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Jesse2815: I'm live in Torrance Broooke
2d ago
Jesse2815: Violeta I'm live in La but I can drive to you Saturday morning
2d ago
Sissyalyssa1985: Anyone going to the SoBay by LAX tomorrow?
2d ago
Bigbottom01: Hello all.
2d ago
Jesse2815: Hi bigbottom
2d ago
Laura: I need some dick in the IE
2d ago
alexxxawhore: I am so horny. I need a good
2d ago
leather1: where r all the girls in Redlands Ca.,
2d ago
lvslavegirl: What a party thank you michelle and everyone for such a good time
2d ago
Sheelah: I had a blast!
2d ago
Sheelah: If we played today, please introduce yourself...I was a bit lit
2d ago
algo6: Hello, anyone in ventura?
2d ago
lvslavegirl: Sheelah you left too early
2d ago
sddude19: Best Vegas places for discreet fun times?
2d ago
Michelle_la_femme: another wild wednesday - see all of you sexy people next time!
2d ago
GARNET: really miss going to the LAX parties!!!
2d ago
sdcdaudrey: Thanks for a great time at the pizza party today.....well once michelle stopped talking in the sex rooms that is, lol
2d ago
Tryst-N-Shout: First party, today, good fun. Thanks to my tour guides, Michelle, ______ Anne, and Emily! for the indoctrination.
2d ago
GARNET: awww *pouts*
2d ago
Jesse2815: Girls invite me next time Lax Party
2d ago
eager: Do the neighbors goggle when they see all the tgurls going in mid-afternoon?
2d ago
Jesse2815: I go to lax tomorrow
2d ago
Sissyalyssa1985: I'll be at the LAX party tomorrow
2d ago
GinaDelAno: any tops online in or near riverside CA?
2d ago
StacySluttz: Anybody wanna come play with me tonight in garden grove?
2d ago
funblackman: Good party wed but it took me 2 hours to get home,I hate traffic
2d ago
terrychen47: yikes. well at least you had fun.
2d ago
calikaren1: Horny gurl living near LAX party location looking to Host discreetly this evening. Get in touch.
calikaren1: Looking for Tops.
PeggySue: This tall blonde will be in Balboa Park tonight.
Chales: @peggySue what's going on at Balboa tonight?
Blondie: Shes gonna cruise the dark paths... Lucky gurl!
Jesse2815: Calikaren sendvme your address
Sissyalyssa1985: Today's the day!!! See everyone at tonight's party!!
lvslavegirl: We cant wait for tonight im ready for more
PeggySue: Tonight. Blonde. Orange laxe
PeggySue: orance lace top Cheetah spandex. Sandals. Should get me some action.
Jesse2815: Where Peggysue
24h ago
temeculove420: Calikaren hey girl
22h ago
temeculove420: top/bottom verse wm here in el Segundo
22h ago
Megan: lv....cum see me tmrw in VN
22h ago
Jman1982: Who's going to the party tonite
22h ago
Sissyalyssa1985: I am :)
22h ago
Jman1982: What's go on there it will be my first time
22h ago
Sissyalyssa1985: Mine too
22h ago
temeculove420: What should a first timer expect? Top/bottom verse
21h ago
temeculove420: ☝️at the party tonight
21h ago
Blondie: Read the rules
20h ago
admin: Southbay party tonight!
16h ago
kinkycouple: We will be there
16h ago
Sissyalyssa1985: All dolled up! Heading over soon
16h ago
pound_it_619: southbay in SD?
16h ago
Jesse2815: Im on my way to the party in LAX
16h ago
admin: 7 tgirls here so far waiting for you at LAX
16h ago
Jesse2815: Perfect
16h ago
Jesse2815: tell wait for me
16h ago
Jacquie_Blu: I have a DVD coming out in October.
16h ago
Jesse2815: Jacquie you go tomorrow at the party
15h ago
OC_CAL: hotel/motel recommendations for the Saturday night in Van Nuys?
15h ago
admin: lot more girls now at LAX
14h ago
Blondie: The holiday inn express
14h ago
Jesse2815: Blondie what city
14h ago
OC_CAL: Thanks, booked at the Airtel, though.
13h ago
terrychen47: had so much fun tonight. way more girls than boys this time out. till next time loves... ;)
11h ago
Sissyalyssa1985: Had so much tonight!! Thanks to all the boys that fucked my ass :)
8h ago
Jesse2815: Hi Terry I play with you yesterday beautiful
4h ago
Chris562: Any ladies wanna go to the party tonight let me know
4h ago
Jesse2815: I go tonight to the party in Van Nuys any lady go with me
4h ago
Michelle_la_femme: there will be a Halloween party this year at the new Van Nuys location - sat Oct 28th !
3h ago
mmmhana03: I wanna go to Van Nuys tonight!
3h ago
69loveit: Any local gurls hosting this afternoon
2h ago
Rick69: Weho any one looking for some acti9n?
57m ago
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Chat windows are maxed at 29 people, most are blinking red, if you're trying to contact me, send me a message. xoxo.
- 3 hours ago
Had sooo much fun at the SoBay party!!! Got to live my fantasy :)
- 8 hours ago
Are there no longer chivalrous men out there? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Just keep swimming swimming swimming..
- 12 hours ago
I REALLY want to play and be played with! you can even take pictures!!
- 13 hours ago
Going to the Van Nuys party 9/23
- 14 hours ago
I'm Clean n Disease Free 100% Bottom Always Clean Don't shit on My Men Looking for Top Daddys with big hard cocks North County who can host
- 19 hours ago
SFV, owned sissy sub / CD
- 20 hours ago
If there was a nighttime party and an afternoon party the next day, I could get a room and get ready for both parties. Hint hint
- 21 hours ago
Ahhh Thursday - I'll be on my knees tonight.
- Yesterday
pm me ; )
- 2 days ago
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Are there no longer chivalrous men out there? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Just keep swimming swimming swimming..
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You have a very beautiful face! I love your eyes!
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