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This group is for those who want to know when Perry and Tanya are Playing. Either on Cam or with others.   Those in this group will be notified when we are looking for playmates to come visit and when we are going to be playing on Webcam.
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United States
04.03.2009 From Perry
Welcome to SoCalBi, a social group of bi couples, singles, transgenders, and others who are eroto-positive, kink-friendly in So. CA. This is also a list where folks of like mind in the L.A., Orange, Riverside, and San Diego Counties in CA, can express themselves minus reservation, and meet other tab…
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Southerne California, United States
04.10.2008 From polybi
This group is for you all sex addicts in the San Bernardino area: Riverside, Inland Empire, Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Rialto, Ontario, Moreno Valley, Perris, Palm Springs, Temecula, Hemet, San Bernardino, Upland, West Covina, Pomona, etc etc, etc. It's a big area!
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San Bernardino Area, United States
14.09.2008 From VeryNaughtySally
This group is for Southern California military guys and who anyone who loves them! If you join this group you are either in the military or you love military men! For instance, my name is Sally, I started the group, obviously I'm NOT in the military but I never met a military guy I didn't want to bl…
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Southern California, United States
14.09.2008 From VeryNaughtySally
This group is for all you LA sex addicts. This group should make it easier for you all to find each other!
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Los Angeles, United States
31.08.2008 From VeryNaughtySally
Hi everyone, it's me, Sally. I'm starting this group for anyone interested in making group videos. We had a video sex party once and it was very fun. I'd like to do more of them if people are interested. If you sign up for this group then we can just contact you directly. Our web cam shows are getti…
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Oceanside-San Diego, United States
30.07.2008 From VeryNaughtySally
I am a huge leg and pantyhose fetishist and I am looking for others who share in my fetish. Have fun, tell stories, and post pics. Maybe one day we will have a big pantyhose party!!!!
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San Diego, United States
24.07.2008 From JoeyKing
This group is for people in to watersports. It's not easy finding people who are into this but this site seems to be filled with open-minded people. Please, only join this group if you are totally serious about exploring it. I'm just a regular dude looking for guys who would be willing to piss on me…
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Southern California, United States
19.06.2008 From PissGuy
I always get really horny at night! The later it gets, the hornier I get! I'm looking for other night owls who like to play late! Fun at midnight? 1 AM blowjobs? Fucking all night? If you're a night owl, too, you should join this group so then we'll know who the other night owls are!  
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Oceanside-San Diego, United States
19.06.2008 From VeryNaughtySally
For the fellas who identify as F2M, and the tranny-chasers who love us! Everyone is welcome if your curious, exploring, and seeking answers join our group, ask me questions and spread your love all over of us.
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San Diego, United States
11.06.2008 From