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Megan: hay
3d ago
Blondie: yo...
3d ago
Lucy2016: Hehehe...
3d ago
kinkysecret: Heyy heyy heyyyy
3d ago
Lucy2016: Anyone going to Thurs party?
3d ago
Megan: nope. no one
3d ago
kinkysecret: only if you will be my date ;P
3d ago
Lucy2016: But Megan say no one is going. =(
3d ago
Blondie: and the wind whispered COVFEFE!
3d ago
Luckywood007: Can anybody play with my BBC tonight?
3d ago
Blondie: as a boy from the Bronx, my two least favorite teams, the mets and the dodgers, are playing each other tonight...
2d ago
BBC_Sailor: hello all, just returned back to SD, anything going on tonight?
2d ago
Blondie: yes, season finale of Better Call Saul comes on in an hour...
2d ago
Blondie: only on AMC...
2d ago
BBC_Sailor: horny and looking to release tonight, any parties?
2d ago
Samopapi3: Blondie, rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for Amazon or Exxon Mobil. This Queens alum was a Dodger fan since birth... his Dad told them to fuck off after they moved to LA.
2d ago
mucusnostril: Im ready and in 818
2d ago
Faction: Looking in SD now :)
2d ago
Hal9000: The weather is awesome
2d ago
Blondie: so is my pussy...
2d ago
Megan: you tell em Blondie!
2d ago
Blondie: im trying to...
2d ago
Blondie: its just hard to talk with a mouth full of cock...
2d ago
Blondie: lol... j/k...
2d ago
Blondie: just 100° now.
2d ago
Blondie: in valencia...
2d ago
Megan: prolly at least 100 in my panties hot hot too hot to handle
2d ago
Blondie: well, it didnt take long for megan to mention her hot, sweaty panties... sheesh, girl...
2d ago
Blondie: take a cold shower, baby...
2d ago
Megan: i cant help it! it's NOT my fault!!
2d ago
IfOnlyYouKnew: It's okay, Megan. Don't let her panty-shame you lol
2d ago
Blondie: if i wanted to panty shame megan, id just remind her of those cotton granny-pantys she wears... i was slut shaming the whore!
2d ago
IfOnlyYouKnew: Haha, my mistake. Carry on
2d ago
Blondie: :)
2d ago
Megan: *pouts*
2d ago
Blondie: poor megan needs some discipline...
2d ago
Blondie: some correction...
2d ago
Blondie: with a ball gag...
2d ago
Blondie: megan, are we still on for the tgirl tour to pyongyang next month?
2d ago
Megan: hmm,, might cum home a real girl
2d ago
Blondie: yah, we "might come home"...
2d ago
Jay2016: hello everyone
2d ago
BBC_Sailor: hi all
2d ago
BBC_Sailor: any parties around SD tonight, or a good spot to meet at?
2d ago
Blondie: sailor sounds hot! unfortunately i dont eat seafood... just feed me some meat...
2d ago
Blondie: nice night to get fucked outside...
Luna: any one hosting in san diego for a non passable ?
Rayman323: Anyone hosting ? Eagle Rock area ?
mixelmishel: south LA bby
Daddyjay23: Anyone Dts msg me
Steven: available tomorrow morning in palm springs area
21h ago
Jessica_Starr: I'm so bored, I'm boredumb
19h ago
Lawren: Went to Studs Theatre last night, WHAT a bore!!!
17h ago
Jay2016: what's stids
16h ago
Jay2016: studs
16h ago
Dlowlatino: anyone in sfv hosting?
14h ago
Dlowlatino: i hate being horny & nobody to play with
14h ago
sober41707: Loooking to play 818 857 7296
13h ago
Raquel: Been out of the seen for awhile wondering should I start it back up and dressing cutie
13h ago
sober41707: yes and cum up to topanga
13h ago
Raquel: Thanks maybe
13h ago
admin: Any guy that goes to the mens only party for $20 can stay for the tgirl party afterwards for another $20. Thats 2 parties for $40! 8 hours of fun!
11h ago
Blondie: if we come for the mens only, pay twenty bux, then get dressed for the tgirl party do we get the twenty back???
10h ago
TonyTheTitan: Lookinf t serve my 9 inch. Bbc to someone
9h ago
Srods: I like it blondie, thinking with your head
9h ago
Raquel: I need some dick
9h ago
mysteriousbbc: Mobile and ready to fuck some ass kik k1lee
9h ago
mixelmishel: horny in south LA bby
6h ago
Dirtysnowwhite: If any men r up and mobil hmu at 4245222486 in silverlake
5h ago
Hal9000: My dick is so stiff, i can't fall asleep dammit
3h ago
DiegoSd619: Anyone from San Diego want to roll to party tonight with me i got 3 open seats!
42m ago
sdblackman: Oh my goodness...There really needs to be more events in the San Diego area...the 2hr drive North is just too far at times. Anyone know of more frequent parties in SD area?
33m ago
Latest Status Messages
Ready for an afternoon of Tgirl slumber party.
- 2 hours ago
- 10 hours ago
ask any thing ;P
- 15 hours ago
Hmmm, Sunday.... Men's MeetUp or SlutFest???
- 16 hours ago
Looking to bee topped from a beautiful tgirl for my first time. Break me in !!
- 20 hours ago
any one want to top me in san diego ?
- Yesterday
Playtime anyone? or group?
- Yesterday
any girls wanna set up a play date? I can host in the valley, hmu on here or for a faster response text me @ (747) 248-4186 or kik me @ heyjewelz let's have some fun ;)
- Yesterday L.A. Hollywood for tonite Fun..
- 2 days ago
I need a fwb who can host from time to time
- 2 days ago
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Kaylie is now friends with Pookie
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Jessica_Starr commented on a group
I am Available anytime day or night,
for your party entertainment.
"after all two heads are better than one."
In the last week TWO different T-Gurls have written asking about being gang banged. USA has done a few gang bangs in the past but it's not really our thing, We prefer parties where everyne can just fuck and suck all night. But some gurls and guy really love gang bangs so we have made this group for …
342 fans
SoCal, United States
18.05.2010 From admin
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UnkleScar commented on a photo
Love to run into you there. when I am in town, I do visit DejaVu
31 minutes ago 0 likes 3 comments 3 comments
Jessica_Starr is now friends with DiegoSd619
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PeggySue commented on a photo
Sexy shot.
an hour ago 1 likes 2 comments 2 comments
brandy commented on a photo
wow what a hot picture, i want to help suck next time
2 hours ago 0 likes 2 comments 2 comments
PeggySue commented on a photo
My goodness. Such a pretty kiss. And look at that fine lolipop you girls found.
2 hours ago 0 likes 2 comments 2 comments
Ready for an afternoon of Tgirl slumber party. n
2 hours ago 1 likes 0 comments 0 comments
PeggySue commented on a video
3 hours ago 0 likes 1 comments 1 comments
Baby is now friends with Socaljay
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