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I had another visitor today, and he was quite a gentleman... rubb
AliciaSofieTG · 1224 days ago

       Well its time to post this transition pic…i feel this is t
bambi92117 · 6 days ago

There is nothing as erotic, as light me up in total excitment, as
SandraLATV · 1045 days ago

Ladies, Every week we are treated to FREE parties with all the gr
Curlina · 350 days ago

Hey everybody! Give Ronnie (admin) a break. During the party last
Curlina · 360 days ago

I recently discovered that a couple of bath houses are close to m
SimoneCDinHeels · 556 days ago

So the party on friday was a huge suck sess. I was in Omars room
AndreaTGurl · 710 days ago

So last night I learned how to produce a mind altering orgasm tha
AndreaTGurl · 759 days ago

So most of us have done it before. Possibly multiple times in the
AndreaTGurl · 1178 days ago

So this is another exploit of mine....... It takes place on State
MandyAnnMore · 1438 days ago

Hello everyone.  I hope you are all having a great day.  I know I
Jacquie_Blu · 478 days ago

Dear USA Friends; I need some advice/opinions please. The last co
SimoneCDinHeels · 689 days ago

Today, I met with a friend who had been dying to hook up with me
AliciaSofieTG · 1226 days ago

So to start where we left off This guy comes over to mehis wang h
MandyAnnMore · 1444 days ago

All of us T Girls have been left hanging by some guy who promises
Monafire · 12 days ago

I have guilt trips about being a CD.  I feel it's too weird and n
boo_tran · 114 days ago

2013 was a tough year for me. I tried giving up the “lifestyle” e
SimoneCDinHeels · 140 days ago

BIANCASEXFUN · 224 days ago

Just like a girl, trying to decide what to wear, a bought four ne
Dana-Adele · 738 days ago

This weekend held many firsts for me: My 1st 1st was I attende my
Kristina4U · 751 days ago

I love getting fucked doggy style and I know guys love it too but
MandyAnnMore · 785 days ago

Before I met you I just pretended. Meeting you changed me. Being
AndreaTGurl · 812 days ago

This morning, in typical fashion, I woke up to be a bit aroused.
AliciaSofieTG · 1011 days ago

Ok here is a good one for you all out there......a year or so ago
MandyAnnMore · 1042 days ago

So most of you know already that my "sister-in-law" usually comes
MandyAnnMore · 1057 days ago
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