night parties go?
The San Bernardino Sex Club will end at 1 AM on the dot!
Can I stay over at the house?
Sally, if I come to your party will you suck my dick?
I don't usually play at my parties. I'm too busy hosting but don't worry, you'll find some love if you're nice.
Can I hook up with you on another day?
Probably, yes.
I can't make it Saturday. Can you have another party on Sunday?
No, but join and get on our mailing list for updates about additional events.
I want to come and dress up but I don't have clothes. Can you help?
I can't help you with clothes at the San Bernardino Sex Club. And we can only help you before the party. Once the party starts I get super busy. 2 hours before the party is the time for girls to dress up before the men arrive.
Can you do my make-up?
I'm not good at doing other peoples make-up but other girls will help you. It's a very supportive environment.
Do you have a professional make-up artist there?
Could you hire one for the girls?
I can't but feel free to bring one if you want but I can't pay for that and so far it's all worked out fine with the girls helping each other.
Is there anything I can do to help you with the parties?
Yes, make sure you put all your trash in the garbage cans and help promote the parties to all your friends and put ads on Web sites like Thank you!
Sally, you haven't answered my question.
Then just show up, baby! This thing is waaaaay too long already.
Can I just ask one more question?
Just show up baby. See you there?
Love Sally

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