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admin: Good mix between guys and girls
2d ago
Lalizzie2u: Garrh. Wish I was there. Had to work. Hope to be there next time.
2d ago
lvslavegirl: One month away before we are at the North Hollywood party
2d ago
Undercover_bbc: Hard bbc...i can host in inglewood
2d ago
Undercover_bbc: Kik: 405Starboy
2d ago
Michelle_la_femme: we had a great late run at the party today - hoping to have all of u next time !
2d ago
ArborVitae: Looks like I’ll be able to make LAX tomorrow. Just gotta hope the gob gives me a schedule that starts a bit later Friday morning haha. Saturday is still in the air.
2d ago
Deepthoath7: Mouth watering ass hold twitching
2d ago
BlackmasturbatorNOHO: Would be nice to get a warm mouth on my cock in the morning!
2d ago
JazlinSweet: Hi
2d ago
Afternoonsummer: Thanks for being so welcoming to me today.
2d ago
Michelle_la_femme: thx to everyone today - alot of fun new people and our great group of regulars
2d ago
Sheelah: We will be getting a room Saturday night 1/20 for Makeup and play. Contact us if you want in. Kisses!
2d ago
310mark: :) everyone doin well??
banksia: Just moved to SF... Anyone up here? Text me! (949) 298-6208
805fun: Anyone need a ride tonight to LAX?
calikaren1: Anyone want to play in Hawthorne not far from LAX party? I can Host until a little before 10 PM.
whiteguydick: I'm thinking about going to the party tonight. Any cute ladies need a date and a ride?
24h ago
admin: 6 tgirls here so far in LAX, more on the way
23h ago
Lalizzie2u: Sounds fun! I may sneak out and head over there from midnight on...
23h ago
mixelmishel: im horny
22h ago
admin: Great mix between guys and girls
22h ago
BigboyXXL: What's address ?
22h ago
BigboyXXL: or password confused on what to ask for
22h ago
admin: 10914 S La Cienega Blvd
21h ago
mixelmishel: who can take me to La x?
21h ago
BigboyXXL: How is it in there? Would be my first time going would I fasure get action?
21h ago
TonyTheTitan: 9 inch bbc top in van nuys looing for fun
21h ago
Lalizzie2u: Had fun last night. @bigboy- go to a party. You an get action easily just by asking politely.
13h ago
Lalizzie2u: In fact, if I'm at party, I'd love it a whispered in my ear "wanna suck cock," or even better "I wanna fuck you" A lot of guys walk around without saying .
13h ago
Michelle_la_femme: so true Lizzie, many of us like aggressive guys ....
11h ago
The_Dude_00: I just pull my cock out and don't say a word
10h ago
GingerLynn: Where can I go to vacation and sissify and serve a bit? Multiple guys and everything?
9h ago
805fun: Anyone need a ride to the party tonight message me your phone number
5h ago
Asha: There is such a thing as being too shy or gentlemanly at a SEX party.
5h ago
Asha: Don't be an asshole, but don't be a mouse.
5h ago
Sheelah: The room is booked. there are open slots for makeup. Contact me or Heather.
3h ago
juicyblackcock69: Thank you to the person who felt the need to block me twice haha. Gotta do it twice to make sure it worse right.
3h ago
juicyblackcock69: ahhhhh Friday night! Feeling alright! :)
3h ago
juicyblackcock69: works*
3h ago
juicyblackcock69: Van Nuyzzzzzzzzz
3h ago
Michelle_la_femme: yea well ur the Dude ....
3h ago
fuck_it: 1st Time dressing up tonight
2h ago
juicyblackcock69: I'm the Dude. or i'm THEE Dude?
2h ago
juicyblackcock69: have fun fuck_it!
2h ago
805fun: Pro tip you don't brag about being blocked
2h ago
juicyblackcock69: Protip: Upload a profile pic.
2h ago
805fun: Check out my profile it's there its just not appearing in that circle but nice try.
2h ago
juicyblackcock69: Thanks but I'll pass on the profile. Nice blank cirlce tho.
2h ago
805fun: Don't hate the player hate the site design layout.
2h ago
juicyblackcock69: Site design layout works good for me. oh well...
2h ago
juicyblackcock69: Will any of the USA locations be adding webcams this year or is that too much hassle?
2h ago
SusanTx: Which party has better action the Friday or Saturday night one?
1h ago
The_Dude_00: I"m going tomorrow for sure, and Sunday
1h ago
juicyblackcock69: Double duty. Wow. :) I guess I'll cover tonight for ya then. Just socializin
56m ago
The_Dude_00: I like the kick back Sunday vibe
55m ago
juicyblackcock69: Never been on Sunday thanks to work.
49m ago
Nicoswinger: Hi peopleeeee
26m ago
juicyblackcock69: Nico in da hizziessss
25m ago
Sweetnuts666: ....sht shoutbox has turned into a chatbox....
17m ago
Sweetnuts666: the*
17m ago
juicyblackcock69: Long ago, yes. We're comfy here. :)
5m ago
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Would love to find someone who loves to be tied and flogged
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Horny / bored. Kik me if you wanna chat @ lovecrimezzz.
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Arrived in Hayward,CA horny AF. JOin me at the Hampton Inn?
- 2 hours ago
The room is booked. there are open slots for makeup. Contact me or Heather.
- 3 hours ago
Ejaculate, while I watch and entice 2nite.
- 6 hours ago
Where can I go to vacation and sissify and serve a bit? Multiple guys and everything?
- 10 hours ago
- 18 hours ago
looking to find a hook up buddy to mess around with. hit me up on Kik:bigboss1889
- Yesterday
Okay it's time to get back to business
- Yesterday
LAX party tonight, just ask me, don't be timid...Odds are I'll do anything you want us to do ❤️❤️❤️ R
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